Kisses the Bulls but not me


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since we have got into the lifestyle it has become more and more the feature that she enjoys kissing the Bulls when fucking. Have seen both when in room and when sends pics/vids.
Same time we pretty much never kiss when having sex or just generally when together.
Should I just accept or bring up, I find kissing an essential part of sex and without it there is definitely something missing.
Well for us when she started with Calvin it was about the sex and they do kiss . we really had no sex life becauser of my health issues abut we are closer and cuddle and kiss a lot more and have become a lot closer.
That's just the way it is If you are a cuckold husband be glad that she is having sex with you . Cuckolding is all about her pleasures . My wife got her younger sister into cuckolding her hub. He watched her with a bull a few times and did nothing but complain. She swallowed the Bulls cum ,She refused to suck his dick. .She spent too much time kissing the bull and barely kissed him.She got tired of hearing him. She would just tell him "I need fucked Im gaining out to find a real man to fuck me.. My wife's level of excitement and need to please me isn't very high. I guess my small white dick will do that.. We have been at it a while we have our routiene. She won't kiss me unless the Bulls dick is involved. I've watched her cum with a black dick in her mouth when her lover cums. Then I get kissed. She talked me into sucking cock years ago .she likes the to watch then taste it in my mouth. She refuses to do oral on me but loves sucking a bulls cock. She will ask a bull to fuck her ass but has told me no for years. She does like me kissing and licking every inch of her body. After a good fuck by a bull I do spend a lot of time cleaning her she likes sitting on my face and grinding her Bulls cum all over my face and into my mouth. I can get her off one more time. I never get to fuck her on those's nights and am only allowed to cum after her and her bull had multiple orgasims and are done for the night and that is in my hand or on the sheet while licking cum out of her ass. The only time I really get to fuck her is on Wendesday nights. She likes to take a long hot bath while drinking wine that I serve her. I help her dry off then she lays on the bed on her belly. I massage kiss and lick every inch of her body. I spend a lot of time on her asshole . I rim and kiss it like its a pair of lips. I lick and suck her clit too. She has an orgasim them will usually ask me to fuck her. I can get her off a few more times before cumming in her pussy. She will then have me lay on my back while she sits on my face and grinds her dripping pussy into my face and mouth getting her off one more time.
With us it is all about my wife I want her to have an active and happy sex life because in turn we have a lot better and closer marriage now the black men she has been with have all been good guys and Calvin her main guy friend is like a best friend and I trust him to care for her and he has done a great job for us .