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So i have been going back and forth with a stay at home mom last week and ultimately we exchange numbers. Yesterday she texts me and asks how the day is going...blah blah blah...
She told me her usual routine of meeting is online chat...then phone call...then public meet and if all goes well then set up a play time later.
Anyway we were texting back and forth about nfl games we were watching and later in the day, she asks if i want to meet for a drink. I said sure. She said jokingly be prepared in case i want more.

We meet at a hotel restaurant, have a couple drinks, talk some more about our experiences...etc. After about an hour she says "Do you want to come out to my minivan and get to know each other a little better?" Ummmm check please....

We drive around the parking lot looking for a darker more secluded spot. It just dark outside now and find one. I get in the back and she joins me. Lots of deep kissing and touching. She gets on her knees between my legs and says thats what i want. I take my pants down and she hands me her phone and says you got to capture some of this for my hubby.

I can hear her phone going off from time to time, and she says its him checking in on me. She takes my dick in her mouth and gives a great wet sloppy bj. This goes on for about a good 10 min. She asks do you want to get a room or stay out here. I said this is hot lets not kill it. She smiles and asks if im prepared. Next thing I know she is hopping on me riding my dick. She is completely soaked and I can feel her wetness on my thighs.

She lifts her shirt up and undoes her bra and demands i suck on her nipples. We fuck like this for about 15 min and I cup her ass cheeks and fuck her harder...then i finger her ass as I suck on her nipples and this makes her cum on my dick. At this point I tell her I could cum at anytime and say I want to cum in her mouth.

She gets back to her kneeling position as I take off my condom and I proceed to fuck her mouth hard as she keeps going down on it. I tell her Im cumming and pump my seed in her mouth as she takes it and lets it rest on her tongue and ooze down my dick. Im taking pics off and on with her cell phone the whole time. As we get dressed and drive back to the bar, she tells me, "Oh the stories this van could tell." What a dirty milf. Was a good sunday night....

She texted me these on my drive home....