Ladies, will my wife take BBC? Manchester, UK

Question for the ladies... Serious answers please.

I'm desperate to get my wife blacked but She doesn't seem the sort. Sensible and a bit prude. Our sex life is average.

We've been together 14 years since 17. Her boyfriend before me at 15/16 was black and she told me he treated her badly and all they ever did was fucked and his cock was really thick. She often talks about black guys jokingly and the other night she told me my cock was too small and she was going to find a huge black cock. I bought her a black dildo for Christmas 14 months ago but it seems untouched. I mentioned a threesome a few months ago but she said no. She's self conscious after having kids but she's really pretty, just a bit out of shape.

Any advice on how she's thinking? Shall I just spill on my obsession about her getting stretched wide open? It's a big leap. She might think I'm a complete weirdo!

Manchester, England