Ladies, show your brands openly and proudly ...

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Black guys, does it help you identify available white females when they wear brand jewelry & tattoos

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  1. MacNfries

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    This is my first THREAD and I've started it because I haven't seen any other threads specific to brands. Brands can be anything white women wear (jewelry, tattoos, etc) that openly identifies them to black men as "black cock players".

    I've noticed a lot of comments from couples and white males wondering HOW to attract black men to the wives and girlfiends. Ladies, please post your OWN, and black guys, when you're on the prowl for white ladies ... what signs do you look for, and do the ladie's wearing of brands help you identify a woman looking for black men ...

    cuck_tattoo-BlkCockOwned.jpg cuck_TshirtSaysItAll-01.jpg cuck_tattooForWife2.jpg cuck_jewelry-ankleBracelet4-tattoo.jpg cuck_jewelry-ankleBracelet5.jpg cuck_jewelry-earrings2.jpg cuck_jewelry-necklaceBBC-inGOLD.jpg cuck_jewelry-QspadeEarrings.jpg
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