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i am a cuckold
i am no longer a man, i am a sissy
i am inferior to Black Men
i have a small, worthless, limp dicklet
i am no longer allowed to fuck my wife, i can't please her anyways.
my dicklet is to be locked up.
i am not allowed to wear mens underware, only womens panties.
the only time i am allowed my wifes pussy is when it is full of a Black Mans cum.
my mouth and ass are always available to Black Men. i am basically a fag now.
i am to serve my wife and her Black Lovers.
i am not to argue with my wife or her Black Lovers in any way.
i am to do as i am told by my wife and her Black Lovers.
i am to be used, humiliated, embarrassed, called names, put down, etc...
my place is to serve all Superior Black Men.
i will do anything i am told to do, no matter what.
i am owned by my wife and her Black Lovers.
i wouldn't change a thing...even if i could. i love this life!
Born to be a cuck and meant to be used anyway the Bulls need. U have been honest and the pics show it. Whether its your mouth or ass u understand your place . . . on all fours or on your knees. U should be nominated for CUCK OF THE YEAR.