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    1. In a situation where you are trying to catch a black
    man's eye; make sure to make plenty of eye contact with
    him and smile.

    2. Show lots of leg. Cross and uncross your legs and
    bounce the top leg on the lower one, perhaps pointing
    the toe of your shoe. If you find that you are very
    attracted to him, eventually let the skirt ride high
    enough so that he can see that you are wearing stockings .
    . In clubs a woman wearing crotchless stockings and
    is taken as a sign that she is there to get

    3. Apply and reapply lipstick. Black men want to see
    signs that you can't wait to suck dome and lipstick is a
    great way to send that signal!

    4. Never miss the opportunity to drop something and bend
    over -- from the waist, never bend your knees. and move
    that PAWG around!
    5. Touch and smile.

    6. When dancing (probably the closest you can get to
    having sex in public), move your lover's hands to your
    ass and press close to him during slow dances. If you
    can feel his cock, he can feel your nipples. Don't be
    shy about letting everyone see you come on his thick,
    thrusting finger. Fast dances give you the opportunity to whirl and
    to whirl and twirl and flash your Whooty!

    7. If a black man puts his hand up your dress; whisper
    in his ear and ask if him if he would like you give him some dome.
    If he compliments your dress; tell him you wore it hoping to meet a man like him.

    8. Never miss an opportunity to tell him how sexy he is
    and how sexy and feminine and wet he makes you.

    9. Hang on your man. Rub up against him. Nibble his
    ear. Gaze at him adoringly. Demonstrate to onlookers how
    eager you are for him to fuck you!!!

    10. Do not hesitate to sneak off with your lover to do
    the dirty during a public event. Sex in public (except
    in all black clubs) may not be a good idea, but it's
    sexy to be seen scurrying off with your lover, letting
    everyone figure out you can't endure another minute
    without his big black cock in you. You will probably return flushed and
    disheveled with cum running down your leg.

    11. When you leave a social event, make sure everyone
    knows it's because you are horny and need your lover to
    take you out and fuck your brains out before you
    attack someone!

    Never dress for your husband the way you do for your
    lovers. For him, wear loose trousers, granny panties,
    and pantyhose with low or no heels. He needs to know a
    woman dresses to please a real man; not him. Never miss
    an opportunity to have your husband help you get dressed
    for your lover. Making him buy lingerie or dresses for
    you to wear for your lover -- the kind he used to try to
    get you to wear for him -- is also a good way to drive
    him wild. A trip by the three of you to a specialty shop
    where you model sexy garments for your black lover while
    making your white hubby pay can be a lot of fun.

    All of the above are fundamentals to dating young black men,
    there is one thing that tops it all. Pregnancy! All
    those sexy things you wear -- skirts, heels, stocking --
    and all the sexy things you do -- dancing, teasing,
    flashing -- are twice as exciting when done by a woman
    with a belly bulging with her black lover's baby.
    You should realize that having your lover's baby,
    or babies, is not an optional part of being a snow bunny.
    You lover WILL want you to have his children. It may not be
    immediately, but the day will come when he will demand
    that your pills be flushed down the toilet, IUD removed,
    or diaphragm put back in its box. (He will never have
    used a condom, anyway.) He will want to fill your
    pussy with his potent nut.
    He wants to see you swollen with his baby, your white
    breasts filling with milk for the baby he put in your tummy.
    If he had not seen in you the potential to
    make bi-racial babies for him, he would not be fucking
    you, RIGHT?

    The night your lover makes you pregnant for the first
    time is the peak experience in your life.
    You may be reluctant at first, but it will make no
    difference to a young black man. You can't say no to his
    gorgeous massive black dick!
    As his huge back cock slides
    into your wet white pussy, all resistance will
    evaporate. Trust me, I know! I tried and tried. Forty-
    six years old and I thought I couldn't get pregnant.

    Once you are pregnant by your black lover, you will want
    to flaunt it. Start wearing maternity clothes.
    outrageously sexy, revealing maternity clothes .
    Some women wear garments saying
    "Black Baby Inside." That's OK if you are fourteen, but
    I think that's a little tacky for a mature lady.
    People will find out you are pregnant soon enough when
    he takes you out public and runs his hands up under your
    maternity dress to rub your bulge. Hint to your friends
    that you never intended to let your black man get you
    pregnant, but <giggle, sigh> once he decided to knock
    you up, you could not refuse having his baby. End of
    discussion! Now of course you are proud and excited to
    know he chose you to have one of his black babies.
    Always say "this black baby" or refer to it by number,
    implying that this is just the first or most recent
    offspring; your lover may be planning to keep you in
    maternity clothes until you are 60. (You wish! After
    three or four babies, he is likely to become tired of
    you and move on to other white mamas. You must
    accept this and find another young black man, probably even

    Hold, pat, and rub your swollen belly at every
    opportunity. Cultivate a dopey, fucked-out-of-it
    expression, especially when your lover takes you out in
    public, parading your bulging tummy for all to see and
    know that the young black man at your side is the father.
    Tell all your lady friends how knowing you are pregnant
    with your lover's black baby has sent your libido through the roof!

    A final word on age. You are never too old to become a
    a Queen of Spade or Snow bunny,whateva you want to call it.
    It's even more important, in fact, if you have taken a younger man as your lover,
    Although your dresses in fact, if you have may not be quite as short now as when you were in Jr.
    High fucking all the black boys on the football team,
    the fact that a woman of thirty five or forty or fifty
    is hangin with and obviously getting fucked silly by a
    well-hung young black stud is hotter than any twenty-
    year old in full slutwear. And this goes double once
    he has you pregnant.
    Good Luck, and keep those Whooties Twerkin
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    wow good read
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    Well written.