Ladies, Would like your input on Oral


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My basic question is, when your husband is allowed to give you oral, either for your pleasure or to clean up after, what are your preferences? Do you like all the attention on your clit? Do you like some attention on your lips? Do you like having your nipples fondled while he sucks?

Love to hear your input so I can serve my wife better.
My preferences depend on my mood at the time. If I am on the downhill slide of the night, it does not matter a whole lot, I just want to keep feeling good so anything works. But if its in the beginning or the heat of the night, that is a different story. If I am super horny I can feel my lips swelling and I love them touched and teased. If I am simply horny, I much prefer the focus to be on my clit and nipples. They are the two areas of greatest pleasure.


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my wife loves the soft touch down her back then around her ass that makes her lips swell and moist she then arches her back so you can get to her swollen lips with tongue and fingers then she is ready and her nipples stand up and she is very sensertive ,watching her lover do this is a huge turn on.