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ladies have you ever been fucked outside in alleys,parks,backyards etc ?

white ladies have you ever been fucked outside in alleys,parks,backyards etc ? View attachment 656527
Love that pic...reminds me of my girlfriend Ruby, a redhead, though she would probably never do anything as wild as sex in public places....

I think that shows "dogging", a public sex phenomenon big with the British...and apparently sort of tolerated by their law enforcement...but fair extreme and risky here in the US....

I have made out with girls outdoors in the mountains and a few other places, though that's usually a bit less blatant than straight-out sex...I have publicly exposed myself for guys and let them feel me up in public places, most recently the Bulls I've been seeing, and have had sex with them in a pool at night, and a couple of times surreptitiously ridden them in the the back of a booth in a dark club...other than being pressed up against a motel window, with the lights out, while being fucked, I haven't done anything really blatant, yet, though I have a bit of a hankering for it....

:blackheart: Lanie
thanks i did too. yes i head about dogging i seen a film on it recently on cable. yeah its risky here in the US..
haha you are a naughty girl @Lanie4BBC ;):). damn you are awesome gotten away with sex in a booth sex in a window u are definitely adventurous .
Tina has, mostly BJ's. One time she sucked off a black guy in his car at a park, tank top pulled down shorts around one ankle, when just as he was cumming in her mouth both doors were pulled opened by police with guns out. They though she was a working girl and\or a drug deal was going on. She told me they that they let her pull her pants up and her top down. But questioned both of them for about a half hour in handcufs with cum on her lips and chin before they let them go
oh ok thanks for sharing. oh my god what a wild experience yet a turn on i bet for her getting caught. wow i bet them police officers was enjoying that scene why wouldnt they let her wipe her mouth