Just learned that I"m a cuckold

52 yr. old white wife of 30 years has been taking business trips for some years now. Her last one was about a month ago and last week I get a CD in the mail. It's a vid - she's on her knees sucking off two black guys. She's been doing this for years and has no intention of stopping, so the best I can hope for is to remain with her as her cuckold. Any hubbies in similar situation?
No darinn I am not, but I love to be in your place. Based on what you said about your ages, the long term relationship, and I'm sure many many hints over the years that you must have had observed/felt that she was cheating on you it seems you never pushed the issue and deep down thought it was ok in some fashion. To me the fact that your wife has been doing black men actually is a big plus. Hopefully since it's still a bit of a taboo in many areas, it's actually a huge turn on for you like it is for me. Not sure how well your equipped or how good you are in the sack, but another deep down question to ask yourself is after seeing that video of your wife blowing those two black men didn't it make you feel good know she is still attractive to other men, likes sex, and felt happy she was enjoying herself. I would think she's probably got 10 or so more years active sex-drive in her and considering for whatever reasons she hasn't just left you, stay with her and encourage her about having sex with as many well hung black bulls as she can. Hopefully you keep everyone posted on the next few month on what you decide and if possible I know as a hidden cuck would love top see see sexy pics of your wife along with whatever verbal details you can provide everyone about her next business trip.


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Congratulations on having such an exciting lady as your wife.

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Now it is in the open I hope you enjoy your new found sexual adventure and go with it. You are very lucky, be thankful for what has been give to you by your wife, many have to only dream of this or beg for it. Kneel down and kiss her feet and tell her you love her very much.
I agree ur a lucky man,I'd like to watch my woman take a bbc bareback.I,d love toeat his load out of her pussy,and be force to deep throat him,and suck them both clean,in front of a camara.