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Just a thought!

Should sissy cuckolds have a Master to promote.

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As I am a dumped and divorced sissy cuckold now, I am of course trying to find the next right woman in my life! But I already know that to have any chance of success the woman would have to be the right type of female (cuckoldress) so as I date I am honest with the ladies, most do not blink these days about the cross dressing if put to them in a reasonable way and lots like to have a little fun with a sissy so long as its not to heavey. of course the subject of men comes up and I also tell of being cuckolded by the ex wife! this brings up a lot of mirth and humiliating little comments.
Some of the women I have dated have also told me fantasies they have re black men, which thrills me to the core and I have got to wondering, how sissy cuckolds like me can help connections!
How nice it would be to be owned in some way by a black gentleman! then when the subject came up with a girlfriend I could tell them that I have a black owner who I can call upon to give my girlfriends the sex I can't do due to my small size.
In this way more white ladies could be connected to sex with black men and further when my master was seeing my girlfriend he would hold my chasity keys.
How proud I would be to be carrying a photo in my billfold of my master knowing that at any given oppertunity the womans confession that she would like to try black sexing could be fullfilled in short order with a man who is confident and ready.
I wonder if this would appeal to the real men on this site?
I am a firm believer that black men should strive to fuck as many white women as possible and make cuckolding and interracial sex become much more main stream and sissy cuckolds like me could do our bit by being owned by black masters who they offer to their girlfriends.


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would have thought some members here would have put forward their idea's of sissy cuckods being pre owned by a black master?
Well, for one, this is a forum, not a chatroom, so people aren't exactly sitting around waiting to instantaineously respond to your questions or requests. I, for one, prefer watching basketball and seeing my beloved Tar Heels getting their asses kicked AGAIN ... damn it! (that's a bit of frustration leaking out as my team lost AGAIN)

Second, this is a website primarily for black males & white females to exchange ideas, thoughts, comments, and possibly hook up. Its not meant to be a primary site for crossdressers, homosexuals, or sissy bisexuals longing to suck other men's cocks or take it up the ass by black men; although, some cuckold humiliation is sometimes expressed in the cuckold section, here.

Thirdly, and probably most important for you is that, you need to understand that the reason(s) a married woman cuckolds a man are usually entirely different from why married men might desire to BE cuckolded. Although your desired arrangement is not impossible, it's more likely improbable. Women desire and go into marriage as a lifelong commitment to the marriage & individual they respect, love, & marry. They cuckold their men because they feel they HAVE TOO ... because the relationship (for whatever reason) is failing to gratify them. You, in most female's views, would be considered a "loser" as a prospective husband ... please don't take that offensely, as it wasn't meant that way. Its meant as a perspective ONLY!

Your best approach, IMHO, would be to seek out an alpha female that will accept being head of the family, with the later understanding that, for her, an "open marriage" would be acceptable to you.

dominatrix: noun 1. a woman who has authority, control , or power, especially the female head of a household, institution, or other establishment

The rest, other than your desire to fulfill your homosexual side, will probably fall into place. However, I wouldn't expect your future relationships to end any differently than the first one. Mac :unsure: