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Ladies: What do you like most about cuckolding?


Sweet & Cordial
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Cuckolded males are often basically sexually submissive individuals, however, I continue to see the implications made that cuckolds are bi-sexual in nature, and ultimately desire sex from other males. This simply isn't true. Although some bi-sexual males desire cuckolded arrangements to fulfill their homosexual side, for the most part, cuckolded men are not bi-sexual in nature, and in fact often do not desire a sexual relationship with other men at all. They do prefer a dominate female partner, however.

Here's a very well written explanation of "sexual submissiveness" ... for both males & females, actually.

A cuckoldress survey was compiled back in March 2011 by Angela Lewis PhD, based on a questionnaire from 229 self-proclaimed cuckoldresses. This is certainly not empirical data, but is probably as realistic as one is likely to see. It's well organized and easy to read, with lots of graphics. Here is the link for anyone who has not seen it and is interested. It is pdf format, so it can be downloaded and saved:
She also compiled a male cuckold survey at the same time, in the same manner:
And there are other interviews and surveys on her site involving cuckolding, SPH etc which are worth a look: