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    This website provides a section called Interracial Dating, with subheadings of Couples & Women Seeking, and Studs, Stallions and Bulls Seeking for people specifically here for hooking up with serious people. However, when you go to either of these sections, you notice very few people are going there. Compare the Replies to Reviews to posts made in these threads and you often notice zero replies or 1 or 2 replies vs a lot of views. This tells me there are very few people here desiring to seriously hook up with others. Lots of submissive whitebois, fake females, and want-t0-be bulls ... but very few real people looking to hook up.

    I'm one that puts a high value on "first impressions"; if I was a female "looking", I would see a lot of negative first impressions, here. I'm not sure what brings on thiws arrogance, etc, but in the real world, it doesn't fly with most people.

    There are a lot of serious sites that provide interracial hookups, just don't forget your Visa card when you join.
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    Patience is a virtue.

    Improve your ability to discriminate the real from the fake without coming off like an asshole to those who happen to be real.

    Cast a wide net.
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    Spoken like someone whose been here for a while...and whose RIGHT!