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    When my wife, Kerri, and I got married last year she was a foxy but shy 18-year-old virgin who was very self-concious and always dressed rather conservatively. Since then she has blossomed into a passionate sexy woman with a strong sexual appetite. With my encouragement, she has even started to wear more revealing clothing that shows off her fabulous figure. She is 5'8", 120 pounds with waist length golden hair, a cute baby face and a shapely 35C-24-36 figure. She was an all-state soccer player in high school which led to her having long, slightly muscular legs topped off by a firm, well rounded ass that is absolutely perfect.
    We were unable to take a real honeymoon after our wedding, due to an emergency at my office, so last month we took a week long trip to Florida as a sort of belated honeymoon. Kerri was quite excited about the trip and looked forward to working on her tan and having a chance to show off a little in public with no chance of running into someone we knew. As we checked our luggage at the airport I made a comment about her packing pretty lite for the trip. She flashed me this evil grin and said teasingly " I think I brought what I need. I've even got a few suprises for you honey" The whole ride down I bugged her about what the suprises were but she wouldn't even give me a hint.
    After the flight down from New York, we checked into our hotel and spent the first few days at the pool soaking up the sun. Kerri looked great in her bikini and received quite a bit of attention from the men at the hotel, which turned both of us on.
    On the fourth day of our trip Kerri was up bright and early while I was still dragging ass from another long night of passionate sex. Kerri had heard about a nearby Flea Market and wanted to check it out and pick up a few souvineer's. She also wanted to wear one of her surprise outfits so she made me wait by the car while she got ready. When she appeared ten minutes later she looked absolutely stunning. She had on a short-cropped T-shirt that hugged her firm breasts and exposed her hard flat belly along with an old pair of cut-offs, which looked shorter than I remembered them. She turned around to show me the back and I was startled to see how short she had made them. The sides were slit up to the waistband, revealing her trim hips and the bottoms had been cut up to the pockets, exposing the bottom half of each plump asscheek.
    I was a little suprised that she would wear such a slutty outfit in public, , but she just giggled when I asked her about it and said "Oh Tom, you always said I had a perfect butt, I thought maybe some other guys would like to see it too." As we had planned, I brought along our new auto everything camera and as we wandered around the market I kept talking photos of Kerri, most of them butt shots as she leaned over a display case or bent down to adjust her sandals. From the way she smiled back at the camera I could tell that she was getting off on parading around with her bare asscheeks exposed in a crowd full of people and I loved every minute of it..
    At some point, I went off to the bathroom to pee and when I returned found Kerri standing by a table looking thru some old cook books. A slender Black teenager, about 17, was squatting nearby in front of a box of old car magazines but he was staring lustfully at Kerri's lusciuos rear end. He looked hypnotised by the sight of her bare butt only a few feet away. I snapped a quick shot of the two of them and watched, curious to see how Kerri would react to his obvious attention. Kerri straightened up and walked slowly past him, boldly shaking her ass a little extra for his benefit.
    The boy stood up and followed after her into a tent with racks of clothing seperated by narrow aisles. Kerri stopped halfway in and I noticed that she quickly glanced his way before turning to check out the clothes. He went into the tent and squeezed past her in the narrow aisle. Kerri made no effort to move aside for him and I saw the back of his hand blatantly brush against her smooth behind but Kerri pretended not to notice. A moment later he squeezed past her again, this time lamely saying 'Excuse me' while he boldly ran his palm accross her exposed asscheeks. Kerri blushed furiously but made no effort to pull away from his probing hand. I quickly snapped a shot of him copping a feel of her ass, feeling a rush of anger and excitement..
    Kerri looked my way with a wicked grin on her face and winked before she stepped deeper into the tent until she was in the last aisle., hidden now from my view except for her face by the racks of clothing. The kid followed after her and stepped right behind her, looking over her shoulder as if interested in one of the garmets. My heart pounded as I forced myself to causually approach then from the other side of the tent. I was greeted by the sight of this young punk boldly squeezing and rubbing my wife's bare asscheeks and amazingly Kerri just stood there and allowed him to. Stepping back behind the tent I called out Kerri and then stpped back inside. The kid had was gone and Kerri was standing there staring at me with this incredible of submission on her flushed face.
    On the way back to the hotel we talked about the flea market incident and Kerri shyly admitted that she had really enjoyed being groped by the young man and hoped that I wasn't too mad at her. I assured her that the whole thing had excited me also and we rushed to our room for some of the hottest sex we had ever had. I jokingly asked how far she would have let him go if I hadn't interruupted them. Kerri blushed and with an evil grin said "I don't know! I love you Tom but when he touched I couldn't think straight. I don't know if I could have stopped him without your help." Her comment sort of shocked me but my cock throbbed with lust at my wife's submissive admission and I said "Well, then I better keep a close eye on you. Or some tall dark and handsome type will end up doing more than just cop a quick feel! "
    The following day Kerri said that she wanted to go to the beach and show me surprise number two. Again I waited by the car, wondering what my newly wanton wife had in store for me today. She appeared in a short pair of soccer shorts and a tiny white string bikini top, two small cups hugging her pert titties. Right in front of the hotel she pulled down her shorts to show me the tiny g-string bottom to her suit.. Her lucious cheeks were bare naked, accented by the bikini tan lines on her well-rounded derriere. From behind, with her long mane of golden blond hair covering the top and the string dissapearing between her cheeks, she look completely naked. She pulled up her shorts and hopped in the car and I took off for the beach.
    Once settled on a blanket at the beach, Kerri oiled herself up with baby oil and proceeded to prance around the beach all day, soaking up the sun and baring most of her lucious body to the world. I spent my time drinking, snapping photos of Kerri and watching guys check her out.
    Later in the afternooon a pick up game of beach soccer started and Kerri sat up to watch. I was ready to go back to our room to fuck, all kinds of horny from watching Kerri in her bikini all day but she wanted to stay and watch. I was pretty drunk at that point but Kerri rarely drinks and had been drinking juice all day and was insistant that we stay. When the ball rolled over to our blanket Kerri hopped up and kicked the ball right onto the foot of one of the players. He said 'Gracias' and then something else in Spanish. Kerri eagerly nodded her head and said "He asked me to play with them." Kerri speaks fluent Spanish and said something back to him."Sure" I thought" I bet he wants to play with her in that outfit.
    "I wanna play!" she said throwing on her shorts and trotted over to join them. I sat down and watched them play, noticing how well Kerri played and how much contact the guys had with her shapely body. The guy she had kicked the ball to played against her and touched her in some way every chance he got. I took some pictures of them, catching the most blatant contacts with Kerri's sweaty body and intending on teasing her about them once they got home.
    After twenty minutes or so the game ended and most of the players jumped into the ocean to cool off. Kerri spoke with the guy who asked her to play for a moment and then they walked over to our blanket . He was a tall dark skinned man with a muscular build and tight speedo suit with a huge bulge in it. I snapped a quick picture of them as they walked to me and the guy gave me an odd look. Kerri was drenched with sweat and had this excited look in her eye as she said"Honey, this is Jorge, he played on the Brazillian national team back in the eighties. Jorge this is my husband Tom."
    " Senor, your wife is an excellent soccer player, and a very sexy woman. Please, join us" he said pleasantly, never taking his eyes off Kerri for an instant. " Honey, we're gonna take a dip, wanna come? "Kerri asked while slipping off her shorts. As she bared her sweet rump Jorge stared at it with undisguised lust.
    "I'm OK "I replied, "Go have fun!"
    She gave me a quick kiss on the lips and the two of them ran into the sea. After a few minutes they walked back to the shore, Jorge with his arm around Kerri whose bathing suit had become quite sheer when wet. Her large pink nipples and even a hint of her pink pussy were exposed and Jorge stared eagerly at her. I quickly snapped a shot and heard Kerri invite me to join them in the dunes to smoke a joint.
    Kerri had that same excited look I had seen when she was being felt up by the Black kid and wondered how far she would let this guy go before I had to tell him to cool it. I let them get a little ahead of me and snapped a shot of him squeezing the top of her butt. He stopped at his blanket to grab a small vial and a big beach towel. Once in the dunes he laid out the towel where we all sat with Kerri in the middle.
    After smoking a joint of some strong reefer, I laid back to soak up some sun, feeking quite high from the grasss and all the beer I had drunk. Kerri and Jorge were in Spanish and Kerri rolled over onto her belly as they talked, her bare asscheeks drawing his attention like a moth to a flame.
    I was unaware of anything unusual until I noticed a pause in their conversation. I looked over to see Jorge fondling my wife's ass, boldly squeezing her cheeks and rubbing against her pussy mound. Kerri was just laying there, letting him rub her ass right under my nose.The sight excited me in a naughy, voyeristic way but shit, this was my wife he was playing with.
    "Hey man, go easy. I don't mind if you look but you can't touch. She is my wife you know" I said trying to sound firm but Jorge just laughed in my face. Jumping to his feet he quickly shed his shorts and revealed a long dark dick that hung down his leg with a fat crown covered by a thick wrinkled foreskin. Even soft his dick was bigger than mine and I couldn't help but wonder how big it got when hard.
    Kerri said "Wow' and stared at it in awe "I know she's your wife dude and I know what she wants. She wants me to fuck her sweet American pussy with my big brown rod. Don't you Kerri, tell him!" he snapped while boldly rubbing his cock right in front of us. He leered down at us with this shit-eating grin on his dark face as we watched it swell and twitch and grow into a throbbing nine inches of dark cock. The foreskin peeled back to reveal a large purple crown oozing a steady stream of precum.
    Kerri pretty green eyes poppped out of her head as she stared hungrily at his throbbing Black dick and when he offered her his hand she glanced quickly my way before letting him pull her up. Kerri stood in front of him, unable to take her eyes off his cock, and he told her to turn around. She did as he said and looked nervously my way with a mix of fear and lust on her face. When Jorge gently pulled out her ponytail holder, Kerri shook her head, causing her hair to fall in a sexy way across her face and even partly cover her breasts. Jorge's next move startled both of. He suddenly grabbed Kerri's top and in one motion untied it and ripped it off her body.
    Kerri automatically crossed her hands over her chest in shocked surprise. I rushed up to Jorge saying drunkenly "Wha the fuck man?" but he just laughed and pushed hard against my chest, knocking me back into the sand. "
    Shut up asshole and keep taking pictures. Or I might have to really hit you." Turning back to Kerri who was shaking with fear, he said angrily "Enough teasing bitch. It's time to put out! Take off your bottoms. Now!" and slapped her smartly on her ass. Kerri gasped out loud and looked desperately to me for help but I was still catching my breath and couldn't speak or stand up. I'll never forget the odd look that came over her face as she deciced to submit to this lewd stranger's demand. My heart throbbed with jealosy and dread as she turned to look at his huge throbbing cock while slowly pulling off her gstring and exposing her golden pubic bush and soft pink lips. .
    Jorge pulled my naked wife into his arms and kissed her pasionately while his hands slid down her back to her shapely behind. I watched helplessly as his dark hands squeezed her soft flesh, kneading and piching her firm cheeks while ramming his tongue down her throat. Kerri just stood there, submissively letting him have his way with her. Then gave one of her cheeks a sharp slap with his hand, which caused Kerri to whimper into his mouth. "Your wife has got one nice ass my man, a nice cushion for the pushin" he said lewdly to me while continuing to lightly spank her succulent asscheeks.
    Then he pulled her down onto the blanket, forcing her onto her back he straddled her body, his face at her crotch and his huge cock rubbing against her flushed face. Holding her tanned thighs far apart, he buried his face in her moist young pussy, noisily licking and sucking her smooth flesh. He was also grinding his hips, rubbing his big brown cock against my wife's lips, trying to get her to suck on it. Reaching down with one hand he skimmed back the foreskin, completely exposing the swollen purple tip and pressed it to her pouty lips saying "Suck it girl. Get it nice and wet so I don't hurt you when I fuck ya."
    Keri glanced over my way and as our eyes met she let his dark meat slip between her lips, moaning softly as she began to gently suckle the swollen tip. I watched the two of them locked in this lewd 69 and realized that my own cock was as hard as a rock. After a couple of minutes of this Jorge, sat back and shifted around till he was kneeling between her legs, his big cock wet with her saliva and oozing a steady stream of sticky precum which he rubbed into the fat throbbing head. I got a brief glimpse of her pussy, all wet and swollen from his oral assault , as he changed positions and realised that he was about to strech it out in a way that I could never hope to.
    With a nasty, mocking grin on his face he looked over at me as he rubbed his fat cock head along my wife's tender young pussy. Kerri just laid there with this spacy look on her face, her slender thighs spread wide, waiting for him to have his way with her. Flexing his muscular buttocks, he rammed his cock deep into Kerri's tight pussy, fucking into her tight wet pussy.
    "Oh so big, go easy, please!" she whimpered softly as he started to slowly fuck into her. In only a few strokes had managed to cram all of his huge cock into her while she whimpered and moaned beneath him. He fucked her in this position for a few moments, cupping her butt with both hands as he slid his big dick in and out of her tight slippery tunnel. At first Kerri just laid there but after a bit she started breathing real heavy and then she grabbed a hold of his dark asscheeks. The sight of her responding to him both shocked and excited me.
    Then he pulled out suddenly and Kerri actually moaned in frustration and tried to pull him back inside her. He laughed at her effort and taunted her saying whispered "You like it baby? You want my big dark dick back inside your cunt?" She eagerly nodded her head and said softly "Yes, please, more please"
    "Turn over bitch, I wanna fuck you like a dog and feel those sweet cheeks against me. Get your ass up in the air now!" Kerri quickly rolled over and got up on her hands and knees, waving her ass like a she dog in heat. Jorge slapped her shapely butt and then teased her a little, slipping just the head in and then pulling it out again to rub against her clit while continuing to spank her now reddeened cheeks.
    Amazingly, she seemed to enjoy this rough treatment and actually said "Yes, spank me. I love it! Please, fuck me now!" Jorge slipped just the head inside her and firmly gripping her shapely hips with both hands, rammed his cock back inside her with one brutal thrust while pulling her back against him. His cock sank deeper than ever into my wife's well streched pussy and Kerri squealed out as he fucked into her. His fat cock head must have been hitting someplace deep inside her because she moaned out "Oh honey, he's sooo big! I can feel it throbbing inside me. Oh fuck, it hurts but I love it! Fuck me more, mister, please"
    I watched spellbound as my precious blond bride begged this nasty Brazillian stud to fuck her harder, humiliated by the realization that she was enjoying this brutal rape more than she had ever enjoyed our tender love making. He reached forward and grabbed both of her full white tits and cruelly squeezed them and pinched her large pink nipples as he fucked her, sweat pouring off his dark body and coating them both with a thin oily film. His breathing got real heavy and then he started grunting like an animal as his orgasm hit, his large cock spurting cum deep in my wife's body. Kerri squealed like a stuck pig as he came inside her and her body quivered spastically with the force of her own cum .
    When he finally leaned back onto his haunches, his cock slipped from her well stretched hole with a lewd wet noise and a huge amount of cum oozed out from her swollen cunt lips. Turning to me he said "She was real good man. Thanks for sharing her" With no prompting from him, Kerri twisted around and eagerly licked their combined sex juices from his half hard throbbing member, staring up into his dark eyes with a look of complete submission on her pretty freckled face. I snapped the last shot in my camera of her licking his awesome pole while gently rubbing his large balls with her hand.
    He gently pulled her to her feet and cupped her well fucked pussy lips for a moment. Then he moved his hand to her mouth and rubbed a large amount of his cum on her lips before saying "Go on baby, give you man a nice kiss." Kerri timidly stepped up to me and kissed me passionately, forcing me to taste her Black lovers cum.
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