keeps coming back to this


I'm a married 56 year old white guy from the Houston area, my wife has always had a somewhat low sex drive and she would never agree with me to experiment with a threesome, I tried for many years but she refused and said she could never have sex with anyone but me, I guess I can understand but for me its just sex only for fun, the love part is for only the hubby and wife but I guess everyone is different, it's too bad because when she was about 20 (we were married then), I had a real good friend from Dallas and he was a real BBC, actually we were in the navy stationed in puerto rico, me and my wife lived off base and he lived on base, one time I took a video of him masterbating, we planned to show it to my wife after getting her drunk hoping to turn her on, He was a real dark black man maybe 6' and 200 lbs, a pretty big guy, he must have been around 10" long and thick as a large cucumber, he oiled it and I filmed until he came which was a lot, man I wanted to see him sink that meat into my wife, I'm not gay or maybe I'm BI I guess, the movie was really hot, he lasted for at least 30 minutes, after it was over I wanted to ask him if I could suck him but I didnt know what he would do so I didnt ask,
I was ready to get cucked !

now my wifes health isnt real good and I'm not getting any sex at all, she has lost all interest in it, I still havent lost my interest in a black man though, I would love to find a black man that needs a guy like me, I'd like a guy that is married and not getting what he needs from his wife, I'll fill in for her, even hotter for me would be a husband and wife who both want me to satisfy them , and I'll settle for a single guy also, I'll have to be discrete but if we like each other maybe we could get together when we can?