last night


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Wanted to tell someone and can't tell my friends so will tell it briefly here anonymously and see if anyone has an interest or nice comment.

My GF Tanya was online looking at pictures and links I had saved for her. Some of them here (thank you to those who have responded to previous posts!). She got hot and took out her toys. I haven't ordered the new ones we have talked about and I have written about here before (rabbit and natural feel BBC dildo(s)).

With her niece's visit only weeks away all of her hot talk included her; which I love and encourage. She took out the saved cum container (a pill bottle with two frozen cums in it now) and took me to bed. She got into a 69 on top and started stroking me and pushed her pussy onto me and started talking about the cocks and her niece. Talking about how she was going to show them to her and cam with them with her. She said she thinks all the guys would love her niece's bottom and pussy and I moaned my agreement and told her yes that they would love them both. She asked me if I thought her niece's ass was hot and I said yes in a grown. She rolled her pussy and ass around on my face and stroked me and said you love her perfect ass and pussy in those little panties and shorts. She sat forward and allowed me only to lick and eat her ass and said show me how you love her ass; I licked and kissed and pressed her cheeks apart and pressed my tongue deep inside. I told her I love her ass and her niece's ass. She said good boy and told me to cum. I cam with my tongue in her ass as deep as I could press it and she said good boy over and over and she had me shot my cum into the container.
She got up and said let me put this away. In a few minutes she was back at the desktop sitting with her feet up on the chair touching herself. I looked over and she was on this site and I said let me eat her. She said ok and I sat on the floor in front of her and tasted her perfect soaking pussy. As I ate she talked about the nice cocks and pretty girls (Tanya is very bi) and asked me if I wanted to be her cuckold. I stopped eating her long enough to say yes and she said good boy and pressed me back into her pussy. She said she needed cock and we went back to the bed and she pulled one of her older dildos from her drawer , laid back and pressed it inside her. I stood by her head and she had me put my cock in her mouth. She stopped sucking me and asked me if I liked seeing her use such a big toy. I said yes as I played with my cock. She said she was going to cum and told me to cum on her tit. We both cam about the same time and she said to be good cuckold and clean me I licked my cum up and then suckled her juices from her soaking open pussy. She held my cock and balls and said that was good