Just Love the intensity of the pics and movies here!

I'm on the east coast with my long-time wife, white, and middle age. We only tried swinging once and regret that while I had the momentum going we didn't go further. I think what got me (us) corrupted was reading some of the hot stories in the Penthouse mag forums before the internet came about, and the idea of her with two men. Particularly her sucking a large cock as that's her specialty. Even then I wanted to meet up with a hung black dude so he could just sit in a chair and she could kneel her petite stockinged body between his legs and enjoy sucking his big cock and swallowing his load which she loves. It's just so nasty! I'm good in the size dept myself and don't consider myself a cuckold by any means. This scenario I'm speaking of would be for special occasions for hers as well as my turn-on. The one white guy we did meet did have a big cock (of course!) via a swingers mag ad and like I said we should have met again. And there were ads of black guys with big dicks she could have drained as well, just saying......