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Just moved from SC to Jacksonville FL - any alphas want a white girl?



If the same I'm on my way up here in Rhode Island I would love to be your main black bull. If you have absolutely nothing else to do drop me a line sometime so we can chat love to get to know you better take care of yourself.
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Real Person
hmu if you're looking for a white girl to have fun with. wanting long term lovers and fuck buddies.

I'll be that fine bitch you can take to the club then fuck all your friends when you offer me up. hmu for my number

xoxoxo Cammie

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What part of South Carolina do you stay. I am mobile willing to travel and here's some pictures I hope you like what you see. I do live in Atlanta and my kik is ITTCNS


miss cammie-i do want to be that black bull and i do love sex with white women so very much-i do want to be your fuck buddy and i do always wanted to get a white woman/girl knocked up by a handsome black man like me-i do have a soft spot for mixed race kids-your kids will be so very cute-YOU WILL GO WAY ABSOLUTELY NUTS!!!!!!!!!! please hit me up i do want to be your personal black bull-I AM FOR REAL-CONTACT ME SOON MISS CAMMIE