Ladies, are BM alot bigger than WM? & how does that feel sexually?

For none exclusive WF or women with WM & BM experience are BM 8" or more?

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What little I've read online indicates the average BM penis is a little bigger than that of WM,
but not a lot bigger.

But I see a lot of guys on here & what's online indicating 8" to 10".

What has been your experience? How much of this is selection.

also if they are bigger,
8" to 10"or more what difference does that make sexually in how you physically feel or react during sex?
Why are men here, so concerned with another man's dick?
I don't think that the concern is with "another man's dick." The concern is over how their own dick is perceived.

In my experience, I have found that few, if any, Black Men are concerned with the size of white men's penises, whereas, white men more often are concerned about how they measure up to any other man, especially Black Men.

Boys who grow up seeing other boys in the locker room who are much better sized than they are often will wonder if all men, as they grow older, are bigger than they are as well.

Since a lot of men see the size of the penis as the end all be all, it is hard for many smaller penis men to feel like men. Smaller penis men often tie their masculinity to the size of their penis. Therefore, if a man has a small penis, then he does one of two things. He either tries to make sure that other people see him as manly, (This is often the "man" who tries too hard or does stupid things.) Or he feels submissive to other men because he feels that he has no choice in the matter.

Too often, men who concern themselves with the size of their penis, as it compares to other men's penises, are looking for validation that they are indeed men. Think about how often we hear the term "Real Man." What is a Real Man? Is it a man who has a big cock and beds a lot of women? Is a Real Man a man who takes care of his family and his wife and has only their best interest in mind? Is a Real Man a man who sees the good in others and dedicates himself to being the best person he can be?

Keep in mind that women perceive men a lot differently than men perceive themselves.

From this site . . .

My favorite quote is . . . "Some female patients have told Alyssa their partners’ sizes was not something they remembered except for those penises outside the average range. One woman said, “The really thick or really small ones are hard to forgot for different reasons, but, personally, I place more of an interest on our emotional relationship than on the size of his penis. When I see a nice one, I think it’s a lovely bonus.”