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Every time Kate comes over, we have incredible sex. She’s the hottest girl I’ve ever met, and she’s dynamite in the sack. She’s also my buddy Cal’s wife, but she's learned to crave my big black dick.

Whenever Cal is away on business, Kate shows up at my door with an overnight bag in her hand and fire in her eyes. And it all started because Cal told her to call me if she ever needed anything while he was away.

She’d heard a weird noise one time and called me up in a panic, asking me to come over and check the house to find out what was wrong. Well, after a thorough search of the house produced nothing, she asked me to stay for the night, just in case she got spooked again. Well, one thing led to another and soon we were rolling around on the couch where I was supposed to be sleeping.

Ever since then, Kate never fails to pop in when her husband goes out of town on business. She’s a great lay, and she always has new ideas to spice things up so we never get bored with each other.

My buddy has no idea what’s going on between us, either, and thinks that Kate comes over just so she won’t be lonely. Well, he’s right about that. She’s never lonely with me around!

I can’t wait till he goes away again. When we were hanging out the other day, Kate let it slip that her husband is getting suspicious of us, but I don't care. He should know better than to tell his hot little wife to run to the arms of a black man if she ever needs anything!