Hi everyone. i'm new and just saying hello. check out my profile, maybe we have some things in common.
I love to talk to anyone experienced with incorporating their bulls more into their daily lives.
I just got through looking at your profile and reading some of your posts. Aside from the fact that you are beautiful of course, I find your story, or at least what I can gleam from the little I have read, a very interesting one. I am a MWM cuckold wannbe. Don't worry. I know you are not looking for someone like me and I'm not even entertaining the idea. I just find your perspective intriguing. Maybe it's your age and the fact you still have young ones. Myself, I find that women in the age group 30's-40's are the most desirable. I know it was true for my wife. I am a photographer and my favorite photograph I ever took of my wife was when she was in her early to middle 40's. She never looked more beautiful. Anyway, sorry got side tracked there. I would just like to get your perspective on things. I have always had the fantasy of being a cuckold for my wife and her bull. But in the same thought process I freak at the thought of her leaving me with my cock in my hand so to speak. You get the picture. I know I'm being a little long-winded so I'll end this by saying I would love to discuss things with you and get some insight about how things have changed toward your husband now that you have tasted the forbidden fruit.