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I'm the husband....lots people know us in here...lots of them thinks that weren't real....this is who we're....I decided to start on try to sharing my beautiful lovely Italian wife with others....because she needs and because I love that even that I'm jealous....so I shared her only 4 times having problems on handle the jealousy and on feeling comfortable doing this...because...Come on guys isn't easy to letting someone else fuck my wife!anyway lots of don't understand that a nice couple New to this life style needs help....and they need to be extremely patient and extremely respectful....so when I'm talking with them and someone start to be inpatient and want everything right away I immediately know that isn't the perfect one....so keep searching for the perfect one...I met lots of extremely respectful guys in here and I'll try to sharing my wife with them...little by little....I stopped 3 guys while we were having sex...and I felt bad but I didn't feel comfortable and unfortunately the jealousy got my mind...so I'm looking for an a real gentleman extremely patient and totally fine on try until makes me feel comfortable doing it and enjoying...so whoever seen in my description himself that live in nj,ny,pa just message me....I using this website and not my wife because I am fine on letting her been fucked by another guys but as long I do the researching....if the perfect(may I finally found him)will be who I'm looking for I'll let him fuck my wife into every holes even her ass and been the first one to having her ass....then little by little try with him and another one then 2,3,4 ...this is my goal...try a gang bang or bukkake..also I organize gang bangs for couples and singles....it's a lot easier to doing it with another woman...kisses