Just for your info :)

just for you info, from the gynecologs of my gf...
1) i must to stop to fuck her so rude, she is hurted.
2) i ever broke a cyst she had at the beginning of her womb
3) there is no more place when i fuck her to make anything i , and she, feel the end.
4) 3 times pregnant, twice we didnt want. The firt time it was normal, but juste one shoot. the second she takes pills, it was the second day after her cycle, pregnant... we were stagger. The gynecologist was sure that was this day, we did a confirmation. The third, we want, I had just had an accident, I fucked her more than two hours.. one shoot. And i 'm sure this was me, impossible to contest...

So just an advice, try a true man ;) . we love to fuck in threesome with black men but obviously you attract the dumbs
And just a fact... after 7.9 inches, and if you are trained, because you can be hurted before.. be really careful. This is nice your myths. but obviously you have never tried.