Ladies.. When is a Dick to Big??

Ladies we know there can be to small of a dick... can a Dick be to Big?

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can a Dick be to Big?

yes and no.

A large dick is better for getting me in the mood. The look of large bulge in pants, especially when it is rubbing against me.. gets my motor running. The excitement of knowing its large and wondering how large is also hot.

Large cocks are also more aesthetically pleasing and I personally love to use my mouth on a large head over a small one. Something:mstickle: about having it in your mouth as far as you can go and still having room to put both hands on it.

Now when it comes to the actual sex mid size is best. Not so large that it feels like it is bottoming out but not so small that you feel nothing.

To sum it up, if you have a normal size cock your going to have to work twice as hard to get me over a guy that I see who has a huge bulge in his pants.
although i am a cuck i do have a eight inch cock and the wife has to stop at times because im to long and hard for her to take it. it makes it hard for me to enjoy sex but i also love the idea of her cuckolding me
10 inches is too long for me. But, I love thickness. I currently fuck two Black Men who are as thick as a beer can. And I love it.
i have to agree with u to 100%.. i can handle easy a 8-9 inches long.. but it never can be to thick.. i had also one with a girth like a beer can and it was amazing.. but long ago, couldnt find that again in the last years..
and u have 2 of them.. im a bit envious.. can u send one of them over to germany.. lol
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