Khloé Kardashian Admitted She's Never Seen a White Penis Before

It's amazing people hate on the Kardashians. They are entertainment and are marketed to the consumers. No different than advertising a product knowing it's bad for human body, environment, etc and people buying it.

yep but the real deal is they have made it known they like black dick and a ton of folks do not want their baby girls seeing that


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I wouldn't let my labrador retriever do any of them without wearing a condom. ...... View attachment 814301
Mac, you should let your Lab speak for himself: Sparky, bark ONCE for yes, I want to do a Kardashian and TWICE if you don't! If Sparky barks once, I hope you will post pics of you putting the condom on Sparky's dick. You may need to get Paris Hilton's chihuahua to fluff Sparky.

This does beg the question of if Khloe Kardashian has ever seen a Labrador retriever's penis........................