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You are on your way home from work, and you receive a call from your wife. She
ask you to stop and pick something up for dinner and she tells you to hurry and
get home because the kids are at her parents for the night. You start to get
excited and you also stop and get something to drink. As you get closer to the
house you grow even more excited about having the house with no kids tonight is
going to be perfect. You pull into the garage and you close the door, you are
rushing to get into the house, and when you waalk in you find a strange black
male sitting on the couch and he has on the same shade of lips stick as your
wife. She comes walking out from the bedroom and she has on a t-shirt and some
shorts, and she introduces you to her "New Friend". She tells you to enjoy your
dinner and she grabs his hands and walks him into the bedroom and closes the

Anyone up for dinner tonight?


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just another thought
Your wife has been on you for days to get the yard work done, but you have been
really busy with work. You want to enjoy your weekend, so you are at th gas
station getting some gas and you notice a black guy filling his gas can and you
approach him and asks him if he was cutting his lawn today. The guys tells you
yeah, just got done. So you ask him if he will come by and cut your lawn for you
today, you tell him that he is welcome to use your lawn tools or whatever he
needs. You give him the address and you tell him to come by and just help
yourself to the tools in the shed out back. You receive a call that you are
needed at your office, so you leave the house. When you turn the corner on your
street, you notice that your lawn has been cut and you think to yourself "COOL"
that guy came throguh for you. You walk into the house and you call your wife,
but she does not answer. You then notice your wife is out back laying at the
pool, as you approach her you notice that the guy is sitting on the edge of the
lawn chair rubbing your wifes feet. You walk out and you ask whats going on and
your wife explains to you that you told this guy to help himself to the tools or
whatever he needed well, he needed some tight white wife. She then thanks you
for getting her the biggest, blackest gift of them all. then they do it right
there in the back yard,now you are NERVOUS as hell that the neighbors will hear
her moaning so you tell them to come inside. The guy walks into your house and
he tells you that is a good idea, and he picks up your wife and he carries her
into your bedroom and closes the door in your face.

Anyone need their lawn trimmed?


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A husband is at the store with his wife, she is in the dressing room trying on
clothes and he is sitting outside the dressing room waiting. A black gentleman
walks up just has his wife is coming out, she looks at her husband and ask him
if he liked the dress that she was wearing. The black male walks passed her and
he says " Yes you look sexy as hell", the husband did not say a word and the
wife was flattered that the gentleman had noticed her. She went back to change
and she came out and told her husband that she was getting the dress.

As they left the store, the husband noticed the black gentleman walking out of
the store and said to his wife their goes your "boyfriend" and laughed.

His wife said I would not call him my boyfriend, he just came into the dressing
room and fucked me, and she opened her legs to show her husband that she had
given him her panties and told him that they need to stop and get something for
dinner because he was coming over.