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There's something wonderful and exciting watching a pair of hot wives indulge in the sort of fun they only get to want when gossiping together. And this type of fun is usually best when their hubbies aren't around. You can only imagine how bored a lot of these white wives are with their love lives and how they so desire to want to expand it ... indulge in territories only young sluts would go....


It was a Friday summer afternoon and Mona was with two of her best friends: Elsa and Amber at a sea food restaurant, having fun with being in each other’s company. It was the start of the weekend and the three women had nothing else to do but wallow in their temporary freedom as their husbands, who apparently worked in the same software company, were off attending some symposium concerning the future of cybernetics in Seattle.

The three women were between the age ranges of thirty-three to thirty-six. Mona had shoulder-length blonde hair, almond-shaped eyes, and a long pair of legs of which she was seldom tired of displaying, which was why she was often too vain with wearing short skirts. Elsa was average-height, low-cropped brunette, a little thick-set with large pair of tits which she was very proud of. At the moment she was sporting a low-cropped blouse of which her enticing cleavage was well exposed. Amber was ash-blonde, tall and slender, her breasts were full and at the same time firm, her eyes were blue and her face angular. All three of them had known each other from high school, had dated and married the same high school sweethearts and sired children for them.

All three women were happy with their lives – they each had lovely kids, dutiful husbands, and were regarded as high class in their community – but at the same time they were each unsatisfied with their sex lives. It was a factor they’d each consciously stumbled upon themselves over time and it was Elsa on that Friday afternoon who brought the subject matter up.

“Girls, I feel like I’ve been hung dry,” Elsa sighed.

Mona and Amber without any hint knew what she meant and felt the same way too.

“How long as it been since you got your legs toed up?” Moan asked with a sly smile.

“Two months and one week gone now,” Elsa replied. “How about you, Amber? You feel the same way too?”

Amber blushed. “I don’t know about you girls, but if I don’t get me a strong cock before this weekend’s over, I going to have to rape the first guy I see on the street.”

Mona and Elsa burst into laughter.

“I know how you girls feel,” Mona said. “Danny and I too haven’t been hitting the sack lately – all he thinks about is work, work, and more work. I think we ought to take this seriously and try to find some fun for ourselves.”

“What, you mean like search around for some guy to come fuck us?” Elsa enquired candidly; her friends were shocked at her brazen words and sblackmaned with their hands covering their lips, though Elsa wasn’t. She didn’t even care if her words had been overheard by someone at another table as she picked up her glass of wine and sipped her drink unmindfully.

“Elsa,” Amber turned to her, “how could you say something like that?”

“About what?” Elsa asked innocently. “Isn’t it obvious that’s what we’re here for?”

“In a way, it is, Elsa,” Mona chipped in. “But not so open, mind you. Anyway, as I was saying, that’s exactly what I have in mind. The boys won’t be back till Sunday, so that means we’ve got between now and tomorrow to get our freak on and really have ourselves some fun. Unless you ladies are still happy with the way things are.”

Their eyes looked at each other. Amber shook her head.

“I’m tired of working my dildo every night,” she declared. “I say let’s do it.”

“Yeah, me too,” Elsa said with glee. “I’m all for it. So, where are we going to find us some worthy gents?”

“Any of you girls ever heard of the Tongue Patrol®?”

Elsa and Amber shook their heads no.

“I forget, the only magazines you two ever read are Oprah and Cosmo. There’s this agency, sort of, who specialise in the sort of stuff that we’re looking for – giving lonely wives pleasure. I read up an article on them in last month’s edition of Playboy, and I’ve even signed up at their website. I was going to make out a request but I wanted to discuss it with you two first.” She opened her handbag and searched for her cell phone along with a piece of paper on which there was a number she’d previously jutted down.

“What sort of men are they?” Amber asked.

“Black, handsome, and muscular,” Mona paused, smiled conspiratorially and then indicated for her friends to draw closer. “And they’ve all got big black dicks, and I’m talking dicks, not cocks,” she giggled.

“For real?” Elsa asked, both her eyes and Amber’s were wet with anticipation.

“You ought to check out their website to believe,” Mona answered. “There’re hordes of ladies out there that are really dying to get fucked. I watched a couple of their videos, and I tell you, the guys are just what we need. I’d already written down the agency’s phone number and since I’ve got a gold membership, I can make a request right now. You girls still with me on this, or should I just drop it?”

“Are you kidding?” Elsa nearly screamed in the confines of the restaurant. “Go for it, girl. Make the call.”

And so she did. They were set for an appointment tomorrow.

The following afternoon, a Nissan Jeep parked in front of the Excelsior Hotel and disgorged three black men who went into the hotel and headed straight to one of the awaiting elevators. The three men were Booker, Tyrone, and Baby D., from the Tongue Patrol® agency, and they were expected. They got off at the right floor and it didn’t take long before the found the room they were looking for.

Tyrone knocked on the door, and it was Mona who answered. She was dressed quite seductive today, and her makeup accentuated her beauty. She was ecstatic seeing it was the guys and let them in.

“Girls,” Mona announced as she led the men further into the room where her two other friends, both of them dressed as well to impress but more to seduce, were lying on the bed waiting. “Girls, the boys are here.” She introduced everyone and then selected Tyrone for her mate while Elsa had Booker and Amber had Baby D.

Each man settled with his appointed woman in different corners of the room. Mona and Elsa wasted no time unbuckling their men’s jeans to get at what awaited them while Amber performed a sexual striptease dance over Baby D’s thighs, rubbing her over his crotch while Baby opened her dress and began sucking on her breasts one at a time.

“My God, you’re so big!” Elsa grinned as she took in the sight of Booker’s humongous member. Her hand could barely go around its girth as she gave it a couple of strokes before planting her mouth over the purple head of his dick. Mona had Tyrone on the bed and they were performing a ’69 on each other. Mona dug into her sucking with relish, slurping her tongue over his shaft while Tyrone nibbled and probed his tongue into her pussy. Meanwhile Amber half stood up to enable Baby free his jeans and pull them down his ankles, and then cocked her panties to a corner, searching for her pussy opening with his cock in hand and then driving it in. Amber held her breath at the same time gulped in air the moment she felt Baby’s cock penetrate her wetness. Her pussy was crying to be well fucked, as it hadn’t been fucked in a long while now. She wrapped her arms around Baby’s neck and went ahead bouncing and grinding her ass against his throbbing pistol.

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