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just a thought. im sure there is someone who have something to say.

go black with someone she knows, or, someone she was fixed up with?

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the first time i watched my wife take a big cock ( a white guy) as it slid in she took a deep gasp of air. just as i was hoping. as she was on top, she started the ride. the noises that came from her mouth were like nothing i had ever heard.her huge breasts were hanging down into is face. he sucked on both nipples at once. this,i thought, was the best thing i had ever seen. they swithed positions and my wife was on her back. as she got more wet and loose, she kept screaming , harder harder!! faster! a previous GF that used to do this with me, was never this loud. I LOVED IT! I love watching my wife fuck. she makes the guy who is fucking her, feel like he is KING STUD. With all her noises. It makes for the BEST HOME MOVIES.Yes, she was the star of over 40 of my home movies. i soooo wish i still had them. id invite all you guys over to warch!! Now its time for her to try the same thing with a MONSTER BC. She is almost ready. I've been grooming for about 2 years. There's a bar owner in Boston. He is well known in the business community . She knows him fairly well. I think this is the guy who should get her to cross over.. I just hope his cock is a BBC.!!
We had started swinging again after a break to raise a family. A young black guy contacted us on a web site. He wanted to meet us that evening. When she got home from work, I showed her his profile. His profile page showed him standing nude with a very fat soft uncircumcised cock that hung almost to his knee.Her mouth dropped opened and said she would meet him just to see what he was like. She got ready and I arranged the meet. When we arrived at the bar , he was there. After a couple of drinks and some conversation, the two of them decided we should get a room rather than continue the pda. I went to a hotel close by and I got a room and let them know what the room number. After a while, she knocked on the door but she was alone. She was very excited. She said he got an erection on the way that was so large it interfered with the steering wheel and she hadn't even touched him. She said he would be here after it went down.
She went into the bathroom to change into a negligee that shows off her breasts. He arrived while she was in the bathroom.When she came out, he kissed her passionately while he fondled her. Soon both breast were out and he was sucking them while she moaned and had her first climax. He eased her to the bed. She sat down on the bed and removed his pants while he took his shirt off. She had a look of amazement as she took his cock in her hand and started to suck it.
His cock kept getting even bigger from her efforts. She climaxed again from his arousal. He laid her down and slowly mounted her. She moaned continuously as he entered her slowly. Once he was all the way in to his balls, he stopped and kissed her as he pushed deep into her. He started fucking her slowly pulling almost all the way out on the strokes. She was cumming continuously as he started pounding her. They fucked in every position possible for the next hours. She had numerous climaxes and he had cum in her three times before he left. There wasn't a dry spot on the bed.

She now goes to his house frequently for more by herself. She is addicted to his cock.
Casual sex is really getting too risky. Not only should your wife know who she is fucking, medical information ned. STD's c

thanks for bringing that up torpedo. Im so into watching my wife be pleased and watching her eyes roll into the back of her head. i want her to tell me her inner thighs are tingleing. i want her to scream with pleasure. she truly deservers a weekly earth shattering orgasm. but, CONDOMS ARE A MUST. There will be no exchanges of bodily fluids. Sorry guys who like to ride bareback. The white guywho used to fuck her never did bareback and he was a lifelong friend. i want my wife to have good hard dex but ill not put her health at risk. s
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