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Just my thoughts on fakes

African bull

Real Person
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Hello all I would just like to give my opinion on fake profiles here.Don't worry this one is not a rant or bash to anyone. I have been on this site for awhile now and I still enjoy it even tho I have fallen for a few fake profiles. Why u do it is really not my business and I don't judge. But I feel ppl just should be upfront and honesty there a some really good ppl here and really good discussion as well. I personal joined so I can reach out to real ppl and have real conversations.If you wanna talk be honesty it is the real you that I would like to know.
I totally agree with u bruh...the "fuckery" has top stop
I also agree you with you bro, this shit has got to stop for real. But guys i want to tell you some real truth.
The fakes are only wasting their own time creating fake profiles, so in reality they are wasting their own
time, spending time playing someone else, all the time just think all the time they waste in their lives
they're lifestyle is basically playing a role of someone else. listen this stuff takes time to play around on the
internet, so in reality guys, their not wasting our time, their wasting their own! Real Talk !
That's why i never put all my good shit up so fakes don't steal and claim its their shit, it's funny i was browsing a site some idiot took one of my masturbation videos and said it was him fucking really? LOL it's just me fucking a damn toy what so special about it this shit has got to stop, the government aint going to do a god damn thing about it because they are more crooked than my fat dick! I call identity theft!


Real Person
I dont get the fact that ok..maybe your life is such a loser type that you gotta make a fake personality..but to some degree...you have to think..THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?!. I means hit...the shit dont keep your lights on and you can masturbate in shorter time than it takes for these faggots to be doing this dumb shit. i dont see any benefits at all yo