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    I really like to's great for me when you take me in your arms and pull me close enough for me to feel your warm breath on my lips while you look into my eyes. Love to feel your hard body against mine! When you kiss me I will wrap my arms around your neck and open my mouth, yielding to you. By now you will be running your hands down my back then coming back up to run your hands through my hair as I hold on to you tighter. You unbutton my shirt and slide it bra is next as I unbutton your pants and slide them down. I put my hand over the bulge in your underwear and feel you begin to harden under my I take it out? I would kiss you on the neck as I rub your Cock through your underwear. I would kiss my way down across your muscular chest and take your nipple in my mouth. I would reach between you legs to caress your balls... I feel your strong hands on my head, pushing me lower...I sink to my knees, wrapping my arms around your waist and running my palms over your ass, as I kiss your Cock through the thin material. I hook my fingers in your waistband and slide your underwear down - freeing your hard, thick cock. I push your underwear down your legs and you step out of them as I take your cock in my hands and look up at you. I can't wrap my hands all the way around it, but I do my best to squeeze it tight as you push more into my mouth. I take as much as I can then I pull back and kiss the tip before I begin running my tongue along the underside. I wrap my hand over the head as I begin sucking on your balls. You are rock hard as I run my hand up and down - jacking your dick hard and fast. "Come on, Dee, Ride my Cock, baby." I straddle your hips and guide it into my wet pussy. As I slide down on it, I cry out in pain and pleasure. You are stretching me, and I love it! You reach for my breasts and begin too squeeze them and massage my nipples... Oh, baby, your cock feels so good! I pant and moan as I ride you - looking down at your strong body and feeling your Black cock deep inside of me as you take me by the hips and pull me down, making me take more of your cock. my body is on fire as I cum.... You roll me over and begin to fuck me - hard! I wrap my legs around you and you lower your body down onto mine. You kiss me as I whimper from the length and thickness of your cock. You take my ankles in your hands and let me get a great view of your hot body as you pound your cock into me. My husband walks in and you look at him as you continue to fuck me. "Your wife loves my cock, Tom." He nods, "I can see that." I don't even look over at him, my attention is on you. "Deke, I love your sexy body, baby, please fuck me harder! I begin flexing my hips and cum, again. "I love having your Big Black Cock in my married pussy, baby...cum for me, honey!" You pound me with your powerful, hot body for a dozen or so more strokes, then you pull out and spray your cum all over my tits. You are still cumming when I sit up and you stuff your cock in my mouth. You hold my head as I suck the last bit out of you, then lick your cock clean!

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    Are you really retired?