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Know what the agreements are with your lover

My husband introduced me to my lover about six months ago . All has been well until recently when my lover insisted on me having his baby . I do not have any children, my husband had a vasectomy before we were married after having children from a previous marriage . My lover is very dominate and has become more forcefull recently . I have been confused about this ,not knowing what to do . I would like to have a baby and my husband understands, but the problem is my lover is black and my husband is white . After discussing this we feel it would not be in the best interest of the baby . Without my knowledge my husband made an agreement that I would belong to my lover and he would have breeding rights without informing me . Now my lover is very upset and tells me he is going to make me pregnant anyway . I will admit I have not been on birth control . I just have not thought about the potential problem , mine and my husbands stupidity . So know what the agreements are .