Landman & Barbie in total love& seeking a BBC DP helper


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My beautiful hot sexy Lonnie Anderson Barbie doll we have been married for 22 years the sex and love just gets better and better between us. I am not a wimpy little dicklit white boy ,I despise them. Believe me Barbie was married to one of those little pricks. I am a big alpha male with true grit character not afraid to take anything on confident good-looking and a nice size cock that works well. When I first met her .Her pussy is so damn tight like ass fucking. She said that I was going to be the death of her. My reply was we need to make love (long sessions of course) .Three times a day, every day, & I held it to her. We really turned each other on. As just to look a each other. A real turn on fantasy was 90% of the time .I acted like a BBC,just like if there was two their & me stuffing all three of her holes at one.time. Man you talk about some beautiful contrast .Still real good or to what it would have been.. You see she passed away to breast cancer, in late 2013. We never got to a real incounter of the lifestyle .Not to say that we would have . Either way it was very very wonderful. Real sorry I don't have any
nude Photos Of this Hollywood looking goddess of a woman. Sometimes it's nice to use one's imagination. It can get your dick hard. As mine does several times, a day thinking of here.. R.I.P Barbie ,"You Daddies Good Looker " I love you soo much. Your Landman