Just a Little Fishing Trip (kind of long)


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Just a Little Fishing Trip

The sun was almost a little too hot as it past through its zenith, nevertheless, Rebecca lay quite motionless on the old sun lounge, drifting off every now and then for a few moments as she listened to the birds cry out as they flew lazily overhead on their way to the lagoon not far away.

It had been a long night of raucous laughter and drinking and although she did not think she had drank too much, her head ached a bit -- well more than just a bit. Of course it may have been the result of the long, hot drive out to the camp the day before that had left her somewhat dehydrated -- and not the cheap red wine that had flowed freely, too freely. Yes, just a bit dehydrated, Rebecca thought to herself without conviction, smiling at her hazy memory of the previous evening.

Rebecca opened her eyes and even from under her wide-brimmed straw-hat the sunlight glared harshly. It was a hard country, but at this time of year it could be almost pleasant, and one of the best times to top-up an almost perfect tan.

She squeezed a great dollop of sunscreen onto the palm of her left hand and applied it quite liberally over her thighs and stomach, massaging the excess in slowly. Then, holding the bottle just above her chest, Rebecca slowly dribbled the white cream onto her breasts, making a figure of eight around each of her brown nipples.

With each hand, she gently rubbed the soothing liquid into her mounds of flesh and smiled at the feeling of her own breasts. Although not large by any stretch of the imagination, they were still quite firm -- and quite sensitive.

Rebecca gripped a nipple between each thumb and forefinger, taking pleasure in tweaking them gently till they were fully engorged. Then looking down at them she smiled, her husband said they were probably the largest nipples he had ever seen, and yes, they were big; Rebecca had to admit to herself somewhat proudly.

Taking a deep breath as she laid back it was only a matter of seconds before she began to totally relax, life was good and she felt pretty much at peace for a change. The men were not due back until late that afternoon and Rebecca had the camp completely to herself, with no-one in sight for miles she could run around entirely naked if she cared too, and although the thought had occurred to her, she opted for some form of modesty, however brief.

So with nothing on but a small bikini-bottom Rebecca revelled in the freedom of the moment. Normally it was hard to not only find the time in her busy life, but also hard to have a moment or two of privacy at home with her teenage son hanging around with his mates. So now to lie around -- almost naked -- and tan up in a wonderfully remote part of the bush was a thrill to be enjoyed!

Rebecca lifted the rim of her hat and peered down toward the lagoon some five hundred metres away. She could see the sun glinting off the tranquil body of water through the gap in the trees by the waters edge, just near where the men had launched the dinghy only hours before. Apart from some water birds wading along the edge of the bank catching small fish, she felt she was totally alone.

Feeling bolder, for a few moments Rebecca toyed with the idea of removing her remaining piece of clothing to sunbake completely nude. She giggled like a naughty schoolgirl at the bold thought and felt little tingles of excitement flutter through her stomach; it was something she had never done before in her life.

"It's sooo nice," she crooned, enjoying her solitude as she toyed with the small orange bows on each hip.

Although tempted to pull the end of each bow and allow the bikini to fall open, Rebecca opted to leave the little thing on. Instead, she slid her fingers along the waist-band of the small piece of black lycra and pulled the triangle upward, so it narrowed to within a centimetre.

"Mmm..." Rebecca murmured, as she felt the taut material slowly sink in between her smooth labia.

"Just ten minutes or so should be enough," she whispered softly to herself, as she laid her head back against the old sunlounge and parted her knees a bit. The sun warming her recently bared pale-flesh in an instant.

* * *

It had been touch and go as to whether Rebecca was going to come along on her husband's weeklong fishing trip. Her friend Susan had promised to come along for company, but had changed her mind at the last minute when she had learnt her daughter was coming home for the week from Uni.

Even though she had ummed-and-aahed, Rebecca's husband, Doug, had not discouraged her in anyway, saying he would like to have her for company. And so she had come along.

The trip out to the remote lagoon was arduous to say the least for the last forty kilometres! That part of the trip had taken nearly two and a quarter hours along a rough, narrow track winding through mostly open sclerophyll forest and not another vehicle to be seen!

Cranky had taken them out in his old four-wheel-drive. Cranky was Susan's husband. But he had only stayed the night, before heading back home early in the morning, so he too could catch-up with his children.

Rebecca probably should have given more thought to where they were going to be staying for the week. All she knew was that it was the Dry-Season home of a rather infamous poacher, set up high on the banks of a crocodile-infested lagoon that was some eight kilometres long. The fishing was said to be brilliant, not that that triviality concerned Rebecca at all!

She probably should have also packed less provocative clothing too, but did not think of it at the time. How was she to know that two of the three men staying at the camp had been there for almost three months!

When they had arrived Rebecca was pleasantly surprised by the little oasis carved out of the bush. Large, shady mango trees and a few palms along with some patches of recently mowed green grass were a welcome relief from the austere bush they had just travelled through. Rough, but insect proof, with generator power and fresh water pumped up through a poly-pipe buoyed twenty metres from the water's edge, the corrugated-iron and fly-screened camp oozed character. Loads of old photos and rusty bits of memorabilia lined various parts of the walls of the five-roomed abode.

All three of the men had made a big fuss of the new guests upon their arrival -- well they had certainly made a fuss over Rebecca, offering her their seats and even their beds to stay in too!

Her husband, Doug, didn't really know the other three men. Big Tom, the poacher, was in his fifties, Craig she guessed was mid forties and the third man Johnny was not much more than a boy, probably only twenty if that. Tom was an old associate of a good friend of Cranky's, but that was as close as it got.

Cranky had brought out a few casks of wine for them, along with cartons of beer and fuel for the generator. He had a large portable fridge in the back of his vehicle that was loaded with supplies too, once emptied; they had filled it with stacks of frozen fillets cut from recently netted fish.

Then they had all started drinking.

Rebecca at first did not notice the strangers' eyes glancing her way every now and then as they drank and talked animatedly amongst themselves and she had no reason at all to feel self-conscious, she often wore similar clothes to the short floral-designed skirt and pink tube-top she had on; after all it was the tropics.

As the night wore on Rebecca felt obliged to move around the table and fill the men's glasses. Big Tom told one funny story after the other and had her in stitches of laughter, making her feel further at ease -- that and the fact that she had consumed three or more reasonable-sized glasses of Shiraz! Several times she had to steady herself on one of the men's shoulders as she shimmied in the confined space between the wall and the chairs topping-up glasses.

Almost unnoticed, Doug disappeared for a half hour or so at one stage, mumbling something about setting up a tent for the two of them to sleep in. He had thought it inappropriate to bed down with his wife in the limited space of Tom's 'house' he called a donga.

"So...how about 'nother refill lil'lady?" Big Tom slurred, lifting his empty glass yet again.

Again, Rebecca stood up from her rickety chair and collected the men's glasses to take over to the small bench where the wine cask sat.

"Tha's a nice lookin' butt you got there, Bec. Ya don't mind if I call ya Bec?" Tom said cheekily.

Rebecca felt her face flush slightly at the compliment, "No, that's alright, my friends sometimes call me Bec," she replied, with her back to the table while filling the glasses.

"Whada you reckon, young fella, better 'an some a them tramps back in tha big smoke, hey?" Tom asked Johnny.

Johnny gazed at the woman's backside; he could almost see the cleft between her two perfectly symmetrical orbs, thinly covered by the colourful polyester skirt.

"Yeh, pretty nice, Uncle."

Tom wasn't really Johnny's uncle, but the lad's deceased father had been a close associate of his for many years. The two men had 'history' and Tom felt he should take the young fellow under his wing since the lad had recently gotten himself in a bit of strife.

Rebecca turned around with the tray of glasses and caught the young man's gaze raise up her body, momentarily stopping to ogle her breasts as they jiggled bra-less beneath her clinging top. She was only then vaguely aware that her nipples were unusually erect, but as the wine had loosened her inhibitions, she chose to ignore the lad's perving.

"I think you have all been out bush for too long!" Rebecca suggested, setting the glasses down on the table one at a time.

"Nup...you're a looker any day, Bec my dear," Tom countered.

Rebecca thought she would blush at the old man's compliment and smiled, shrugging her shoulders and cocking her head to one side, "If you say so."

Moving between the confined space at back of Tom's chair and the wall she staggered forward a little and felt the big man's hand grip her around the waist, supporting her.

"Steady, Bec," Tom said with a wry smile on his face, his hand holding her slim waist firmly.

"Maybe ya would like ta sit on me knee, hey? Talk about tha first thing that comes up...whadda ya reckon?"

Rebecca laughed a little nervously, but said nothing.

The old man took her silence as a nod of acceptance and pulled her in even closer.

Rebecca looked around the table at the bemused looks on the other three men's faces. Even Cranky was silently watching them through his blood shot eyes. She felt Big Tom's hand slither down her waist to her buttocks and he squeezed them gently.

"Yep...you got a ten outa ten arse, luv," he murmured in her ear, caressing her flesh somewhat firmer.

"Thanks Tom...I...I better sit down now," Rebecca said meekly.

Big Tom let his hand wander down to the hem of her skirt, then he slowly slid his fingers under the material and in small circles he worked his hand back up.

"Wearin' one a them g-bangers, hey luv..." Tom observed drily.

Rebecca stood motionless, she felt like she couldn't move. She didn't know what to do. It was not just the wine she had consumed, it was the whole scene. Normally Rebecca did not associate with people she regarded as below her social level, but she did not want to appear too aloof now; she did not want to cause any trouble and guessed it was just a bit of harmless fun, something her friend Susan would probably have laughed off too in similar circumstances.

Sensing her acquiescence, Tom openly rubbed Rebecca's buttocks, working the back of her skirt up higher.

"Gimme a look at them little undies of your's."

Not waiting for a reply, Tom put his glass of wine down and reached over to boldly raise the front of her skirt.

"Tom...Tom...I...I don't think you should...Tom please," Rebecca stammered, with one of her hands resting on his shoulder for support, the other hanging limply by her side.

"Nice! Hey Craig...see 'em?" Tom asked his friend sitting half a metre away.

"Take 'em off her Uncle, give us a look at her gash!"

Tom laughed at his young charge's suggestion.

"Can we 'ave a look then Bec?"

Completely bewildered, Rebecca remained motionless! She felt his calloused hand continuing to squeeze and rub her bare buttocks -- and she still said nothing. Her heart was racing and her breathing was shallow. She glanced around the table -- and the men waited.

Rebecca closed her eyes when she felt the big man's fingers touch between her legs and rub slowly up the front of her g-string, hooking in to the top of the band.

Tom pulled the top of her underwear away and peered in.

"Hey...that looks fuckin' nice down there...fuck all pubes ta get caught in a bloke's teeth, hey Bec?"

"Gis a look, Uncle, gis us a look at her cunt too would ya!" Johnny asked excitedly.

Inexplicably, Rebecca remained frozen on the spot, her eyes clamped tightly shut and she felt Tom work his hand into her panties, drawing them down her hips lower and lower till one of his fat fingers nudged at her flesh, working her apart.

"Ya like that missy?" Tom sblackmaned suggestively.

Rebecca opened her eyes partially; Johnny was leaning forward watching intently while the other two men sat with bemused grins on their faces. Her legs felt like jelly and she thought she would collapse onto Tom's lap at any moment!

The wire door slamming shut in its metal frame brought her back to reality almost instantly and Tom removed his hands hastily from her warm flesh and pushed her away toward her chair as she straightened up her clothes.

"All a bit quiet in here now aren't we?" Doug commented as he walked back into the smoky room, completely unaware of what had just transpired.

Rebecca had only stayed up with the men for about another twenty minutes after that. She knew she had blushed uncontrollably with guilt when her husband had looked her in the eye, which did not go unnoticed; of course she had blamed it on the wine!

Upon excusing herself from their host, old Tom had insisted on a goodnight kiss. Just a peck on his cheek he had said. Doug had even encouraged her to amuse him with the honour! The big man had turned his head just as she leant forward to kiss him and planted his slobbery lips firmly on hers for a moment longer than was polite -- but then what he had been doing to her earlier was anything but polite!

* * *


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The squawking of a flock of corellas brought Rebecca back to the present. She did not think it wise to tell her husband what had taken place the night before. This was the first break he had taken from work in a couple of years and she certainly did not want to spoil things for him. He deserved a break without any worries for a few days at least, why concern him with Tom's little indiscretion? After all it was only a bit of a feel, wasn't it?

Of course Rebecca was still very concerned, never had anything like that happened to her before, she was just not that sort of woman! What would have happened if her husband had not come back inside when he did? She had dreaded the thought so much she had seriously considered returning to town with Cranky that morning, but was amazed when she was awoken by his vehicle leaving before she had a chance to ask!

Now she was stranded until he returned to pick them up in a week. She was fairly sure what had happened -- or more precisely, what had nearly happened the night before would not be repeated if she was careful. Or so she had hoped.

"Cheeky old bugger," she said to herself as she analysed what she may have done to contribute to his unwelcome advances.

"If it was the clothes I am in trouble," she reflected with a sigh, all she had brought along was of a similar fashion, with the exception of a pair of cut-off jeans that were nearly two sizes to small! She decided to give up the drinks, or at least limit her intake when around the dirty old bugger!

Rebecca picked up her book from next to the sunlounge and read a few more pages with a high degree of difficulty in concentration, before finally giving up and laying back to just relax some more in the pleasant heat of the early afternoon's sun.

Several minutes must have passed and Rebecca started to drift off again. She was just in that phase of relaxation when she became aware of a shadow blocking out the sun's warm rays, snapping her out of it, much to her chagrin.

The shadow moved away slowly -- a cloud she had guessed without raising her hat to see. Her body was soon bathed in warmth again and almost absently, she reached down to her bikini and pulled the material to one side, rubbing herself briefly for a moment, lost in her thoughts again.

Almost reluctantly, Rebecca removed her fingers from her sex and pulled the bikini upward between her labia again, only this time she opened her legs slightly wider allowing the lycra to rub her delicate button for a few moments.

She hoped Doug did not stay up drinking too long when the men returned from fishing. She felt she needed him tonight!

The sun disappeared behind the clouds again and Rebecca frowned in annoyance. Five more minutes and she would roll over and work on her back some more, then she would give the sun-worshipping a rest for awhile. Maybe chop up some vegetables for the evening's meal.

Something wasn't quite right, she felt and still in a shadow, Rebecca lifted the brim of her hat to see how much cloud was around. Maybe she would call it quits earlier.

Rebecca gasped, "How long have you been standing there?"

It wasn't a cloud, less than two metres away stood the youth, Johnny!

"You got nice titties too, Bec."

Rebecca had nothing to cover herself with except for her straw hat, quickly she sat up pulling her legs upwards and at the same time she placed the hat over her naked breasts!

"I...I thought you had all gone fishing!" she exclaimed, ignoring his bold observation.

"Nup...three's enough in that little boat...specially with all the grog and stuff."

Rebecca was still shaken, "How long have you been standing there?" she demanded.

Johnny stood looking down at her smirking. He was only wearing a pair of footy shorts, shiny black ones with a pair of white stripes up either side.


"Long enough...long enough. Would ya like me ta rub some of that cream on your back? Maybe put a bit on that pretty butt of yours too?"

"You're not funny. I thought I was alone...in private! You perv!"

"Hey...don't mind me...but aint you the prissy one now! Seem to remember ya not minding the attention of Uncle Tom last night when ya husband was busy out back puttin' ya condo up."

Rebecca eyed him shrewdly, he was overly confident for a young man, too confident. He continued to stand before her unflinching. She noticed he too was deeply tanned, his youthful body hairless and without a trace of fat. Two large gold rings adorned his nipples and a small crucifix hung from a thick chain around his neck. She couldn't help but notice that his tight shorts did little to conceal his manhood bulging over to one side almost horizontally.

"How 'bout I get us a cold beer each? Would ya like that?"

Rebecca sighed, "Yep, okay."

Johnny smiled, "Back in a minute."

What choice did she have? She was about fifty metres away from her tent where she had left her clothes naively; she did not even have a towel with her, just the stupid hat and a book, and of course her little bikini bottoms!

She watched him walk briskly toward the camp and considered her options. What difference did it make now if she got up and walked to her tent almost naked? He had most likely seen more than enough already -- hell, he had probably even watched when she masturbated!

Rebecca delayed for too long and she heard the wire door slam just as the lad reappeared from the shadows of the mango trees carrying two cans of beer in coolers.
Quickly she reached down and straightened up her bikini in an attempt of modesty.

"Here ya go then...get that in ta ya," Johnny said after opening the can and handing it to her.

Johnny took a long gulp and belched, then looking down at Rebecca he said, "So...how's about a fuck then...before your ol'man gets back?"

Rebecca was just sipping her beer and nearly choked at the young man's frankness!

"I...I beg your pardon!

"A fuck...how about a fuck? I reckon you need one...and I certainly know I need one. Been three months stuck out here with just me and Mrs Palmer and her five fingers. Fucken worse still, four months in the can before that with only an occasional head-job off some faggot! Fucken just hangen for a root! I couldn't believe me luck when you showed up here yesterday."

Rebecca was totally gobsmacked!

"Hey...I've been pretty much a gentleman about it I think. Could 'ave just mounted ya before when you was layen here fingering yis self. But nup...thought I would ask ya first."

Rebecca felt a flurry of panic in the pit of her stomach and her mouth went dry. She looked down at the landing by the lagoon in a forlorn hope that she would see her husband returning.

"So whadda ya reckon? Out here with Mother nature or back in there on me Uncles big double?"

Rebecca took a deep breath, "Johnny, I am sorry if I have given you the wrong idea, but I am not someone who does that sort of thing. I am happily married. What happened last night was exceptional; it will not happen again, I assure you. I now realise I should not have come here. It is not the place for a woman such as me."


Johnny moved toward her impatiently and roughly tore the hat away from her chest, startling her with his speed and strength. Quickly he gripped her around the throat and pushed her back against the sunlounge.

"Where do ya wanna do it? This'll be the last time I ask ya."

"Please...don't do this to me...I...I'm sorry for making you mad."

Johnny felt the power surge through his veins. Instantly, it gave him great shot of adrenalin to see the woman almost cower at his touch! She had dropped her can of beer and was attempting to dislodge his hand from her throat.

Johnny held her easily. His breathing was rapid. He looked at the fear in the woman's hazel eyes then glanced down her body. Her breasts heaved with exertion and somewhat curiously Johnny noticed her nipples appeared to be fully engorged.

"Fuck me...you got fucken big nipples!"

He took another gulp of his beer, finishing it, and then tossing the can onto the ground.

"Fucken nice bod for an ol'broad I gotta say, lady," he said licking his lips, his hand still gripping her neck..

"My neck...you're hurting me...please let me go...please."

Johnny looked Rebecca in the eye and slowly released his grip on her throat. He watched her swallow and tenderly rub her reddened throat with relief.

Johnny lent down toward her breasts.

"No...please Johnny...leave me alone...please," Rebecca pleaded, her hands attempting to push him away.

The young man looked back up, and grabbing both of her hands, he pushed her arms above her head.

Then he lent down again, and when his mouth was mere millimetres away from her right nipple, he flicked his tongue out over the swollen flesh.

"Nooo...this can't be happening....pleeease noooo."

The young man drew her long fat nipple into his mouth and sucked on it as he moved his head away till it was stretched out some three centimetres to finally pop out from his lips with a smacking sound!

Maneuvering her hands together he was able to hold them both with one of his, freeing his other hand to wander down the front of his victim's body. Rebecca recoiled in horror when she felt his hand move between her legs to touch her sex through the thin material of her bikini bottoms.

"Alright...alright...you win...Johnny...you win. But not here...inside, you can take me inside," Rebecca said breathlessly.

Johnny stopped nursing on her breasts and looked up at her. His hand was still between her legs.



He stared at her face a little longer and he smiled; she looked utterly petrified! Johnny thought this was going to be better than hunting those big lazy crocodiles in the lagoon.

Rebecca felt him pull her bikini to one side roughly.

"Orright then...but first...I want ya ta open your legs for me, like when you was rubbing ya cunt before when you thought you was on your own."

"Can't...can't you just wait till we get up to the house?"

"Fucken open 'em, or I'll smash ya in the chops!"

Rebecca could feel the tears well-up in her eyes and she bit her lower lip.

"Open 'em!"

Reluctantly, Rebecca relaxed her thighs, allowing her legs to part slightly. She grimaced when she felt the young thug run his fingers up and down her slit several times, slowly working her open.

"That's enough...please Johnny, let's go inside..."

Johnny was impressed; she had a smallish pussy with just a strip of neatly trimmed pubic hair above smooth puffy lips. He could not wait to get his cock in there!

"Fucken feels orright...don't it?

She didn't answer him, and he prodded at her for a few moments longer, relishing in her obvious discomfort, before removing his hand and releasing her.

"Go on then...get ya arse up there bitch...you gonna get some hard young cock!"

Rebecca sat up; covering her breasts, then swung her legs around to the side of the sunlounge and stood up on shaky legs. She looked down at her tormentor with loathing and turned to walk up to the donga.

"Wait on..." Johnny reached out and roughly pulled on one of the ties to her bikini bottoms.

Rebecca squealed in astonishment and as she rapidly swung her head around to glare at him, her long ponytail flicked outwards with the momentum, the sunlight catching the burgundy-coloured highlights in her otherwise shiny black mane . She looked at him with an almost horrified expression on her fine features but with her hands already covering her breasts nothing stopped the flimsy piece of clothing from falling open.

She stepped away in retreat but Johnny held her bikini firmly, watching the thin orange ties stretch almost to breaking point, then offering only a slight resistance, there was an audible tearing sound and the strap on the other side of her hip gave way. With surprising ease he yanked the bikini from between her legs leaving her standing there completely naked!

"That is a fucken 'A' class arse, lady," Johnny observed lustily, as she turned and hurried away from him almost sobbing.

Johnny watched her gyrating buttocks with desire as she nearly ran up toward the donga; they were full and round with not a hint of sag he noted with admiration, and her narrow waist only accentuated them further, a fine tan line framed her firm orbs perfectly.

"Not too fucken bad for an old bitch," he mussed as he stood up casually, "Voluptuous...that's it...she's got a fucken voluptuous figure," Johnny said, astounded at having come up with such a word out of his usually limited vocabulary.

He watched Rebecca disappear into the shade of the mango trees and moments later he heard the wire door slam shut. Without haste, Johnny sauntered after the woman, his cock straining to be released from his tight shorts. Soon, he thought to himself, sniffing his fingers that had recently explored her sex.

Rebecca was absolutely beside herself with fear. Tears were running down her cheek and her heart pounded rapidly. Where on earth could she hide? Standing naked just inside the doorway, she looked back out through the fly screen. He was coming! She had to do something, quickly!

"Hey Rebecca! Get yourself on me uncles bed...don't think he will mind. An' if youse any fucken good...which I'm sure ya will be, ya may even get to do ol'Tom too! Like that idea?"

Johnny reached for the door handle. It was locked!

"What cho playen at bitch...fucken unlock this door!"

Johnny rattled the door with frustration a few times, then peering in through the wire he tried to spot his victim.

"You better be jus' waiten for me with ya legs spread on Big Tom's ol' bed...ya hear me smart arse? We got hours to play this game...but before ya lame husband gets back...I am gonna fuck ya. You hear me!" Johnny snarled through the doorway.

It hadn't bought her much time but it was enough. Without being seen or heard, Rebecca had snuck out the side door, grabbing a dirty bath towel off the back of a chair as she passed. With leather sandals now on her feet she was able to move faster over the patchy green grass toward a burnt off area between the donga and an old building she had noticed earlier on.

Undetected, Rebecca found an entrance to the disused shed that was partially hidden by a large banyan growing out to one side of it. It appeared to be a former bunkhouse or something she noted. Rubbish was strewn almost everywhere and the shade-cloth walls were partially melted from the heat a recent grass fire.

Moving slowly, Rebecca tip-toed into the gloomy interior toward a darkened corner nearby where she hoped she could hide. Pulling the towel around her naked body tightly, she looked at her watch. Probably four hours to go till the others returned, she thought. She did not like her chances. If only she had thought to grab a knife or some other weapon from the donga!

Johnny had walked around to the back door of the donga, it too was locked. He peered in through his uncle's bedroom window that was devoid of glass but fitted with a sturdy flyscreen and metal grill arrangement. He could see she wasn't in there...waiting, as he had told her.

Where are you, you smart assed bitch?

Johnny entered through the side door and made a quick search of the place, even looking under the beds. Of course she was nowhere to be found, but he knew she had to be around somewhere.

Walking back outside, Johnny looked at his options. There were several run-down sheds out the back, an old generator shed with a collapsed roof some thirty metres away, and a little further on were the remains of a sawmill used for cutting bush logs many years ago.

Several derelict cars and small trucks littered and area to the north of the donga which could offer someone a place to hide, Johnny thought, but as rusty and as hot as they would probably be inside, he discounted them.

"Rebecca!" he called loudly, "come on honey...don't be silly now...fucken big king-browns out here, ya know, don't wanna get bit by one of them snakes!" Johnny advised. He had honestly seen a few of the snakes around the area since his arrival too, they gave him the creeps.

"You'd be much safer with my snake...no fucken poison in him...just good thick sprog...ya gonna love it!" he called, chuckling at his own mirth.

Johnny walked around a bit more, past the shower and toilet shed and over to the silver-domed tent Doug had set up under a small coconut palm the night before. He stooped down and glanced inside, and as he expected, she was not in there either; far too logical.

Standing up straight he looked around some more...and then he noticed it. Of course, the old guest house! The run down building stood more than fifty metres away and was almost hidden from view by the large banyan tree that was slowly strangling the iron-clad structure.

He walked over to the edge of the mowed grass to where the loose dirt driveway divided the camp from the recently burnt-off stubble on the other side. Looking down at the drive way he walked along it slowly for no more than ten metres when he spotted what he was looking for, and smiled wryly.

Kneeling down, the young man inspected his discovery. He had become quite the bushman since his uncle had taken him in and he knew he would never have thought of looking for someone like this back in the city.

Small as they were, Rebecca's foot prints spanned out across the dusty track and made a beeline directly for the old banyan tree. Johnny stood back up smiling and unhurriedly, he walked back to the donga -- he needed another beer first!

Nearly half an hour must have passed since she had hidden herself Rebecca thought with renewed confidence. The dingy place smelt of burnt plastic and musty clothing and old ceiling fans hung lifeless from the blackened rafters where electrical wiring dangled limply in places. She guessed someone had put considerable effort into building something like this so far away from anywhere and she was saddened by its neglect. One more fire and it probably would collapse completely, she thought.

Looking around further, she noticed several old bed frames were lined up dormitory style along one wall, all but one were devoid of mattresses and their spring bases were covered in cobwebs and bird droppings. Rebecca couldn't imagine a place more decrepit and she clung to her towel and soon became aware she was shaking.

Through a small hole torn in the side of the corrugated cladding that appeared to be the result of a shotgun blast, Rebecca peered out back up toward the camp. She couldn't see any movement, or hear anything. She bit her lip softly in trepidation of the long wait she had to endure before her husband would finally return.

"Please, Doug, please hurry," she prayed solemnly.

"Found ya!"

Startled, Rebecca turned toward the bright sunlight of the doorway where she could plainly make out the silhouette of someone standing there!

"Hi ya Bec."

"Ooh nooo...please...nooo..." Rebecca sobbed.

Johnny walked inside, stepping over the rubbish carefully with his bare-feet. He stopped just a couple of metres from Rebecca and took a long gulp from his can of beer, emptying it and tossing it to one side.

"Nice place you've chosen to have sex in, hey, you old romantic!" he said, sardonically.

Rebecca looked at him ashen-faced from her cornered position and clutched her towel tightly to her chest.

Johnny took a few steps forward and reached down, gesturing for her hand.

"I think Uncle Tom's dirty old bed woulda been betta 'an this...but what ever turns you on, babe."

When Rebecca failed to take his pro-offered hand Johnny reached further and grabbed her by the wrist, pulling her to her feet effortlessly.

He looked around and noticed the bed frame that still had a sole mattress laying skewed on it, and without a word he dragged Rebecca over to it.

"Whadda ya reckon? Good enough for our first fuck on then?"

"Please...Johnny...this isn't right...it will be rape know that don't you, Johnny. You can stop this now...I...I promise I won't say anything."

He just smiled at her cruelly. Her begging was actually turning him on even more.

"Just fucken stand there for a moment while I straighten some of this mess up," he ordered.

Letting go of her wrist, the young man grabbed the edge of the filthy mattress and flipped it over in a small cloud of dust. The other side did not appear to be much better, as it too was covered in stains and small rips, but there were no bird droppings on it.

"Maybe we'll put that towel down too...give ya something ta lie on while I'm fucken ya."

Johnny reached for the front of the towel but Rebecca held it firmly in defiance. He changed tack instantly and grabbed her long ponytail instead, pulling her head to one side, causing her to cry out in pain!

"Orright then, you can take the fucken towel off an' lay it down!" he yelled.

Rebecca clutched at his hand that was pulling her hair, trying desperately to break his grip, but instead she felt herself being manoeuvred around until the back of her legs were pressed up against the bed. Now instead of trying to pull the towel from her, Johnny pushed her away and almost in slow motion Rebecca fell backward and onto the filthy bed. On reflex she had put her arms out behind her and she had lost her tenuous grip on the towel and it now lay open beneath her in disarray.

Frightened beyond belief, she screamed as loud as she could, "Help! Pleeease somebody, heeelp meee!"

Johnny grinned evilly at her, "Finished? Ya just wasting ya fucken time yellin' out...no cunt around here ta hear ya for miles."

"You do this and I will definitely tell my husband...I will go to the police too...as soon as I get back to town...I mean it!"

"Fucken tell ya big dumb husband...I don't give a fuck! Tell ya what...if you don't wanna tell 'im, I fucken well will! Tell ya something else to...if he wants ta start something with me, I'll fucken bite his fucken big nose off his stupid looking face!" Johnny screamed back at her.

"Tell the fucken coppers? Ya won't get a chance, bitch! I'll fucken root ya all week first...and so will the other two I reckon! Then both you and dickless wonder could just have a fucken accident swimmin' with them bad-arse fucken crocs out there! How's that fucken grab ya?"

Rebecca looked on horrified at the complete transformation of the young man in front of her. He was almost certainly crazy, she thought. So shocked was she at his outburst that she had not even noticed that she lay back quite naked, one of her legs over the edge of the bed and the other bent up at the knee, her heaving breasts in full view.

"Right now? You got it? Look, we can do this one of two ways...kicken' an' screamin' and I'll fuck all your pretty little holes twice before ya husband returns...or...you can make it easy on ya self. Whad'll it be?"

Johnny stood there next to the bed with his hands on his hips, looking down at the frightened woman. His fierce gaze went from her face down her trembling body to between her slightly parted legs, her pudenda was now on full display.


Rebecca felt like crying again, but she held back her tears bravely and tried to think of what her options were. Unwittingly, she had literally backed herself into a corner when she chose to hide in the old shed and she knew there was no escape now. Fighting the boy was useless of course as he was much too strong for her. Self-preservation is a very strong emotion in most people and Rebecca now feared what would happen if she antagonised the crazy youth any further. She looked back up at him; he stood over her like a predator about to take his prey. It was probably a woman's worst nightmare; she thought to herself forlornly, but what choices did she have?

She closed her eyes as a tear rolled down her cheek and felt a hand on her knee, rubbing up along her inner thigh till it reached her own hand that was partly covering her. Rebecca put up no resistance as her hand was lifted away from her loins, only to be replaced with his. And she let out a little whimper when his probing fingers began to explore her delicate folds.

"Jus..just once...okay?" she said softly.

"What! I didn't quite get that."

"I'll...I'll let you do it to me...just this once...please...I...I'll make it good...and no one needs to know. Okay? Please...I don't want my husband to know," Rebecca said softly.

"Righto...sounds fucken good to me," Johnny said huskily.

He reached down with his other hand and pushed her thighs apart wider allowing him to insert a finger deep into her vagina and then he thrust it in and out contemptuously several times before removing it and bringing his hand to her face.

"Suck it!"

Rebecca looked up at him, resistance was futile of course and her lips parted as he pushed his digit inside her mouth.

Johnny watched her as she licked and sucked her own juices off his fingers for a few moments longer, quietly bemused by her final capitulation, then he stood back up.

Rebecca looked on with quiet resignation as the young man undid his shorts and pushed them over his narrow hips and down his muscled thighs till they fell down around his ankles on their own accord.
"Well...whadda ya think? Pretty good for a little skinny cunt, hey?"

Rebecca wasn't quite sure why, but she did look, and he was right. His penis was rather long and thin, with a pronounced curve to the right. She had not seen too many men naked in her time and had been with even less so she did not have a lot to compare of course, but he was certainly above average.

She watched as he stroked himself several times, his hand stopping just short of his very pronounced knob that splayed out like a toadstool, the tip quite pointy though.

Johnny looked down at his victim. He thought it may have been better if she put up a fight right until he got his cock in her. Still, his persuasive argument that had her finally submit had a wonderful aphrodisiacal effect on him, that and the line of amphetamines that he had snorted earlier on.

Rebecca watched her assailant move closer to the bed till his leg touched hers. Looking up at his cruel, almost black eyes she could tell he was transfixed on what lay between her open thighs and she did not move as he knelt down on the bed, positioning himself between her knees.

"Nice...I like the way you got it all trimmed up like a fucken porn star."

"Just be quick...please...just get it over with, okay?" Rebecca said solemnly.

Johnny looked up above Rebecca's head; there jammed in the old wrought iron bed frame was a crusty old pillow, still with a dirty and faded looking, yellow pillow slip. He reached toward it and pulled it free, releasing a small cloud of dust.

"This'll do nicely...lift that pretty bum of yours up a bit would ya."

Rebecca looked up at him slightly bewildered.

"Fucken said ya gonna make it good...so lift ya fucken arse up would ya...before I get mad again!"

Rebecca repositioned her legs and reluctantly, raised herself up. Johnny quickly folded the old pillow in half and wedged it beneath her buttocks.

"Tha's better, can see me target now...open them thighs up some more would ya...yeh...that's it...beautiful," he said lasciviously as he moved in closer.

She closed her eyes. Tears welled up, and she held her breath at what was sure to come next.

There was just a single flick at first...that was all she felt, then another. With her eyes squeezed tightly shut, she felt him whack her pubic bone with what she knew would have to be his penis. He did that several more times, causing her minor discomfort.

Suddenly, Rebecca had a horrible thought!

"Johnny...could you...have you....Johnny have you got a condom?"

"What! What the fuck for? I got no fucken diseases...and you look clean to me!"

Rebecca opened her eyes and looked up at him, "I...I don't want you to come in me...promise?" she pleaded, "Please...don't come in me."

Johnny laughed, "Pregga's? I get it...ya don't wanna get fucken pregga's."

Rebecca sighed deeply, "Please?"

He didn't answer her. He ignored her totally, pushing her thighs further apart till her feet came off the bed. Her hole glistened from his pre-cum he had rubbed on there and he rubbed the underside of his long penis along her flesh, drawing out her inner labia like a welcoming flower about to bloom.

"Oooh...mmm...gentle...please...aaah," Rebecca sighed, breathlessly as she felt him slowly enter her.

She was tight, nice and tight, Johnny smiled wickedly to himself. He watched his large helmet disappear into that beautifully tight entrance that some women have, and felt it pop through the other side, drawing him in deeper.

"Nice...fucken nice, Rebecca, I'm sure gonna enjoy this," he said hoarsely moments after his penis had penetrated her completely.

She was the oldest broad he had ever stuck his cock in, and certainly the first married one, but he could not remember a tighter entrance since his first girlfriend a few years ago. So silky too!

Rebecca opened her eyes and looked down her body at the toned young man between her thighs. She took a couple of deep breaths and watched her breasts rise and fall each time and noticed her nipples were standing up like overripe mulberries.

"Just do it would you...get it over with you bastard...go on!" Rebecca snarled at him, thrusting her hips forward only to ***** his cock in even deeper, she wanted him to finish -- quickly!

Johnny kept relatively still; he watched the dark-haired woman's vain efforts to get him to move. Quite ironic really, he thought humorously.

"Fucken steady on, bitch! We got hours, an' I'm gonna make the best of me first root in over nine months!"

"But...but we made a deal! Just once remember...and...and no one needs to know...Johnny?"

"Hmm...yep...tha's right...one fuck...one loooong fuck! You gonna love it too I reckon...I can feel the heat in your cunt already...you gonna love it!"

Johnny withdrew his long slug till just the tip was in the woman's slick hole, hesitated for a moment, then just as slowly as the first time, he sunk into her hot flesh again. He could not only feel, but he could see her juices oozing out as he slowly withdrew again. With his thumbs either side of her pubic bone, he stretched her flesh open to discover her shiny pink clitoris appeared fully engorged and protruded from her hood a centimetre or more!

"You lookin' like you'se enjoyin' it already...hey?" Johnny said smugly, just as he flexed his hips forward to once again penetrate her deeply.

It was certainly not what Rebecca was expecting. She had guessed that not only his youth, but his admission of celibacy would have had him thrust away at her pussy rapidly to climax in possibly minutes!

His control worried her.

And little did she know that the speed in his system would give him stamina that was almost beyond her wildest dreams?

She looked up at the young man between her legs again and watched as he gradually picked up the pace, her small breasts jiggling back and forth with each long stroke, her dark, distended nipples hard as rocks.


Johnny rubbed her clitoris in rapid circles with the fingers of one hand and yanked and twisted either of her long nipples in turn with the fingers of his other hand, "Hold ya fucken knees back for me, would ya...humf...humf...yeah, that's it, now I can see better!"

He smiled at her; this was going to be good!


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It was just on dark when the fishermen walked back into the donga. Johnny greeted them each with a cold beer. They looked pretty beat, especially Doug, too much warm beer and a day out in the relentless tropical sun will do that to you.

"So how'd ya go?"

"Yeah...good, we'll clean the rest of 'em later. Thought we'd have some tucker first," Big Tom remarked, "Where's Dougie's wife?"

Apprehensively, Doug looked over at the young man and waited for his response. He didn't particularly like Johnny; he thought he was a cock-sure, young smart-arse that probably needed a good thumping. But Doug now knew part of his problem was his heritage. While they were out fishing, Tom had told him about the lad's background. The kid's family were mostly either in jail, just out of jail or dead. He was sent out here to hopefully clean him up from substance abuse and teach him a few things about a wonderful part of the world.

Johnny looked up, "Dunno, think she may be havin' a shower."

A little concerned, Doug went out the side door to the small shed that housed the ablutions. He could see the yellow glow of the non-insect attracting light beam out from a crack in the door.

"You in there, Bec?" Doug called out, knocking on the door lightly.


The door swung open and Rebecca stood there towel-drying her long black hair. Her face looked flushed, Doug noticed, most probably from the hot shower he guessed.

"You're back! How was it?" she asked, an obvious look of relief crossing her face.

"Pretty good, but a long day. How'd you go, didn't get too bored I hope?"

"Umm...nup...just lounged around, sunbaking and reading and stuff."

"And stuff hey...sounds good. You going to come in then?"

"Well...I guess so...but I'm not staying up all night drinking with you cretins again!" she said, as she fixed her hair in a loose braid behind her head, "I'd guessed you'd all be pretty hungry too so I put some veggies in a pot...they should be ready soon. There's a heap of steamed rice as well, all ready for some fresh fish to cook up if you'd like?"

"Sounds great, honey. Gee you look great...you're absolutely glowing!" Doug said to his wife, pleased to see what he took to be a contented look on her face -- her hazel-eyes sparkled an almost intense green, even in the dim light.

"Mmm...glowing huh? Must have been the hot shower," Rebecca said as she hung up her towel, then turned to follow her husband back inside.

When they both entered what could best be described as the dining room, Rebecca stood beside her husband and did her best to avoid young Johnny's presence, even though he was reclining on an old arm chair directly in front of her. Instead she looked over at the two men who sat by the table and was warmly greeted by Big Tom and Craig almost immediately.

"You look simply ravishing again my dear," Tom remarked, eying off her tight denim-shorts and thin pink-singlet quite openly.

"Thankyou Tom," Rebecca acknowledged, slightly embarrassed by his complement. She had of course wished she'd brought something more respectable to wear now, but with little choice, the shorts she felt were a better option than her skirts in the present company, especially after the episode with Tom the night before.

The four men sat around drinking for around half an hour or so while Rebecca dished them all up some tea. The men stuck to beer, while Rebecca opted for a glass of white -- out of a cask of course.

As they ate their meal, Rebecca sensed she was the centre of attention yet again and it made her feel uncomfortable. She ate very little, just picking out the bits of fish and the odd vegetable here and there. Feeling nervous, she finished off her glass of wine a little sooner than normal, and without asking her Tom did the honours and refilled her glass to the brim, before grabbing another four cans of beer out of the old fridge.

Rebecca sat back and watched the men as they noisily ate their meals. She desperately wanted to get out of the close confines of the small room but knew that at this time of night the mozzies would be vicious outside, so she sat sipping her wine and waited.

By the time the men had finished with their plates, Rebecca had polished-off most of her second glass of wine, and without a word she hopped up to clear away the dishes.

"You got a damned good wife there, Dougie!" Tom exclaimed, "You one lucky man I reckon...I'd love to have one jus' like her."

"Thanks Tom...yep she's a keeper."

Rebecca pretended not too hear and turned to walk out to the kitchen.

"Listen...don't suppose you'd like ta sell her to me would ya," Big Tom laughed heartily, watching Rebecca's buttocks swaying in her tight shorts as she walked out through the doorway.

"What do you reckon, honey? Would you like to be Tom's bitch for awhile?" Doug called out to her jokingly.

"Um, no thanks, dear...sorry Tom, no offence!" she called back, turning on the tap to fill the kitchen sink.

Doug laughed, "I tried, Tom."

The grog was getting to Tom and he was getting a little belligerent, "How about jus' for the week then...give an ol'man a thrill?" he said, looking Doug straight in the eye.

Doug took a big mouthful of beer, "You serious? Not even for a second! Have a bit of respect man."

"Don't take offence, Dougie, thought you may have been one a them fella's that likes ta share his wife around...can't hurt ta ask can it?"

Doug felt uncomfortable suddenly, both Craig and Johnny sat back listening on inquisitively.

Leaning toward Doug, Tom looked him in the eye and said "After all...what sorta dumb cunt would bring his fuckin' horn-bag of a wife out to a camp like this if he wasn't inta sharing her charms?"

Doug looked out to the kitchen, he was pretty certain his wife could not hear what was going on as she noisily clanged the pots and pans while she washed them. Even so he leaned toward Tom.

"Look...Tom I didn't know it would be like this. I know I probably shouldn't have brought her here after Susan and Cranky pulled out...and we would go home tomorrow if it were possible...truly! What do you want me to do?"

Tom took another mouthful of beer, then leaning closer to Doug again and looking him right in the eye he spoke softly.

"I'd like to fuck her, matey...and I want you ta do nuthin'...how about that?"

Doug looked around the table and suddenly felt very intimidated; although more than able to look after himself he was well and truly out of his comfort zone at present. Any one of the three he knew he could take on, maybe even two, but the three of them!

"Why don't you three head out to the filleting table and clean the rest of them fish!" Big Tom suggested as he sat back with his bare arms folded across his barrel-like chest, staring at Doug defiantly.

"Come on ya fucken cock-sucker," Johnny said, rising from his chair at the same time as Craig.

"Take ya time too...okay?" Tom said to Doug.

Doug skulled the rest of his beer and stood up from the table, he felt a wave of paranoia sweep over him, rendering him momentarily speechless, and on legs that did not feel like his own, he followed the other two out the door.

Tom listened to Johnny laughing as they disappeared around the corner of the donga toward the filleting table some twenty metres away. Then he stood up and walked into the kitchen and watched briefly as Rebecca washed the dishes. He stared wantonly at her rounded butt, the frayed legs of her shorts, cut way too short, allowed a generous portion of smooth, suntanned cheeks to be on view.

"Fuck you gotta nice arse...them shorts really do you justice, you know that?"

Rebecca turned around and smiled briefly at Tom. What could she say to that, she thought? Then she went back to doing the dishes.

Big Tom walked up behind her and placed his large hands upon her slim waist, "Need a hand?"

"Um...no thanks Tom," she said frankly, ignoring the liberty he was taking.

Tom breathed in her scent, her hair smelt freshly washed and he noticed it shone healthily from regular grooming.

"Tom! What are you doing? Get out of it...that tickles."

"Tom!" Rebecca cried, "Get your hands out of there!"

The old man ignored her cries -- and steadily worked his hands beneath her singlet, his thick fingers that only a moment before had been tickling her slender waist moved upward with a purpose, toward her breasts!

"Tom...do you mind? I...I'm trying to do the dishes...stop that...please!" Rebecca put the plate down she was washing and with soap suds on her hands, she attempted to remove the big man's hands from under her top.

"Tom! I think you may have too much to drink!"

He sblackmaned in her ear, "Them fuckin' nice tits you got there too, Rebecca."

"Alright, you've had your fun...leave them alone now please, you dirty old bastard!" Rebecca admonished, she could not believe for a second that she stood by a sink while some old codger was groping her breasts.

But he didn't stop -- and with one hand planted firmly over each of her breasts, he fondled them without recourse. He felt her nipples noticeably harden at his touch, and gripping each one between thumb and forefinger he pulled on them and rolled them around several times.

"You don't really mind an ol'man copping a bit of a feel do ya?"

Rebecca sighed, "Just a little longer...that's all...okay Tom? Doug may come in at any moment."

"He's outside cleaning fish...with ya young lover..." Tom felt her flinch and he chuckled in her ear.

"Johnny told me...everything...was he bullshitting? Little fucker likes to bullshit to big-note himself ya know."

Rebecca felt her heart skip a beat, "What...what are you talking about?"

Old Tom slowly slid a hand from her breast and down her stomach toward her shorts and started to fumble with the button.

"Lad reckons he fucked ya today...down in the old bunkhouse."

Rebecca was shocked by his frankness, "I...I don't know what your talking about."

Tom managed to unfasten the button to her shorts and proceeded to ease the zip down, "Said you let him do it to ya for hours?"

Rebecca could feel her heart racing in her chest, "Tom...he's...Tom, what do you think your doing?" she said, squirming slightly.

The old man dropped his other hand down onto her shorts and with some difficulty; he managed to lower them down over her hips -- she wasn't wearing any underwear he noticed smugly.

"Lying was he? Yep...he's full of shit, little smart-arse. Hate ta think he got his fuckin' long cock into ya before I did...fucking bullshitter!"

"Tom...that's enough now...you've had your fun...get...get out of it would you...Tom!" Rebecca said shakily in a lowered tone, "You're not going...ooh Tom stop it...you...you can't have sex with me!"

Gripping the edge of the sink almost in shock, Rebecca barely noticed as he slid her denim shorts all the way down to the floor. Her head was spinning telling her to run, but she felt frozen on the spot, just like the night before! She felt him rub her buttocks -- squeezing them several times, and then slide his hand around to her front.

"Hmm...nice little pussy too...ya flaps feel a bit puffy I think. Are they always like this? Or only after you been on ya back fucking all day?"

"I...I don't believe you are doing this to me...Tom...I want to go," she pleaded.

Tom ignored her pleas. Instead, he kicked her legs apart, allowing his fingers better access to her wet slit. With one hand firmly gripping her vulva and with a certain degree of dexterity, he used his other hand to unbuckle his dirty old jeans.

Rebecca lowered her head; she could feel him pressing against her bare flesh, "Not here...we can't do it here! Tom...someone might come in!"

"I don't give a fuck if they do...they's can watch for all I care...ya fucken' husband too, if he wants ta."

Rebecca felt the big man push her in the middle of the back till she was bent over the sink. Panic swept over her at the reality of what was about to happen.

"Tom...don't tell my husband...please...he mustn't find out...aah, steady...oooh," Rebecca closed her eyes when she felt him prodding at her opening.

Looking down at the woman's pretty buttocks, Tom gripped his fat slug in his right hand and bent his knees to better line himself up with her hairless slit. He smiled to himself -- she probably had the prettiest little cunt he had ever seen too!

He wasted little time on formalities and pressed his bulbous knob against her vagina and lent in.

"Oooh gawd...easy...oooh Tom...please take it easy...Christ, how big is that thing!" Rebecca moaned almost painfully. Even after the thorough fucking she had received from young Johnny only a few hours ago, she felt herself being stretched open like a virgin!

Once in almost the whole way, Tom gripped her shapely hips and began to fuck her in earnest. Within moments, she squealed and moaned incoherently and her arms thrashed about trying to prevent him from going in too far. But she only succeeding in knocking some of the dishes off the sink -- crashing them down onto the floor

"Nice...heh..heh..heh," Tom chuckled, "Fucking whole week of this, Bec! You gonna love it!" he said sadistically, watching his fat slug disappear into her straining hole.

There were still plenty more fish to fillet. Doug looked at the other two men -- sizing them up, but he said nothing, he felt sickened to the stomach.

Johnny looked back at the man in front of him and smiled; even under the yellow fluorescent light he thought he looked pale.

Although they were standing some fifteen metres or more from the donga, and the generator droned steadily in a shed nearby, the sound coming from inside was quite unmistakable.

"Reckon me old uncle is helping out your wife with the dishes, Dougie."

The sound of another plate crashing to the concrete floor overshadowed the other noises briefly.

Johnny smiled at Doug callously, as he listened to the methodical thumping of what he rightly guessed was the kitchen sink bench hitting against the wall.

The lad expertly sliced the skin off a few more of the larger fillets, still listening. Within moments, the tempo increased rapidly, till it stopped quite suddenly, and a deep groan carried clearly through the night air.

Johnny didn't take his eyes of Doug and when the older man looked up and caught his gaze, Johnny raised his eyebrows in acknowledgement of what had just taken place in the donga.

"Hey Craig...reckon you should maybe see if Dougie's wife needs a hand with them dishes...don't think it's fair we's leaving it all up ta her and me uncle, do you?"

Craig had been quite silent for sometime, keeping aloof from the proceedings and just getting on with the task of preparing the days haul for the freezer. He looked over at Doug briefly, then back over at Johnny.

"Dunno mate, reckon them dishes pretty well done for the night," he glanced back to Doug for a moment and thought he detected a look of relief in his countenance, "Maybe I'll help her out tomorrow night...yep, my turn ta help out Dougie's wife tomorrow," he said almost unambiguously.

Johnny laughed derisively, "Mighty fucken nice of ya, mate...I reckon I'll help her out with the breakfast dishes then...if I can wait that long!"

"Hey Dougie ya limp-dick! Fucken reckon we'll all be helpin' out that pretty little wife of yours for the rest of tha week...whadda ya think about that, ya fucken cock-head?"

Doug was dumbfounded, never before in all his years had he been spoken to like that! His peers respected him; he was considered a man's man and treated accordingly. But here he was out in the middle of nowhere, having some little snotty-nosed smart-arse give him grief! His stomach was in a tight knot -- he could not believe what he thought he had just heard coming from inside -- he did not want to believe it, more to the point! Doug wanted to lash-out, but for one of the first times in his life, he was afraid!

The three of them finished cleaning the fish silently, packing the large chest freezer. It would be full by the end of the week, ready for Cranky to pick it all up and take it into town to sell it to the restaurants. The restaurants loved the stuff and they paid well for it, although somewhat less than what the commercial fishermen often asked for it -- but they did have expensive fishing licences to pay for.

Opening the side door to the donga and entering the dining room, Doug filed in behind the other two. Big Tom was sitting in his usual spot, still drinking beer. He had a big smile on his weathered face like that of the proverbial Cheshire cat! Rebecca was seated to his right, with half a glass of wine in front of her.

Doug looked from Tom to his wife -- she avoided his scrutiny for a few moments, then picking up her glass and taking a large sip she looked up at him briefly, her face blushing, she smiled weakly and looked back down at her glass of wine.

"All done then?" Tom asked boisterously.

Doug nodded.

"Good ta hear...we're all done too ain't we little lady," Tom said, making a show of rubbing her firmly on her thigh up near the frayed leg of her shorts.

"Um...I...I think I'll go to bed...if you all don't mind?" Rebecca stammered softly.

Doug coughed nervously while watching his wife, then nodded to her just as Craig offered him a can of beer. Accepting the beer, he watched silently as his wife stood up from the table and moved along so as to squeeze past the back of Tom's chair.

"Hang on pet...before ya go, give an ol'man a peck goodnight, hey," Tom said, reaching behind her and drawing her in close, his hand planted firmly on her backside.

Rebecca looked at her husband for support, but this time his gaze faltered and he looked down at his can of beer, opening it instead.

Old Tom shifted around and guided Rebecca down onto his knee, "Thas better, pet. Now don't be shy in front of ya hubby...give ol'Tom a smooch," Tom said, his hand resting on her thigh again.

Rebecca allowed herself to be drawn toward the big, ruddy face of her tormentor and closed her eyes. She clearly smelt the beer-breath of the old man as he planted his thick lips over hers, engulfing them completely, and his fat tongue forcing its way into her mouth.

He kissed her deeply for several seconds, rapidly moving his right hand up and under her singlet and straight to her breast, squeezing it firmly as further recompense.

"Thanks pet...you a fuckin' good kisser too, I reckon," Tom sblackmaned as they broke apart, "Yep, you gonna make an ol'man happy for the next few days, ain't ya?" he suggested, still fondling her breast under her top.

"Maybe..." Rebecca answered demurely as she looked briefly toward her husband.

"Hey Dougie...would you mind if I show me mate Craig 'ere ya wife's pretty little titties? I believe me young nephew over there has already had tha pleasure."

Tom didn't wait for a response from Doug, he merely lifted up the front of Rebecca's thin top as high as her neck, and still holding it, he pulled her shoulders back, forcing her bare breasts to jut out in the direction of Craig sitting not more than two feet away.

"Well...whadda ya reckon mate? Fuckin' little beauties, hey? Look at them fuckin big fat nipples...given me another fat just looken at 'em again."

"Doug!" Rebecca cried out, "Aren't you going to say something? Doug?"

Doug swallowed deeply, "Tom, that's enough thanks, let her go please!"

Tom looked over at Doug with bemusement, "Oh! Sure...sorry Dougie...didn't think ya cared!"

Tom continued to look at Doug, Rebecca's breasts were still on display, and he lowered his hands from her shoulders...straight onto her breasts and rolled her hardened nipples around for a few moments till they were fully engorged.

"See ya in the mornin', pet," Tom whispered in her ear, before finally releasing her.
Rebecca quickly stood and straightened-up her clothes while she walked toward the doorway then she left the room without another word.


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"Fuck...she's gotta nice arse...not one of them flat things the young skinny girls seem to have these days...nup. Dougie...I gotta say it looks fuckin' beautiful with or without them shorts on too, an' fuckin' fantastic to hold onta when ya porken her juicy cunt from behind" Big Tom chuckled heartily.

Doug moved fast and lunged for Big Tom, but he didn't see Johnny stick his foot out until it was too late and he fell hard toward the concrete floor, his shoulder glancing off the edge of the thick wooden table on the way.

"Steady on Dougie, didn't think ya had it in ya!" Tom said surprised.

"Get up, fuck-head!" Johnny snarled.

His shoulder hurting and the element of surprise now gone, Doug slowly raised himself off the floor. Feeling vulnerable and well out of his depth amongst these three rough individuals he sat down on a chair with his head lowered and his eyes downcast.

"It's gonna be a good week, Dougie, jus' don't do anything stupid now will ya! We can all have a bitta fun and no-one outside these walls need ta know, deal? You get ta do somethin' ya don't do too much...and so do we," Big Tom sblackmaned suggestively.

Doug sat with the three men drinking for another hour while watching a movie Johnny had picked out from an impressive DVD collection by the small TV. The title had meant little to Doug but he soon discovered that 'The Hills Have Eyes' was not a movie chosen to put him at peace in his current situation. The storyline was based on a man and his wife and children; a boy, a teenage girl and another older gal and her fiancé becoming lost in the desert only to become the targets of demented individuals bent on "breeding" with the three youger women.

The graphic nature of the movie brought on another bout of severe paranoia in Doug and it took some time before he was finally able to get up the courage and leave. Once outside again, he took a depth breath of the clean air and headed out toward where Rebecca was in the tent. He could still hear the men laugh and joke over the top of the screaming of the movie soundtrack as he unzipped the tent flap and crouched down to crawl inside.

"Rebecca...are you awake?" he whispered into her ear, "Honey?"

"Yes," came her soft reply.

"Are...are you okay?"



"What do you reckon?" she responded derisively.

"Bec, what happened? Do...do you want to tell me?" Doug whispered nervously in her ear, anxiety building up to a crescendo in the pit of his stomach.

"You don't want to know..."

"Did he...did he really...you know...Bec?"



Still silence.

"I gotta know!"

"Yes!" Rebecca said decisively, "Are you happy now? Yes...yes, the old bastard screwed me!"

Doug was speechless; he truly did not know what to say. He had of course wished she had denied anything had happened and that the old prick had just been stirring him up. He could feel himself shiver, although it was far from cold.

"How?" he said finally.

"How? What do you mean 'how'?" Rebecca said somewhat confused, "Up against the sink...he pulled my shorts down and bent me over the kitchen sink! Is that what you wanted to know?"


"How could you let him?" Doug blurted insensitively.

"Me let him! You bastard...you could have intervened, Doug! It's like you wanted him to...what's wrong with you? And you said bugger-all when he showed Craig my breasts, so what are they supposed to think?"

"I...I'm sorry, Bec, I truly am...I didn't know what to do."

Doug lay cuddling his wife for a few minutes, neither of them saying anything.

"Bec, the others want you too...they more or less told me," Doug said with a quiver to his tone, "We have to get out of here!"

"How?" Rebecca asked softly, "We're more than forty kilometres from the main road! I've only got my sandals and they would probably fall apart in five kilometres...and do you think you could find your way back along the labyrinth of tracks going everywhere?"

Doug lay thinking, to say he was annoyed was an understatement, he had told Rebecca to pack her good walking boots and some decent clothes, but no, she had made it clear she was not going to be doing any bushwalking, just relaxing! And her clothes! Well he knew he was partly to blame for the way she dressed as he openly encouraged her to dress scantily quite often. He liked the looks other men gave his attractive wife when she did, made him feel proud of her, but he was always in control then and nothing more out-of-hand than a quick feel of her butt at a party once or twice had ever taken place...before today that is.

"I saw a couple a tents over the other side of the lagoon about four kilometres away...if we could get to the boat..." he hesitated, he knew the chances of that were remote as he noticed Tom take some sort of lead off the small outboard earlier on, "Probably take us two days to walk around...maybe worse than taking the track out."

"Cranky will be here in a couple of days...I will just have to avoid them...if I can...till then," Rebecca said in a desultory tone.

"Don't you get it, Bec? They all want you now...the other two will know what you did with Tom...and they'll want a piece too!" Doug said with deep concern while holding her tightly, "I...I don't know how we can stop them...and that crazy little bastard, Johnny! Jesus, I couldn't imagine anything worse for you!"

More silence.


"What Bec?" Doug enquired, detecting a tremor in her voice.

"That...that crazy little bastard...he..." she trailed off.

Doug's heart was racing, "He what, Bec?"

"When you were all fishing...he...he forced me..."

"To what, Bec? forced you to do what?"

Rebecca started to cry, "I'm sooo sorry, Doug, he must have told Tom...that's why Tom thought he could do what he did to me."

"I'm sorry, Doug," she cried, "I had to let him...he was going to hurt me!"

"Christ, Bec! Please tell me you're joking! He's not much older than our baby"

Doug was shaking with anger as Rebecca related to him the story of how she was finally forced into having sex with the young thug earlier that afternoon, and how he had promised not to tell anyone so there would be no trouble. Doug lay staring at the tent roof, almost unable to comprehend how these men had forced his wonderful wife.

"Bec...did...did they use condoms?"

"What!" Rebecca said in surprised disbelief at her husband's thoughtlessness, "here...give me your hand!"

Doug allowed his wife to draw his hand down under the covers and soon realised she had removed her denim shorts -- apart from her singlet she was naked. Rolling onto her back, Rebecca guided his hand between her legs.

"Feel that? Does that answer your question? That's it...have a good feel...that's mostly that horny old prick's cum oozing out...although I'm sure there is still some of Johnny's cum mixed in with it too, seeing I didn't get a chance to wash it all out before you came back from fishing!"

Rebecca held his warm hand there for a few moments longer before she released him -- but her husband kept his hand there, still feeling her.

"Like to know if I came too?" she said vehemently, "Hey...like to know that too, would you?"

Doug was lost for words -- his hand still feeling Rebecca's swollen and gooey pussy. He never heard his wife talk like this before and he felt certain she was now even taunting him.

"Twice Doug...hear me? Twice with the old man! But that young creep...he was like a machine, Doug...you don't want to know how many times he made me come, do you." Rebecca said angrily.

Rebecca reached over and felt her husband's groin -- he had an erection! She rubbed it through the outside of his shorts, his hand was still on her pussy, stroking her.

You wanna do me too, do you? Shoot another load of semen into me to add to the cocktail?" she suggested crudely, "Yeah...that's it...stick your fingers in. Feel different? It probably should...that big bastard Tom is not called Big Tom because of his beer belly, I can tell you!"

Rebecca deftly undid her husband's pants, releasing his hard penis and spread her legs wider at the same time trying to pull him onto her.

"Well...you might as well do it! Go on!" Rebecca sneered, as she pulled her singlet up to expose her sensitive nipples to the night air.

Doug knew that he had said the wrong thing to his wife making her uncharacteristically angry; he knew he should have removed his hand from her thrusting groin and just let her calm down. But a primal urge empowered him -- he could not fight the instinct to take back what was rightfully his and he made his move.

"Yep...that's it...go on...put it in!" Rebecca cajoled as her husband rolled on top of her.

Without any further hesitation he lined himself up and barely noticed any resistance to his prodding cock as it slipped in to her sodden hole. With urgency he began to fuck her -- and Rebecca wrapped her legs around his back, drawing him in as far as he could go.

"Like it? Hmm...go on...bang it in...go on you bastard...use me too!" Rebecca said, egging him on like a tramp.

Doug could not control himself, he thrust himself in only several times more before he stiffened up between his wife's legs and pushed in as far as he could. Rebecca continued to thrust her hips back at him lustily.

"Did you come? Did you come already! Christ, Doug that was quick!" Rebecca said frustratingly.

Doug collapsed onto her chest and whispered in her ear, "I'm sorry."

"Sorry! You've never come that quickly! What was it...the feeling of the other men's cum in me, hey? Hmm...did you really get off on it?"

"I...I dunno, sorry Bec," Doug said, feeling humiliated at his own inadequacy.

Rebecca lowered her legs and allowed her husband to roll off from her. She did not know what to think anymore -- but soon she fell asleep alongside her husband.


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Doug awoke the next morning to a cacophony of birds in the mango trees. For a moment he had felt like he had merely experienced a bad dream -- but it was short-lived and the stark reality of the previous night brought him a heightened state of anxiety.

Feeling under the blankets beside him, he was suddenly alarmed when he discovered his wife was not there!

"Bec!" he called.

Listening, he noticed that the generator was finally silent and for a brief moment when the noisy birds flew to another tree, he thought he heard a door close.

Quickly, Doug dressed, left the tent and walked toward the donga. Just as he neared the side door to the dining room he heard the shower running in the small ablutions shed a couple of metres away and he approached the door, knocking on it softly.

"Bec, are you in there?"

"I'll be out soon...go away please!" she responded, much to Doug's relief.

"Okay...I'll put the kettle on then."

When she didn't answer him, Doug cautiously entered the donga and noticed thankfully that no-one else appeared to be up. After topping up the kettle he flicked a cigarette lighter over the gas stove, lighting it and sat the kettle down.

A minute or two later a sudden urge of nature stirred in him and he headed back outside. Doug walked over to the ablutions shed to go to the toilet that's situated in a rickety cubicle next to the shower and dropping his pants, he sat down and noticed the shower next door was still running. The sides of the shed had been clad in second-hand corrugated iron and Doug soon noticed that there were several old screw holes in a row along one sheet of iron near where he sat.

Out of curiosity, Doug leant over and put an eye to one of the holes peering in to the small room next door.

Rebecca's naked back was only a few hands lengths away from the hole -- and Doug watched the shower water running down her back in curvy rivulets as it wove its way down between her butt cheeks -- to then trickle onto the painted concrete floor between her small feet.

He smiled lovingly, as he watched her while she continued to wash herself with a pink face-washer for a few moments longer. Soon though he was feeling guilty at his sly perving on her and he decided to respect her privacy -- quietly, he moved away from the hole.

At first he thought it was just his imagination, and then he sat very still and listened. There it was again -- just a low murmur, barely audible over the shower running. Doug was just about to ask his wife if she was going to be much longer, when he heard it again -- unmistakable!

Looking back through the hole in the wall, Doug could see Rebecca had turned around and was now letting the shower run down over her breasts. He could not help but notice that her nipples were quite erect and she was standing with her legs apart washing her vagina with the pink face-washer, her face just out of his vision.

Then he heard it again -- a voice from the other side of the small shower stall.

Doug moved along the row of holes to get one that afforded a better angle -- and felt his heart skip a beat!

There, sitting on an old steel-framed kitchen chair that was now used for putting your clothes on when you showered, was old Tom! He was probably no more that a metre and a half from where Rebecca stood showering. Doug swallowed deeply with confusion and his anger rose abruptly.

Then he heard him say something -- something about 'bending' and he would have sworn he heard his wife giggle softly.

Quickly, Doug moved back to the first hole and watched dumbstruck as his wife slowly bent forward till her breasts were only centimetres from where he was looking!

"Open them lovely legs, missy, let me have a good look at that pretty pink slit of yours again..." Doug heard Tom order quite un-mistakenly this time.

Again, Doug moved over to the second screw-hole, and observed as Tom stood up only so as to pull down a dirty old pair of y-fronts -- which appeared to be all that he was wearing!

Doug almost gasped when he saw what the old man had just released! Silently though, Doug watched on in morbid fascination as the old fellow stroked himself to a full erection in a matter of a few moments and then sit himself back down onto the chair.

"Yeah...that sure looks nice...now come over here, pet, there's the girl," Tom said lewdly.

Doug noticed that from the second hole he was able to see Rebecca as well, and he was more than mortified when he saw her straighten-up and step over toward the old man sitting on the chair.

Doug wasn't certain, but he thought he heard his wife whisper something about 'licking'. Big Tom chuckled and nodded then placing his hands around her buttocks, he pulled her toward him, only to bury his whiskered-face between her legs!

Doug watched his wife grip Tom's thick, greying hair and rock and gyrate her pelvis back and forth in earnest while he squeezed and rubbed her buttocks with his big hands.

All too soon, Rebecca let out a series of long mews and cries, while throwing her head back till her long, silky black hair almost touched her bottom. Doug was left with little doubt that his wife had just orgasmed while the old man licked her fervently!

Tom moved his glistening face away from Rebecca's thighs and smiled lasciviously, "Sit down, Pet, would ya."

Doug watched as his wife straddled the old coot, placing one foot on either side of the chair and rested her hands on his broad shoulders. Even in the dim yellow light, Doug could see the old man's cock standing up long and thick with a great dollop of pre-cum glistening on its bulbous knob.

"That's it, Pet, now lower ya self down for me."

Rebecca giggled again, and rubbed her breasts into Tom's face for a few seconds -- then slowly, very slowly, she lowered herself till the tip of his penis was just touching her labia.

Doug wanted to cry out, 'No!' but he felt emasculated with what he was witnessing -- no more than two metres from where he sat.

"Tha's it, sugar, work it in there for me...yep...tha's it...in he goes, baby," Tom chuckled with satisfaction.

Rebecca bent her knees, and wriggled her arse around, lifting herself up a few centimetres, then rocking her pelvis back down again till the old man's cock slowly disappeared inside of her.

"Oooh...Tom, you old devil, we might have to finish this off when my husband goes fishing again!" Rebecca groaned as she began to fuck the old man slowly, feeling every ripple of his thick penis as it squeezed past her tight entrance.

"Jus' a bit longer, hey? Jus a bit longer...tha's it, pet...good Lord, I feel like I'm being milked!" Tom groaned ecstatically.

Doug's head was spinning. He watched them slowly screw for about another minute or so before his wife eased herself off Tom's great slug, leaving it to plop down onto his hairy belly, glistening with her juices. Then, stepping to one side, she reached over to the back of the door to retrieve her towel from a hook and began to dry herself off.

Sighing, Doug, having totally lost the urge that brought him to the toilet in the first place, rose up to raise his pants and left the toilet cubicle quietly then returned to the donga to find the kettle steaming away madly as it boiled.

He made himself a strong coffee and sat it on the table in the dining room, then went to the door and called out to Rebecca.

"I'm coming, Doug...would you make me a coffee too please," she responded almost instantly.

What could have been a double meaning was not lost on Doug, and as if to make him feel worse, he was almost sure he had heard a soft chuckle emanate from the small shed, too.

Sitting by the table sipping his coffee -- waiting for his wife, Doug was soon joined by Craig, who had just arisen. Doug looked up at the other man and nodded, acknowledging his presence. It was the first time he had seen him without his shirt on and he could not help but notice the tattoos that almost covered Craig's upper-arms and chest. With his bald head and long greying beard, a bunch of gold earrings and a generally snarly countenance, Doug thought he looked to be the roughest looking of the three. Funnily enough, he had to admit to himself, he felt Craig had been the friendliest to him for some reason.

As the two of them exchanged pleasantries of sorts, Rebecca walked in through the doorway and greeted them both with a demure smile. She had a simple black skirt on and a white tee-shirt that was partially see-through, her bikini top was plainly evident beneath the top.

She sat down next to her husband and took the pro-offered cup of coffee and sipped it slowly a few times without saying a word.

Doug thought she looked embarrassed. If she only knew!

"So...what are you fellows doing today?" Rebecca asked, finally breaking the ice. "Fishing by any chance?"

"Mornin' all. I've got a plan for today."

Startled, Doug looked around and was surprised to see Tom standing by the doorway to the kitchen.

"Morning," Rebecca replied, without looking up at him.

"Yep...listen, when that lazy little shit Johnny gets up you three fella's can head off an' do the honours of fillin' the freezer a bit more without me, orright? I'm gonna stay back 'ere t'day...godda bitta work I need ta catch up on."

"I...I might stay here too, I think," Doug stammered nervously.

"Nup...not an option! You'se 'ere ta fish and it'd be good ta have that fuckin' freezer filled again for when Cranky gets his arse back 'ere."

Rebecca reached over and placed her hand on her husband's, "I'll be okay...you go and have some fun," she said reassuringly.


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Less than an hour later, Doug was in the aluminium boat with Craig and Johnny heading back up the broad expanse of the lagoon. His face was pale with anxiety at leaving his wife back at the camp with Tom.

"So numb-nuts, did ya good wife tell ya all about her root last night?" Johnny asked condescendingly.
Doug ignored him.

Johnny laughed, "She show ya her cunt full of sprog...hey...did she? Fucken get orf on it did ya, fuck-nose?"

"Give it a rest, would ya Johnny! Be a fucking long day otherwise," Craig growled over the drone of the outboard he was helming.

Rebecca looked up at the old man, she could see he would have been quite handsome in his day and thought he now resembled a slightly overweight Sean Connery -- sort of. The big table barely rocked, which surprised her, as she lay there with her legs drawn up. She could just make out the noise of the outboard as it slowly faded off into the distance. The old man had wasted very little time, she thought to herself.

"Oooh...oooh...not too hard...Tom...geez...there's no race!"

Tom looked back down at the pretty woman on the table, her skirt pulled up around her waist and her little g-string stretched to one side. He plunged his thick cock into her again and again with quite some force. It gave him a lewd pleasure to see the occasional look of discomfort on her face -- like right at that moment, as she rolled her eyes around and tossed her head from side to side, flicking out her hair wildly, while her small hands were trying desperately to get a purchase on either side of the table.

"You likin' this now I reckon...ugh...ugh...hey? Like ol'Tom's fat cock don'cha...ugh...ugh? Gonna get a couple more of these in before them boys get back, too....ugh...ugh...how's that grab ya?"

Rebecca's eyes glazed over, her mouth dropped open and she grunted loudly with each of his long thrusts. She reached up and pulled her tee-shirt and bikini top up, exposing her jiggling breasts.

"S...suck...suck on them...bite them...it'll make me come quicker!" she said hoarsely.

Tom readily obliged.

It had to be one of the longest days of Doug's life; he worried constantly about his wife and what she could possibly be doing with the old man back at the camp. He actually wished he had never discovered the peep-hole through to the shower that morning as he would have preferred to think his wife was an unwilling participant in anything that may have happened in his absence.

Of course the young bastard, Johnny liked to remind him of the situation whenever he could, till Craig threatened to clout him if he persisted!

Now they were finally returning to the camp. The days catch was less than impressive -- probably because Tom was not there and Johnny's lack of effort most of the time.

It had just gotten dark and walking up to the donga Doug could hear the generator and noticed the lights on inside. He walked up to the wire door with trepidation and could see Tom sitting by the table in his usual spot nursing a large glass of red wine -- but Rebecca was not in sight!

"Ya back then, hey," Tom slurred, "get ya self a fuckin' drink, me boy...gotta tell ya sumpin."

Doug felt his skin crawl and his stomach tighten in fear, "Where's Bec? What have you done to her?" he spat out.

"Nuffin...nuffin I ain't already done to 'er, me boy," Tom answered sardonically, "but I tell ya what...fuck she likes a cock!"

Doug glared at the old man with deep hatred; if he had a gun at that moment he knew he would have used it!

"Yep, Dougie, a fuckin' real cock though! Fuck me, does she go orf! Like a fuckin' firecracker, boy!"

The other two walked in the room and got themselves a warm can of beer straight out of the carton sitting near the table.

"Made a couple a mod's while you was gone," Tom said cryptically. "Hey, Bec me lil'darlin', come in 'ere would ya! Ya hubby's back."

Doug looked toward the doorway to the kitchen anxiously -- and moments later Rebecca appeared. Doug gasped at her appearance!

Rebecca smiled feebly at her husband as she stood there with her hands covering her chest.

"Hey pet, don'cha be shy now...put them hands down would ya. We've all seen ya pretty titties now!" Tom ordered patronisingly.

Closing her eyes, Rebecca slowly lowered her arms from her bare breasts, wobbling on her legs slightly. Her long hair looked unkempt and hung over her shoulders, almost to her breasts. Doug scrutinised his wife and thought she looked unkept. Almost instantly he noticed what appeared to be several bite marks on each of her breasts and he felt his anger rise again.

"Fuck me...looks like you had a good feed while we been gone, Uncle!"

"Ya like ta have ya titties bit, don'cha," Tom chuckled, "Come over 'ere, me girl."

Obediently, Rebecca complied and stood next to Tom. It was then that Doug noticed her black skirt was somehow different -- it looked much shorter. He looked again and could see why -- it had been cut or possibly torn around the hem and was now no more than fifteen centimetres long in total, it looked more like a belt than a skirt and did little to offer his wife any modesty.

"Like it?" not waiting for an answer, Tom continued, "Well waddaya think of this!" lifting the front of her tattered skirt.

Doug felt himself shake at the sight.

"Looks good, Uncle, not that she 'ad much fucken hair down there anyways!"

"Yep...give 'er a bit of a trim for ya...stop all that sprog from getting stuck in it."

Doug looked down at his wife's nudity for several more seconds, it was not just her smooth mound that rattled him -- sitting so close, he could clearly see that her vagina looked swollen, her normally delicate pink inner labia were a darkened colour and protruded well past her puffy outer lips. Doug looked away, still shaking.

"Whad about you, Craig? Like it? 'Ere give it a feel...all fuckin' smooth now," Tom suggested.

"I'll be right, thanks."

"What! You a fuckin' queer or sumthin'?" Tom enquired in disbelief.

Rebecca stood there feeling humiliated. She had been fucked and was still quite horny -- she was not too sure how much white wine she had actually drank that afternoon, but funnily enough, she felt she needed another one at that instant.

"No, I'm not fucking queer, Tom! I'm fucking married you know!" Craig retorted.

"Yep, an' so was Elton fuckin' John!" Tom laughed heartily, smacking Rebecca's bare backside.

"Hey Bec, I want ya ta take me good friend 'ere into me room an' come back an' tell me if he's a fuckin' queer or not," Tom said lewdly.

She looked at him blankly, her skirt still pulled up around the top of her hips, while the old man rubber her backside.

"Go on then!" he ordered, smacking her bum again.

Rebecca looked down at her husband -- he had his head lowered toward the table and said nothing. She looked over at Johnny -- he smiled at her, obviously enjoying every moment of the situation. Then she looked at Craig -- he didn't look so mean to her now, she thought, he actually looked quite apprehensive, too.

She took a step toward Craig and held out her hand -- what's one more now, she thought to herself, and who knows, maybe he was gay.

Craig looked back up at the woman standing almost naked in front of him; he guessed her to be a few years younger than his own wife, Anne, who was now forty-six. Anne had piled the weight on the last few years and she was now easily twenty kilo's overweight. Rebecca was a far more attractive option he deduced with little difficulty.

"Yeah, what the heck," Craig said, reaching up for the pro-offered hand.

"Do 'im good, pet, do 'im good wont'cha!" Tom said smugly, watching them walk out of the room together.

"Dougie...you look like ya need a drink Tom suggested, "Don't worry man...it's only a bit a sex...'er heart's still all yours!"

Several minutes later -- Doug took another long swig out of his can of beer; he could clearly hear the rhythmic squeaking of the old iron bed in the next room -- and the occasional grunt.

"Why? Tom, why did you do this to us?" Doug asked.

Tom looked at him, "Ya listening ta that in there, aren't cha? Craig's fuckin' her pretty little cunt now...jus' like Johnny over there 'as...an' me too of course!" Tom took a mouthful of wine, "Dougie...if I ain't already told ya... fuck man, your missus likes a dick! How in the fuck have you kept 'er happy is fuckin' beyond me!" Tom took a great gulp of his wine, spilling some down his old khaki shirt, "Why, Dougie? I'll tell ya 'why', because we can!"

The noises in the next room where intensifying, Doug tried to block it out but it was useless and he kept focusing not only on the loud grunts of Craig's, but on his own wife's cries of obvious pleasure. The bed thumped hard against the wall several times then stopped suddenly. It had all taken probably less than five minutes.

"Whaddabout you young fella? Wanna go give 'er one too, while she's hot ta trot?" Tom asked his young nephew.

"Dunno, Uncle, dunno...reckon her cunt'll be all fucken stretched out by now!"

"Hey, Dougie, does ya wife like it up the arse?" Tom teased.

Doug flinched at the crude suggestion.

Less than a minute later Craig walked back into the dining room pulling up his pants.

"Well, whadda ya reckon, hey?" Tom asked him.

Craig looked at the back of Doug's downcast head then back to Tom, "Yeah...she's alright," he said laconically, then looked back at Doug, "No offence Dougie, but she does fuck back you know...it wasn't like she didn't want to do it with me or anything."

Moments later Rebecca walked briskly through the dining room and headed for the side door, her naked backside wriggling provocatively beneath the sliver of tattered skirt.

"I'm having a shower and going to bed...that's enough for one day...goodnight everybody," she said clearly as she stepped outside, letting the door slam shut behind her.

"Well, lad, it don't look like you gonna be stickin' ya cock up her arse tonight, does it?" Tom sblackmaned.

Doug sat up drinking with them again for a few hours saying barely a word all evening. When old Tom finally passed-out on the table, Doug took his cue and headed out to his tent and to Rebecca.

It was a warmish night and when his eyes had adjusted to the dark he noticed Rebecca was laying on her back on top of the sleeping bag -- completely naked! Her right hand was resting upon her pussy, her legs spread apart slightly.

"I've been waiting for you..."

Doug was instantly startled, he had expected his wife to be sound asleep!

"Bec, what are you doing awake still?" he said, looking down at her.

"Like I said, Doug, I've been waiting...don't you want to know what happened to me today?"

Doug swallowed deeply but said nothing, he was not too sure if she was going to argue with him or what.

"Well?" she said provocatively, reaching over to her husband's thigh and stroking him.

Doug felt himself becoming aroused at her touch. A movement caught his eye and he looked down toward her other hand nestled between her legs. She was clearly rubbing herself -- her legs opening wider at the same time.

"Rebecca, honey...are you alright? What's happened to you?" he said alarmed just as she began to fumble around for his shorts fly.

"That tattooed one, Doug, he's definitely not gay...I can assure you...gave me a nice little bang...not hung like old Tom though, just average...bit like yours...maybe thicker though," Rebecca volunteered, finally releasing her husband's stiff penis.

"Bec, you're worrying me!"

"Oh, Doug, what choice did I have? I'm sort of okay with it...if you're okay?" she went on, not waiting for his thoughts, "But, Doug, Tom's right you know, something weird has awakened inside of me...I...I feel like not only that I can't stop him...but, Doug...I don't want too stop him either!" Rebecca sighed wistfully.

Doug was speechless; never in all their years of marriage had Rebecca even remotely showed signs of -- well, promiscuous behaviour. "Come on, lover...get on me...get on me and do me too!"

Somewhat dazed, though not just from being a bit drunk, he moved as if in a dreamlike state. His growing desire for his wife overwhelmed any sense of reasoning he had, and he removed his shorts the rest of the way and positioned himself between his wife's inviting thighs.

"Doug...I don't care if you come too quickly again...I've had that many orgasms already today," she whispered dreamily, "Goodness me, Doug, did you see what that old bastard did to my good skirt!"

Of course he had seen that triviality -- but what really concerned him was what the old prick had done to his wife's diminutive vagina, and as Doug slipped himself into her pussy -- quite effortlessly, her moist heat engulfed his penis all the way down to his scrotum. He moved slowly, savouring the wonderful feeling of being between his wife's loins again -- regardless of how well she had been used.

"Doug...they've all...they've all fucked me now...do you...do you mind?" she stammered softly, "We've got probably two more days here still...do you know who's staying back here tomorrow with me?"

"What! Rebecca, you sound as if you're looking forward to it? Christ Almighty! I don't frigging well believe this...you're sounding like...like a whore!" Doug exclaimed.

"Get over it, Doug!" she snapped back, "Face up to the reality would you!"

Doug stopped fucking her and removed his cock. Without a word, he rolled Rebecca onto her stomach and pulled her hips upwards, only to reposition himself behind her. He knew what they would be doing to her soon -- it was only a matter of time, he was going to be the first!

"Doug!" Rebecca cried, "Oooh, Doug, gawd slowly...umph...that's it...gawd that feels really weird...oooh....but in a nice way..."

Doug prised his wife's buttocks apart and watched his slick penis disappear into her anus -- something he knew neither of them had ever experienced before -- the feeling was so amazing that he barely moved his cock for fear of ejaculating too soon.

While her husband screwed her anus ever so tenderly, Rebecca's thoughts focused on what may happen to her the following day -- what if two of them wanted her at once, she wondered?

"Go on Doug, try going a bit faster, it does feel good you know...that's better...ung...ung..." Rebecca grunted, "Doug! Not already...I was just starting to enjoy that!" Rebecca sighed despondently.

"Sorry...it just felt too good...sorry..." Doug said a little pathetically, his cock pulsing rapidly as the last drops of his semen dribbled into his wife's anus.

"It's alright...really...you took my cherry, Doug, and that's beautiful."

They collapsed onto the thin camp-mattress together, without another word spoken between them.

Doug went to sleep with a sense of satisfaction at what he had just done with his wife -- no one could take that from him now.


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Rebecca, on the other hand, had her mind racing from the days events to what may happen the following day. An instant convert -- she was looking forward to trying anal again -- but harder, much harder next time. Maybe Craig, she thought, not Tom, no way, he would certainly tear her, but the boy? Mmmm...maybe, she thought. Her pussy tingled with a mind of its own at her wicked thoughts. Yes that's it; somehow she would encourage the boy to give her recently broken-in butt-hole a thorough fucking! Would probably not take too much encouragement, she surmised lasciviously.

Smiling to herself, Rebecca began to fall asleep while rubbing her breasts, still sore from where old Tom had repeatedly bitten them, much to her delight at the time. The next evening she guessed she could be pleasantly sore elsewhere. What else could they possibly do to her in the next two days before her friend Susan and Cranky turned up!

Her mind absolutely boggled at the thought...
* * *


Only silence.

"Rebecca, you awake still?" Johnny asked, but he still got no response.

The young man had gone outside not long after Doug had left them to go to his tent. He had waited in the shadows of one of the mango trees out of the moonlight for a few minutes and listened to the murmurings of Doug and his wife, Rebecca, talking softly.

Then only a few moments after Johnny had noticed them stop talking together, he moved in closer to the tent, very quietly, and listened again. The sound was unmistakable; Rebecca was getting fucked by her husband!

Johnny managed to position himself so as to be able to see through the insect-screened entrance of the small tent. With the second doorway on the opposite end of the tent in an identical situation, no doubt for better ventilation on the warm evening, he was able to see quite clearly as Rebecca moved onto her knees and with her husband kneeling in behind her.

Johnny was surprised at how quick her lame husband, Dougie, had been and he had almost burst out laughing when he had heard Rebecca complain to her husband that he was too quick. That was until he overheard them talking softly again -- and then the penny dropped -- Rebecca had just taken it up the arse! And from what Johnny could figure, it was her first time!

The young man's loins had stirred almost instantly at the discovery -- he wanted to be next to fuck her pretty arse!

Waiting quietly for a few more minutes, Johnny soon could hear the deep, regular breathing of Doug as he slept, and he had sblackmaned to himself in contempt of the older man in the tent whose wife they had all been fucking for the last couple of days. "Just a fucken cuckold now, ya piss-weak wimp," Johnny had whispered to himself.

"Psst...Rebecca, hoy, ya hear me?"

"Hmm...who...who's that?" Rebecca answered him dreamily.

"Ya boy-lover, sweetheart."

"What...what do you want?"

"Me ol'uncle wants ta speak to ya for a few minutes," Johnny lied, moving in closer to the doorway of the tent and reaching for the zipper.

"Can't it wait till the morning, Johnny?" Rebecca asked softly as she pulled up a sheet to cover her nudity.

Johnny slowly unzipped the fly-screen doorway, his eyes focusing on Rebecca as she lay next to her sleeping husband with just her head and shoulders exposed from beneath the bed-sheet.

"Go away...please, I'm tired...I...I don't want to come back inside," Rebecca whispered, "And don't wake Doug...Johnny, stop it!"

The young man, having opened the tent, moved in to reach for Rebecca and had grabbed her hand.

"I don't give a fuck if I wake ol'Quick-Draw up...if you don't wanna wake him; get your arse out here!" Johnny said with some emphasise.

Rebecca wondered for a moment what he had meant by calling her husband that -- and then she realised, "Were you listening, you bastard?"

"Wasn't much to listen too...fuck he's a laymo," Johnny responded, pulling on her hand, "Come on, before I give him a jab in the ribs!"

"Oooh alright," Rebecca sighed, "Let me put something on first."

A smile crossed the young man's face at his easily-won victory and he let her hand go, but stayed just inside the doorway, watching her.

Rebecca sighed again; it was obvious the young man was not leaving without her and she let the sheet fall from her shoulders so as to reach inside her small bag for some fresh clothes.

Johnny's eyes feasted on her lovely breasts -- they were superb he thought, probably the best he had seen in a long time, almost perfect. And although her nipples now stood only partially erect, they were still long and large, just outstanding for an older woman.

He looked down at the sleeping form of Doug with his back turned to his wife, as she rummaged around for some clothes, and Johnny sniffed disdainfully at him -- then he reached over and placed his hand over one of her breasts, rubbing it firmly.

"Do you mind?" Rebecca growled softly, but making no attempt to push his hand away.

Johnny smiled, tweaking her nipple and teasing it till it grew hard -- he was tempted to take it in his mouth and suck on it greedily, but he knew he should wait and he removed his hand from the warm flesh.

"Thankyou," she said tartly.

Rebecca pulled out a light-weight dress with patterns of black hibiscus flowers over a white background and slipped it over her head and down past her breasts. Glancing down at her husband, she then knelt and lowered the hem down over her hips. It was not too short, probably the most modest of her collection of clothes that she had brought along for the week of fishing. It fitted her well and without all the buttons fastened up the front, her suntanned cleavage stood out invitingly.

"I'll be out in a minute," Rebecca said softly to her audience.

She then pulled out a damp face-washer from her toiletries-bag, and reaching between her thighs, she mopped-up some of her husband's sperm that oozed out from her recently-fucked anus.

Johnny moved out from the tent and turned back toward Rebecca, just as she slipped a clean pair of g-strings on her legs and wriggled them up under her dress. Fuck, she was a sexy bitch, he thought to himself as he watched her finish dressing.

Taking a quick glance at her husband's sleeping form; Rebecca crept out the tent to where the young man awaited her and followed him cautiously back up to the donga.

The generator was off, Rebecca noticed, probably out of fuel again she surmised. A small gas lantern illuminating the 'dining room' hung from a hook in the rafters above the large table. Looking in, Rebecca was surprised to see Big Tom was leaning over the table, apparently fast asleep. The tattooed one, Craig, was slumped in a chair against the wall and he looked up at them both amusingly when they entered the room.

"He's asleep, Johnny, doesn't look like he wants to speak to me at all!" Rebecca noted with a tone of annoyance.

"Did he just fuck you up the arse?"


"Limp-dick, ya hubby, did he just stick his little dick up ya butt?" Johnny clarified smugly.

"Look I'm tired, Johnny, I'm going back to bed, and please do not disturb me again!" Rebecca said as she turned on her heel and headed for the door again.

Johnny reached for her arm just as she brushed past and pulled her back toward him, "You can stay in 'ere tonight, fuck goin' back to ya tent. It'll be heaps more comfortable on me uncles bed...don't look like he's gunna use it now anyway."

Rebecca tried half-heartedly to breakaway from the firm grip of the young man, then stood almost motionless, her head downcast as he turned her around to face him.

"Give us a kiss," Johnny said to her, one hand around her slim waist and the other holding her chin up toward his face.

"I...I don't want to...I don't want to kiss you. I want to go," Rebecca said timidly.

Johnny reached down to her buttocks and pulled the hem of her dress upwards, exposing her voluptuous buttocks only a metre away from Craig, and squeezed a cheek firmly.

"You are gunna kiss me, and fucken properly too...and then when I'm good an' hard...which won't be fucken long...I'm gonna bend you over the table 'ere...and you know what then?"

Rebecca shook her head, more out of denial than otherwise. She suddenly felt trapped again -- the young man truly frightened her at times.

Johnny squeezed her bottom and prised her g-string down over her hips, sblackmaning, "Then...then I'm gonna fuck this pretty fucken arse of yours as well!" he stated before closing his mouth over hers.

Doug awoke with a dreaded sense of unease. It took several moments for him to get his wits together -- but then it all came back -- he knew where he was and the nightmare was real!

He reached over for Rebecca for some comfort.

"Bec!" he called in alarm, although his tone was somewhat lowered, "Bec, where are you?"

Doug looked at his watch, it was half past two. Her side of the thin mattress was cold and a sense of panic rose from the pit of his stomach at his onerous discovery.

"Calm down," he told himself, "It was just the dream; she has probably just gone to the loo."

And he waited and he listened.

He noted the generator was off and the night was still. A curlew screamed out its eerie call in the distance several times and was answered by its mate seconds later -- then it was quiet again -- except -- except for a barely discernible rhythmic thumping.

Doug strained his ears to focus on the noise -- but he could not be sure of its direction. Maybe the donga, he thought to himself.

Discernibly worried about his wife's absence, he slipped his shorts back on and quietly left the tent

The closer he walked toward the donga -- the more noticeable the noise was -- and it was definitely coming from the donga.

Doug could not see any light on in the dining room -- but a beam of yellowish light emanated from a small window not more that four metres from the dining room door -- Tom's bedroom.

Doug heard a chuckle and a male voice murmur something -- then the thumping started again.

Doug now recognised the sound -- he had heard it earlier in the evening and his anxiety rose instantly at the recent memory.

He moved down the dark path toward the window and surreptitiously, he looked inside.

There was a gas lantern sitting on an old chest of drawers near the side of Tom's bed, it cast an even light on the occupants and Doug felt his anger seethe up inside of him at his discovery!

His wife was kneeling on the bed, leaning on her elbows -- naked -- most of her long dark hair hung loosely past her shoulders as her head bobbed back and forth. Craig was kneeling in front of her with his back toward the window -- he was also naked. He had a small clump of her pretty hair in one hand and his other hand was behind her head holding her. Although Doug could not see the detail, it was plainly obvious she was giving him head.

But if that was not bad enough -- almost standing behind her, but with his knees bent -- was that young bastard, Johnny. He had a look of the utmost gratification on his face as he held Rebecca's buttocks firmly, and using the strength of his legs, was lowering himself up and down -- quite unhurriedly, his long, slick penis disappearing between the cleft of her cheeks for a few seconds, and then reappearing briefly, only to plunge back inside her again!

Now almost completely enraged, Doug looked around for a weapon! And he remembered the filleting knives up where they cleaned the fish. He would fix the bastards, he thought angrily!

Of course Doug wanted to surprise them, as he knew he was going to have to take all three of the men out -- so quietly, he snuck up toward the filleting table some ten metres away.

Doug picked up one of the knives and flexed its blade -- and then he hesitated -- he began to shake with nervous apprehension at what he was going to do!

"Probably go to jail," he mumbled to himself, "But it'll be worth it...won't it?"

And then he started having second thoughts. Maybe, just maybe the courts would not be all that kind to him. And what would happen if one of them survived to give his side of the story -- what then? And what if it got out that he had done nothing while standing outside listening to old Tom fuck her in the kitchen -- or when Craig took her into the bedroom for a quickie? Or if his wife confessed to letting him have sex with her after "doing" them, her pussy still oozing their come! What then?

"And what about if I don't get to them first?" Doug's heart beat rapidly with fear, as he realised he was unsure of where Big Tom was -- and then suddenly he lost all his nerve. He could not bare the thought of leaving them to do as they all pleased with his wife, possibly even kill her too when they had finished with her. No, there had to be a better way?

Putting the knife back down, Doug snuck back down toward the window, noticing the bed continued to thump against the wall. His legs, shaking perceptibly from the intense surge of adrenalin he had just experienced, could barely carry him as he snuck back stealthily to his earlier vantage point.

Standing in the shadows, Doug looked back inside. His wife was now holding Craig's stiff penis in her right hand, stroking him back and forth rapidly, her lips only centimetres away from his glistening purple knob. Johnny, still behind her, had increased his pace, and was thrusting himself against her upturned bottom.

Doug did not want to acknowledge it at first, but it was undeniable, his wife was pushing her buttocks back against the young man with almost as much urgency -- but if that was not enough proof of her infidelity -- her vocal encouragement confirmed it for certain!

"That's it...fuck it, Johnny...gawd it feels good....aarh...aarh, I'm coming...that's it...oooh my don't fucking stop...it feels sooo good!"

Doug stood almost trembling as he listened to his wife's cries of pleasure -- and he felt his bile rise in his oesophagus. His jealousy was rising too of course -- but he was totally ashamed of himself when he felt his own penis growing hard at the carnal scene he was now witnessing.

Briefly rubbing his hard penis through his shorts, he watched as his wife's orgasm washed over her. It was of course quite unmistakable, as he had seen it many times before, but certainly never like this!

Her face looked enraptured and she cried out loudly with her release as the youth continued to fuck her madly -- her hand now clasped motionless around the other man's cock as he fondled her breasts.

Then Johnny stopped fucking her!

"Got an idea," he said almost breathlessly.

Doug watched the young man sit back on his haunches, while pulling Rebecca back up till she was almost sitting against him. He repositioned himself so that he was now lying on the bed with his feet toward the window, and Rebecca was sitting on him, also facing the window.

"What...what are you trying to do?" she asked meekly.

Johnny reached up for her breasts, and clasping her long, fat nipples between each of his thumb and forefingers, he pulled her back towards him.

"Give that a shot, Craig," the young man suggested lewdly to his friend kneeling before them.

Doug peered in a little closer, finding a small clean area on the pane of glass that gave him an almost perfect view inside -- and his eyes lit up in disbelief!

"Open ya legs for 'im, would ya Bec," Johnny instructed, while he roughly fondled her breasts.

Rebecca did as requested almost immediately, pulling her knees back, but leaving her feet on the bed either side of the youth's hips. Now Doug could clearly see that Johnny's penis was planted firmly inside his wife's anus, and almost to the hilt, her hairless slit puffy but vacant!

Johnny ran a hand down to Rebecca's vagina and peeled her outer labia apart, so as to expose her engorged inner lips that glistened with her copious lubrication. His fingers then worked expertly on her shiny little nub of flesh that protruded from its sheath so beckoningly.

"Come on, man, get ya cock in 'er!"

Craig, still kneeling, moved forward until he was between both Johnny's and Rebecca's legs -- stroking his dick slowly.

Doug was not too sure he could take much more -- he of course now wished he had never awoken to discover what his wife was doing -- but something kept him there -- and he continued to watch almost transfixed!

"Oooh...I don't know...gawd...both of you?" Rebecca asked demurely, while lacking any real resistance to what they had planned for her.

"Ya gonna love it, better'n one cock in ya for sure!" Johnny said.

Rebecca hesitated for a moment, and then lent back on her elbows, throwing her head back so her long hair hung down past the side of Johnny's face. Craig then nestled in between her spread thighs, one hand holding him up from the bed, while his other hand rubbed his penis along her welcoming vagina.

Doug gulped helplessly when he saw the tattooed older man flex his hips forward -- slowly pushing himself into his wife's waiting pussy.

Then looking up at his wife's face, he noticed her eyes open widely in what he took as her surprised pleasure, only to then look directly in to Craig's face, as he withdrew for a few moments, and then pushed his cock back inside her again.

He listened to the two men laugh at their own prowess as they both fucked his pretty wife at the same time -- and Doug felt like his heart had been ripped out of his chest. Then Doug realised he had been rubbing his own hard penis through his shorts, and he sighed deeply with embarrassment; he now felt his humiliation was almost complete.

Looking away, Doug was about to leave when he was startled by a loud voice from inside.

"What the fuck's goin' on in 'ere?" Tom asked gruffly, "Rootin' me new girlfriend without askin'...and on me own fuckin' bed too!"

Doug looked over at the doorway to the bedroom and could see the dominating figure of the old man standing there, hands on his hips, his grey hair a mess and wearing only a pair of shorts that were partly unbuttoned and hung loosely below his large belly.

"Both of ya at the same time?" Tom queried with surprise, "You up 'er clacker are ya young fella?"

Tom stepped into the room and looked at the scene through his bleary eyes a little closer.

"Fuckin' are aren't ya...got ya long tool jammed up 'er pretty little arsehole!" Tom sblackmaned, "You right Bec? I mean ya seem 'appy enough."

The two men screwing her had stopped for the moment and Rebecca looked over at the older man standing next to the bed, "I'm...I'm okay, Tom, they...they haven't hurt me or anything...been pretty gentle even," she said coyly.

"That's good ta 'ear, Luv. But by Christ...ya givin' an ol'boy a fuckin' fat again you sexy thing!" Tom exclaimed, as he dropped his shorts to the ground, exposing his great slug that was rapidly rising as it became engorged with blood.

"You nearly done, Craig me boy?" not waiting for an answer, Tom continued, "Tell ya what, you jump off 'er an' stick ya cock in 'er gob...I'm gonna give 'er a bit of a poke while me young nephew is still up 'er bum."

Rebecca looked over at Tom despairingly, "Oooh....I...I don't know...that might be a bit too much for me...I...I don't...I don't think I could take that..."

But Tom ignored her pleas, he already knew she liked it a bit rough, "Come on, Craig!" he said a little impatiently as he knelt onto the edge of the bed, his penis now almost fully erect.

Doug looked through the window horrified at what he was now witnessing. He had only ever seen a penis as large as Big Tom's in pornographic videos and the knowledge that his wife had already been serviced by the old man and his big cock at least once further demoralised him!

Doug watched Craig slip his cock out of Rebecca -- her pussy was splayed out, puffy and reddened. To his dismay, he detected a wry grin on his wife's face, as she watched the over-weight man move between her legs, his long fat penis jutting out proudly from under his belly.

"Back in the saddle...me little beauty," Tom chuckled as he lowered himself.

"Oooh, steady, Tom...please, not too fast...let me...mmm...let me get used to it first...gawd you're a brute," Rebecca groaned as the old man pushed himself in.

Doug now really thought he would be sick as he watched the big man's hairy buttocks squeeze together as he pushed forward between Rebecca's thighs.
"Go on, Craig me boy, get that dick of yours in 'er pretty mouth would ya...fill 'er up properly!" Tom ordered, "You like ol'Tom's big cock back in ya hole, don'cha, Pet!" he said smugly, as he pushed in a bit more.

But Rebecca could only nod; Craig had positioned himself beside her head and was busily guiding himself back into her mouth.

"So 'ow's it goin' lad, feel me hairy balls bangin' against yours do ya?"

"Your squashin' me, Uncle...I can hardly breath, let alone move...think we gonna have ta try somethin' else!" Johnny grumbled.

Tom ground himself in slowly, a big grin on his face, "Whadda you reckon, Pet?" he asked Rebecca.

Rebecca pushed Craig's penis from her mouth to answer, "Maybe...um, maybe I should get on top of you instead, Tom?"

"Fuckin' top idea, me little vixen, top idea!"

Doug watched Tom slowly lift himself up from between his wife's thighs and then lay down on his back, the full length of his cock was covered in his wife's slick juices and Tom held it vertical in anticipation.

Doug could clearly see Rebecca's vagina was now gaping open almost unnaturally from Tom's recent penetration, and quite captivated, he watched her sit back up from Johnny. Closing her eyes, she lifted herself up until the young man's shaft popped noisily from her anus.

"Come on, Pet, me ol'fella's gettin' cold!" Tom sblackmaned as he watched her kneel astride his hips.

Rebecca reached down and, gripping Tom's ample girth with her diminutive hand, she aimed his fat knob up with her hole, and wiggling her hips around a few times, she eased herself down onto his cock, wincing slightly when he pushed upward to speed things up a bit.

Once comfortable with the large cock insider her pussy, Rebecca leaned forward onto Tom's chest and then tilted her bottom up toward Johnny who was quickly getting into position behind her. Craig was now kneeling near Tom's shoulders and Rebecca reached for his cock to draw him in closer to her face as she licked her full lips ready to suck his handsome shaft again.

Doug shook his head in total disbelief -- there was little doubt in his mind now -- his wife was more than a willing participant -- she was now acting totally wanton with the three men!

Saddened beyond belief at his wife's sudden transformation, Doug took one last painful look at her being thoroughly defiled by the three thugs, and then slunk back to his tent to fall into a fitful sleep, on the verge of tears.


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It was only the emotional exhaustion that had finally allowed Doug to succumb to deep sleep -- and not even the morning ritual of the cacophony of birds in the mango trees had awoken him. It was not until the sun was well up and heating his little tent that he had finally opened his eyes to notice he was in a lather of sweat.

Blinking rapidly, Doug looked over next to himself, no Rebecca! Then the memory of the previous night came flooding back to him -- then he felt like he would vomit!

Doug got out of the tent with great trepidation at what he might soon discover. He thought it was with some blessing that at least they had not hurt his wife, or not in a way that he was aware of. And Doug clutched vainly to the hope that Rebecca's most recent promiscuity was only because of her sense of self-preservation, and not because she had actually enjoyed it!

With a cooling breeze wafting over his bare chest, Doug looked around, he then noticed the boat was gone and was surprised he had not heard it leave.

"Rebecca?" he called out anxiously, walking up to the house, "You there, Hon?"

Then he heard the toilet flush and looking over toward the door as it opened, Doug was relieved to see his wife step outside.

"Um...morning, Doug. Gee, you slept in, you must've been really tired, hey," Rebecca said to her husband brightly.

"Yep, I guess so. Hey, are you okay?"

"Um...yes, why do you ask, Doug?"

"Didn't notice you get up out of bed, that's all. Must have been pretty early, hey?" Doug enquired, not wanting to let on to his wife that he had discovered her missing in the middle of the night; he was curious to see if she was going to volunteer the truth.

"I woke up when they all went fishing a couple of hours ago."

"They've gone? All three of them?"

Rebecca nodded.

Doug looked her over; she had on the hibiscus-patterned dress and sandals. Her hair looked radiant and her green eyes sparkled with life, and he noticed her full lips had a small amount of red lipstick on them.

"You look nice, Bec," Doug said approvingly.

Rebecca smiled, "Thanks."

"Put the make-up on for me?"

"Of course!" Rebecca nodded with spontaneity.

Doug loved his wife still, he thought as he admired her mature beauty and poise.

It was at that instant Doug decided on a plan. And for the next few minutes, he told his wife what they would do to escape their tormentors. He talked feverishly of how he would walk up the few kilometres to where he had seen the lone fisherman camped on the other side of the lagoon, and hopefully attract his attention so he would come over. Doug told her he would tell the man as much as he felt wise to convince him to take them over the other side in his little boat and then drive them back out to the main road on the other more popular track and away from Tom's camp.

"Are you sure you don't just want to wait for Cranky and Susan to get here?" Rebecca had asked him surprisingly.

"I don't want them touching you again, Rebecca!" Doug had almost spat at her, "Do you?" he asked her incredulously.

"Oh, Doug, what do you think I am, for God's sake!" she had retorted, "That was totally uncalled for, you bastard!"

Doug looked at his wife knowingly; he knew his barb had struck. He tried not to think about what he thought she had become but he was surprised at her vehement denial.

Doug was ready in about twenty minutes; he had good boots to walk in and had a couple of litres of water and his hat and backpack. He also carried Rebecca's small vanity mirror in case he needed to use it to attract the other fisherman's attention.

He gave his wife a kiss and a hug before he left and told her he loved her, and then headed off to hopefully find their saviour.

* * *


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This was Fred's first visit to the lagoon; actually it was the first time in his seventy-one years that he had even been to this part of the country!

It was a bit too hot for him, he reasoned, probably a bit too late in the season some of the other 'grey nomads' had told him. But he did not want to stick around his little flat through another dismal winter without his Mildred and so he had headed off around the country some months ago.

Thinking of his recently departed wife saddened him, married for nearly fifty years, and then that blasted cancer!

At least she had gone quickly, he thought, unfortunately too quick for her to join him on the adventure of his lifetime, something he had worked hard and long for, saving what he could over the years.

So here he was, on his own, fishing and camping like a gypsy. He hadn't needed the big caravan after Mildred went, no, just a little trailer behind his small utility. Even the plans for a bigger boat went awry, no need for that either, so he just had a tiny little thing that he was able to manage on his own.

Fred sat down in the shade under the plastic tarp holding his pannikin of tea, sipping ponderously, as he looked over the green waters of the lagoon reminiscing and then he noticed movement in the distance.

"Who's that over there?" he asked himself curiously, "What the blazes is he doing waving at me for?"

Fred didn't move, just watched a bit longer, "Funny place to go for a walk," he mumbled to himself, sipping his tea again.

"By crikey, what the hell is he playing at?" Fred said in alarm as something bright reflected into his eyes several times.

Fred got up and walked down to the edge of the lagoon some fifty metres away from his camp; no sense camping too close to the crocs of course.

Then he could hear the man over the other side call out, something about helping them, an emergency or something?

Fred swore to himself, and then tossed out his tea. He walked over to his little dinghy and pushed it into the water, then stepped into it gingerly, lowering the tiny three-horse power outboard and pulling on the starter cord.

It was probably only a couple of hundred metres or so to the other side; one of the narrowest stretches of the waterway, and did not take too long to putt over there.

When he was quite close to the bank, Fred killed the engine and coasted into the soft bank near the stranger. He noticed the man looked quite young, probably only in his forties, and seemed very pleased to see him.

"So, what's up, young fella?" Fred enquired dubiously.

"Good god, am I glad you came over!" the stranger blurted, "My name's Doug."

"Fred," the old man offered cordially, holding his hand out to shake Doug's, "So what's up?" he asked again.

Doug held the bow line to Fred's little boat and began to explain the predicament he was in.

Fred listened amiably, while he rolled a cigarette casually, nodding his head in acknowledgement every now and then.

"You don't look too knocked about, me boy?" Fred observed drily.

Doug hated being called a boy, "Pardon?"

"Well, if what you say is true, and these three men have been fucking your wife, how is it you haven't got as much as a scratch on you?"

"They...they would have probably killed me if I had tried to intervene!" Doug answered, "The three of them are very intimidating! The sort of men that take what they want!"

"I see," Fred said, lighting his rollie, "And your wife, how's she?" he asked, taking a drag, "Give her a beating?"

"She's okay...I mean...she had no choice, it was no use fighting them...we were all alone...we could not get away. Can you help us please? I'll pay you of course."

"They all do your wife a few times did they?" Fred pried, almost contemptuously.

Doug looked down at the old man sitting smugly in his little boat sneeringly at what he took as an insult.

"Well...did they?" Fred persisted, detecting a weakness in the younger man.

"Seeing you're not answering, I guess they did, huh?" Fred correctly surmised, "Tell you what, two hundred to drive you and your wife out to the main road," he offered, although not really needing the money, he was in need of some company.

Doug nodded eagerly in agreement.

"But one more thing...if I like the look of your wife...I wouldn't mind having a few minutes alone with her too," Fred added as he smiled shrewdly.

Doug could not believe his ears! What was the old coot suggesting? "Three hundred, Fred."

"Not interested," Fred said firmly, "Let me line go would you thanks, Doug, I'm going back to me camp."

Fred turned to start his outboard, "Hope they don't wear your wife out before your friends pick you up, lad!"

"Just a look...and only when we get to the highway," Doug countered, still holding the bow line.

Fred looked around at Doug and smiled, "Thought you'd see it my way, me boy."

Rebecca heard the little outboard getting closer to where she was sitting by the bank under a shady Lily-Pilli. Doug had been gone for nearly two hours, and it was with a sense of relief when the little boat finally came into view with her husband on board.

Rebecca did not know too much about boats, but even she could tell there was very little freeboard with the two men on board. It was pretty obvious they would not be able to fit three on together without the risk of sinking -- not a good idea in crocodile-infested waters.

Doug hopped out and introduced her to the old man still sitting in the boat. He then proceeded to tell her the plan; how she would go with Fred back to his camp first while he packed their things, and then Fred would return for him.

It all sounded okay to Rebecca, almost too good to be true!

While the old man waited with his boat, Doug asked her to walk up with him partway to their tent.

When they were both some forty metres away, and just out of Fred's view, Doug told her the catch.

"You have to be joking, Doug, him! That little old man! What do you really take me for now?" Rebecca asked in disgust.

"Look, of course I am not going to let the old prick do anything to you. When we are back on the highway, what's he going to do?" Doug reassured her, "I'm sure I can handle him, have some faith!"

* * *

Fred sat holding the tiller steady, as he navigated back toward his camp, checking out the dark-haired woman sitting not more than half-a-metre from him, her long hair flowing in the apparent wind.

It had been a long time since he had been with a woman -- really been with a woman. Mildred had gone off sex more than a decade before her death, which had been a bone of contention for them both as Fred's sex-drive had diminished very little in nearly thirty years, and even now he still masturbated at least twice a week.

He could smell Rebecca's sweet aroma wafting back toward him and it was making his wrinkly old cock grow hard. He had noticed her pretty eyes too; most unusual for a raven-haired woman to have hazel-eyes, almost green even, he had thought. Yes, she was far more attractive than what he had envisaged.

"So, been a bit rough for you, has it my dear?" Fred enquired.

Rebecca looked around at him, "Um...I'll be okay, I guess."

"Doesn't look like they hurt you or anything?"

The only marks on her were on her breasts where Tom had bitten them lustily, "No, they didn't beat me, if that is what you mean?"

"Sort of willing then were you, maybe?"

Rebecca looked at the old man and frowned, "Excuse me?"

"Well, I'm a bit confused; in the first instance, why would anyone want to take their attractive young wife to a fishing-camp in the middle of nowhere is beyond me; but secondly, to take her where she would be the only female amongst some desperados whom haven't seen a woman in many weeks?"

Fred waited for a response, but Rebecca said nothing.

"Do you think your husband may have set it up?" looking at her intensely.

"You have to be joking; my husband has always been protective of me!" Rebecca said angrily, "He would never do such a thing!"

Rebecca was quiet for a moment; the seed had been planted; what if he had set it up? No, never!

"They raped me!" she went on defensively, "The young one is crazy, he raped me first!" Rebecca continued, rubbing her neck where Johnny had grabbed her the afternoon he had found her sunbaking topless.

Fred continued to look at her; she was quite pretty, even when she was mad, he noted.

Several minutes later he killed the engine and they glided up to the low bank by his camp. Fred stepped out into the shallows and pulled his dinghy in closer so Rebecca could get out a little easier. He then tied his bow line up to a small tree and proceeded to walk up toward his camp.

"What are you doing?" Rebecca asked.

Fred turned around, "I'm going to put the billy on, my dear."

"But my husband, you are meant to go back and pick up my husband?"

"Oh yes, soon," the old man nodded, "Like to get to know you a bit better first."

"What do you mean?"

"Didn't that husband of yours tell you he had bargained your virtues with me? Part of the 'escape to freedom' deal?"

Rebecca looked at the thin old man aghast, "Not...that's not until you drive us both out of here!"

Fred laughed, he held all the chips now, "Do you think I came down in the last shower, young lady?" he asked whimsically, "Once I have driven you both out to the highway am I to expect you to lay down in the front seat of my car and spread your legs for me in gratitude, all the while with your husband watching?"

Rebecca suddenly felt duped.

"No, my dear, I will take payment now...or I do not even go fetch your husband!" Fred informed her matter-of-factly as he prepared his cup of tea, thoroughly enjoying himself.

"Don't be so mean, Fred, a deal is a deal," Rebecca said apprehensively, "When you get us out, that was the deal."

Fred looked back at her; she looked forlorn clutching at the front of her pretty white dress with the flowers on it, "So are you agreeing to pulling up that pretty dress and spreading your lovely tanned legs for me...once we get to the highway?"

"I...I thought it was just a look...you just wanted a look?" Rebecca asked as his intentions became clearer.

"That what your hubby said?" Fred sblackmaned, "He didn't tell you everything then, did he?"

Rebecca looked back at the dinghy despairingly, she was probably now in a worse predicament than before!

"Well, you have a think about it, I've got all day!" Fred smiled.

Rebecca was quiet for a few moments as she watched the old man making his tea. She looked him over carefully, thinking, "If that was the deal," she nodded cautiously, "Yes."

"You're willing to let a seventy-one year old man have his way with you in honour of the deal your husband made?"

She nodded in acquiescence again.

"Just to clarify it further, my dear, you are willing to let me jab my prong into your well-used...dare I be so crude...cunt?"

Rebecca could see the glint in the old man's eyes; he was obviously enjoying her discomfort with the situation.


She nodded again.

"That, my dear, is just fantastic! You have brought a ray of sunshine into an old man's life!" Fred said merrily, "So it makes no difference whether we close the deal by the side of the highway...or right here now, does it?"

Fred walked over to her and ran his fingers through her hair, "You have beautiful hair, Rebecca."

"I...I am not going to do anything here, you'll just have to wait," she said softly.

Fred pulled his hand away and took another sip on his tea, "Well I'm going to go fishing then, my dear, till you get over your silliness."

Rebecca stood watching in utter amazement as the old man headed back down to his dinghy, without looking back till he reached the rope on the tree.

"Oh, and if you don't hurry up and make up your mind, when those friends of yours pass here later on, you can just get a lift back with them and entertain them for another few days!"

Rebecca felt her heart race, what a predicament she was in now, she was probably more worried for her husband surviving another few days back at Tom's than what she was, now that she knew she could manage the 'situation'. What harm could the old man do to her, heck; she doubted whether he would be able to even get it up. He would probably just have a bit of a fiddle with her, that's all, she thought.

"Okay...okay then...you win!" Rebecca called to him just as he stepped into his boat.

Fred turned around and smiled at her and nodded, "That's nice to hear."

* * *


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Doug had walked back up to the tent only moments after Rebecca had left with the old man in his dinghy. As he packed things up, he listened until he could no longer hear the little boat's motor. Then barely five minutes later Doug thought he could hear it again and was surprised at how quick the turn-around had been.

Then he realised the sound was from the North, and not from the lagoon at all!

"A vehicle...a fucking vehicle!" Doug cried out with glee when he recognised the sound.

Minutes later, dust billowing behind it, Doug could see Cranky's old four-wheel-drive heading in.

Doug stood grinning like a Cheshire-cat when Cranky pulled up next to him and wound down the window to say hello.

"You're early, Cranky!" Doug said excitedly.

"Yep, sorry about that mate, nearly come straight back out the other day, got a heap of work on and have to go away for a few weeks," Cranky explained.

"Hi Doug, where's Bec?"

Doug looked in the vehicle and could now see Susan sitting there looking as radiant as ever. Of course he had no intention of telling either of them what had happened to them; he truly hoped it would all remain a secret such was his embarrassment.
Doug explained how they were planning on a few days camping on their own over the other side of the lagoon; just for a bit of privacy and since the other three had headed off fishing early that morning, Doug had asked another fisherman if he wouldn't mind helping them get across.

Cranky listened almost in a disinterested fashion, "Look it's just a quick turn-around, Doug. We're just going to pack what fish you blokes have caught and head back out today."

Doug could not believe his ears! All he now had to do was wait until Fred returned, then ask him to bring his wife back and they were out of here!


* * *

Fred had his swag up on top of the tray of the Ute where he felt safer from crocs. His camp was pretty basic really, just a fold-up table and chair and his tarp over the lot. A little kitchenette could be slid out from the side of his small trailer; something he had made himself and was quite proud of.

Rebecca stood motionless in front of him under the shade of the tarp, "Are you really going to do this to me...you look like such a nice old man?"

"Don't forget you agreed, sweetie," Fred said as his fingers fumbled with the buttons down the front of her dress.

"Nothing weird now, okay," she said softly.

Fred nodded, and he undid the last button that was just below her breasts. Then reaching up to her shoulders, he pulled the straps down her arms and lowering the top of the dress until it was around her waist.

"My goodness, they're lovely aren't they? Not too big, just hand-sized," Fred said in a complementary manner, "Looks like someone has been feasting on them though?" he said cocking his head.

Rebecca closed her eyes when she felt his bony hands explore her breasts, prodding and rolling her nipples around delicately, enticing them to become engorged with his gentle touch.

"Oh, and aren't they just beautiful too? Look at how well they stand out, mmm, nice, very nice indeed," Fred said lustily, lowering his head so he was able to flick his raspy tongue around the sensitive brown flesh.

Fred nuzzled without haste upon her breasts and worked one of his hands down to the hem of her dress -- slowly raising the material up until her buttocks where exposed. And then he rubbed each firm round orb of flesh with expertise, slowly building up her desire with his tender touch.

His hand snaked around her thigh and moved in between her legs, and very carefully, he tickled her pudenda through the thin material of her g-string.

Rebecca moved her feet apart slightly so her thighs were no longer touching each other and she felt the old man slip a finger beneath the elastic edge of her underwear and pull it to one side.

"No pubic hair, my precious?" Fred observed, "How nice."

Rebecca felt his fingers explore her moist slit, working her open gently and finding her clitoris.

"Hmm...that's nice too, would you like it licked for a little while, my darling?"

Rebecca was almost trance-like such was the surreal nature of what was happening to her, and just like the last few days, she let it continue without resistance.

Fred slowly guided her back against the open tailgate of his utility to where his thick foam mattress was, and he was surprised at how easily she allowed herself to be laid down on top of it.

Her eyes were still closed, and she felt the sides of her underwear being gradually eased down over her hips and almost imperceptibly, she raised her buttocks to assist in their removal.

"My, my, that looks good enough to eat," Fred said honestly as he looked down upon her hairless pussy, "You look nice and clean, my dear," he observed pleasantly.

"Hmm hmm, I'm...I'm clean..." she said dreamily.

Rebecca was a bit sore from the previous night, Tom had been quite relentless with her, but she was clean, thoroughly clean now, having washed herself in earnest in the shower not more than two hours ago -- the second shower she'd had since the morning.

Fred gently parted her thighs, still admiring her heavenly-looking cleft and lowered his face toward her inviting mound.

Rebecca gasped loudly!

Not once had any of the other men gone down on her, and now an old man of seventy-one was slowly, expertly flicking his long tongue up and down her slit giving her a wonderful sense of relief.

"Oooh...mmm....mmm," she sighed.

"You like that do you? Mmm? Go on, my sweetness, tell me?"

Rebecca reached down and pulled the old mans almost bald pate back down between her thighs, "Mmmm, it is nice," she murmured as his soothing tongue lapped at her tender folds.

Fred now concentrated on her clitoris, he knew what women liked, and although it had been a very long time, he had not forgotten the art of cunnilingus.

Rebecca was surprised at how quick it happened, not even her husband was this good, but there was no denying it, the tingling feeling was building rapidly in the depths of her womb and spreading out in that exquisite feeling of euphoria as it descended toward her loins.

She pulled the old man's head onto her pudenda even harder as her orgasm engulfed her, "Oooh...yeah...thas it...don't stop...hmm...hmm."

Fred managed to pull his face away just in time to witness her sweet vagina pulsing with her orgasmic contractions; something he had not ever seen before and he smiled at the discovery.

Rebecca's orgasm faded away slowly, and she lay back quietly in the afterglow. No orgasm could match that of one which was produced in such a way, she thought.

Fred removed his baggy shorts; he was not wearing any underpants and his penis stood out proud from his trim frame. He looked over at the pretty woman lying on his mattress; her dress bunched up around her waist and her legs still parted. She had her head turned to one side and appeared to have her eyes closed, no matter, Fred thought; she would probably look up at him when he slid his dick inside of her in a few moments.

Rebecca felt him move up between her legs and push them apart further -- she did not want to watch the decrepit old man mount her and just hoped if he did have an erection, that he was quick!

It had been an awful long time for Fred, and he wanted to savour the moment as long as he could. With great deliberation, he poised himself between her thighs. And then with wonderful patience; he lowered his hips so his old cock was just touching Rebecca's puffy labia.

"You are a beautiful woman, my dear, and so sweet to taste too," Fred whispered softly, rubbing his almost ridiculously large, mushroomed shaped knob along her opening.

Rebecca said nothing -- just because the old man had made her come, it didn't mean she really wanted him to have sex with her. The thought of what she was about to do actually repulsed her. As gentle and caring he was now acting, the fact remained that he had forced her into having sex with him -- a man of nearly twice her own age, even older than her father!

Then Fred started to gently prod at her.

And of course Rebecca was quite surprised to discover that the old man did appear to have an erection!

Fred was propped up on his thin arms above her and he continued to prod at her gently while looking at her face, although her head was still turned to one side.

"Put it in for me, please? I want you to put it in for me," Fred asked softly.

Rebecca wanted it over with as quickly as possible, she knew he was purposely delaying the inevitable, so she reached down toward the thing pressing at her opening -- and got a surprise!

Fred smiled when she looked up at him at last, he may have been a skinny looking old man now, but his cock had not lost any of it size with the years. He felt the young woman run her hand up along his length, exploring, then she gripped his cock firmly and rubbed it up and down her opening several times -- finally holding it in position.

Rebecca gasped with surprise when the old man pushed himself forward, his knob stretching her open even further than that of Big Tom's!

She looked from the old man's face and down between her legs to see his shaft disappear deep into her pussy, until his curly pubes touched her Môn Venus -- but it was not until he withdrew again that she could see the cause of her mild discomfort -- his knob!

Fred chuckled, "That made you look, didn't it?" and he pushed himself back inside her slowly-accommodating slick-passage.

Fred began to fuck her slowly, and Rebecca felt herself succumbing to the pleasures she had recently discovered were only possible with a large penis, and she raised her legs upwards to allow the old man to penetrate her even further, angling her entrance in line with his shaft.

"You like it...hmm?" Fred asked her when he noticed her pelvis begin to rock back and forth, now meeting his every long, slow thrust!

Lightly bitting her lower lip for a moment, Rebecca said nothing, but she could not ignore the delicious feeling of his large penis gliding in to her deeply, creating little wavelets of pleasure in her loins that she only knew too well would result in an orgasm soon, very soon.

"I...I don't want my husband to know...Fred...he mustn't find out..."

* * *


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Doug was getting anxious again; it had been nearly two hours since Rebecca had left with the old man in his small dinghy and he was worried something drastic may have happened to them -- like they had possibly capsized or something terrible.

They had loaded up the fish from out of the large chest freezer into the back of Cranky's vehicle sometime ago, and Doug had packed away their tent and belongings into the back as well. Susan had even written a detailed note for Tom explaining to him of their sudden arrival and departure.

They were all ready to go -- they now just waited on the return of Rebecca.

Doug was also anxious that the other three men would return before they could get away -- he did not want to see any of them again -- nor did he ever want to come back to this place either. It worried him deeply that Cranky and Susan may find out what had been happening these last few days -- Doug wished it to remain a secret, for both his wife's sake and his own.

Then almost imperceptivity, Doug heard it, and although barely audible at first, it soon became clearer and clearer.

"That sounds like him!" Doug exclaimed with obvious relief.

Doug almost ran down to the landing and grinned enthusiastically when he could see the little dinghy of Fred's come into view not more than a hundred metres away.

Fred coasted to a stop near where Doug was standing waiting, "Well, my boy, got your gear ready to go?"

"What took so long?" Doug snapped back.

The old man looked up at him smugly, "Engine flooded. Does it sometimes...just have to leave it for a bit and it comes good again."


"She's fine, lad. Got to know her a bit while we waited...mighty fine catch you have got yourself there, ******, mighty fine indeed."

Doug did not like the old man's tone, but he avoided confrontation.

"Change of plans, Fred," Doug stated, and then went on to explain the sudden new development for a few minutes.

Doug watched Fred as he headed back up the waterway to finally collect his wife. Something about the old man irked him, something was...well, somehow different?

* * *

It was nearly another half an hour before Fred finally returned with Rebecca. She had of course mistrusted the old man at first when he informed her of the change in plans. But as soon as he mentioned her friend Susan and her husband were there, she knew he was telling the truth.

Doug met them by the edge of the bank and helped his wife step ashore. He could not hide his relief at her safe return and thanked Fred profusely for what help he had provided. Doug even offered the old man payment for the trouble he had gone to, but Fred had refused, saying just being alone with a pretty woman for a few hours was payment enough.

As Fred motored away, Doug looked at his wife and noticed she looked flushed in the face.

"What?" Rebecca asked suspiciously.

"You alright, hon?" Doug asked her.

"I...I just need a shower before we go, I feel hot and dirty, that's all," she replied as she strode off up towards the donga.

The old man may have assured her there were not too many tadpoles in his come these days -- but she was surprised at the hefty quantity he had deposited deep into her pussy after such vigorous and prolonged intercourse!

And to know now she had been forced into it for nothing! Rebecca could not believe it! She felt totally disgusted in herself -- not only for letting an old man have sex with her -- but for thoroughly enjoying it too! And the old coot had known it too -- cheekily giving her his contact details should she want to see him again.

"As if?" she had thought to herself, as she secreted his note in her hand, before getting off his dinghy.

* * *

They had been bouncing along the rough track back out to the highway for over an hour, with not much further to go. Both men were in the front, while Rebecca sat in the back seat with her friend Susan talking softly to one another.

"So...it was that bad, huh?" Susan asked again, "Didn't like the fishing either?" she queried, holding her friend's hand, "Would have been better if I was there, I am so sorry, but it was the only opportunity we had to see our children for a few days. Forgive me?"

Rebecca nodded; she felt she was on the verge of tears with the emotional stress that had pent up inside of her.

"Did that old bastard Tom try and touch you up or something?" Susan asked her softly, only barely audible over the rattling of the four-wheel-drive.

Rebecca nearly burst into tears instantly at the question, and it was with some difficulty she was able to contain her composure.

Susan checked on the men in the front seat, they seemed to be talking to themselves and paying no particular attention to them in the backseat.

"I'll tell you a little secret, Bec. Last year, Cranky left me there for the night while he took a run into town and back," Susan started, "Just that dirty old bastard Tom and some mate of his...Steve or someone...never seen him before," she stopped for a moment for a breath, "Got me drunk well pissed that night they did, even had me smoke a cone or two, something I'd never done before!"

Rebecca looked at her friend's face in earnest, listening intently, "What...what happened?"

Susan sighed deeply, "Not too sure really, but I woke up in the morning on the spare bed...completely naked!"


Susan nodded, "Not a stitch on. I found my shorts in the dining room hanging over a chair. The table had been cleared of the all the bottles and glasses down one end...some stuff was strewn over the floor! I could only imagine why?"

"Oh my God, where were Tom and his friend?" Rebecca asked, in surprise.

"That big old prick, Tom, was on his own bed...starkers! He was on his back too...my god, have you seen that man's thingy?" Susan asked, "Even flaccid it was huge!"

Rebecca was certainly familiar with Tom's penis, but she was not going to let on to Susan a word of it...not yet, anyway.

"The other creep was on his bed...just a shirt on...with his bare arse facing upwards!"

Rebecca almost gasped in dismay, not her beautiful friend Susan, too, she thought.

"I've never told Cranky this, Bec, but I'm pretty damn certain at least one of them had sex with me that night...and more than likely the pair of the bastards!"

"No! Surely not...maybe you just took your clothes off in your sleep? And...and I know Doug likes to sleep in the nude often...maybe Tom is no different?" Rebecca reasoned quite rationally.

"Oh no...one of them, at least one them had screwed me...for sure!" Susan assured her, "See...not only was I sore down below...but a great glob of...of sperm dribbled out not long after I stood up!"

Rebecca put her hand up to her face in horror, "My God! What did you do?"

Susan grunted, "What could I do? I showered quickly, of course...could not bear the thought of getting pregnant to one of the bastards...never found my lingerie...my singlet was in Tom's room on the floor."

"The bastards!" Rebecca said harshly through her gritted teeth.

"Not wrong!" Susan said, "Never said anything to either of them...stupid maybe...don't know...but I just pretended it never happened...it was not like I could remember it or anything anyway."

Both of them were quiet for a few moments, holding each others hands.

"Tom touched me up when I was doing the dishes one night," Rebecca volunteered softly, "The others were outside cleaning fish," she thought it best to tell her friend at least something that may help them both with the pain.

"Touched you up?"

Rebecca nodded, "Came up behind me and ran his hand up under my top...said all sorts of things about what he would like to do to me..."

"The bastard!" Susan sneered, "What then?"

Rebecca was not too sure how much she should tell her friend -- Doug had made it clear that unless they were going to press charges, he did not want anyone to find out.

"Tried to get his hand down my pants...god he's strong!" Rebecca whispered softly, "But luckily, Doug came back down and he stopped," she lied.

"Was that the only time?" Susan asked with concern.

Rebecca shook her head slowly, "Doug was fixing up the tent the other night...and I tried to walk past Tom in the dining room to get to my chair...only had on that little short skirt with flowers on it that you like..."

"Yep...I know the one," Susan said, "So what happened?"

"Well...old Tom grabbed me around the waist...and before I could stop him he'd stuck his hand right up under my skirt and squeezed by butt...he thought it was funny too!" Rebecca said, again toning down the actual event.


Rebecca nodded.

"What did you do?" Susan asked anxiously.

"I tried to stop him of course...felt like screaming...Doug would have killed him if he had known!" Rebecca went on, "The old prick pulled my skirt up too...to show the other two my little g-string...and before I could stop him...the dirty old man pulled the front of them down!"

"No?" Susan had a look of disbelief on her face.

Rebecca nodded, "Doug came back inside just in the nick of time!"

"Did you tell Doug?"

"No way, Susan, he would have gone ballistic! Please don't ever say anything, will you?" Rebecca whispered.

Susan nodded, "Sure, I understand Bec."

Again, the pair of them remained quiet for several moments, both almost shaking at each others confessions. Then Susan broke the silence.

"Bec, I'm in a spot of bother...and I'd like to ask you something?" Susan deliberated, "You can say 'no' if you like of course, after what you have just told me."

"What...what is it?"

Cranky has lined-up these two blokes to drive a truck out to Tom's in a fortnight. They're going to pick them all up and break the camp down for the Wet," Susan confided.

"Mmm," Rebecca nodded not seeing any problem, yet.

"Well, my damn hubby is going to be away now...that big contract over West is on...and he wants me to lead these two greenhorns out to Tom's, seeing they've never been there before," Susan explained, "The generator and outboard motors belong to Cranky, and he doesn't trust them to bring them back safely...wants me to put them in the back of the four-wheel drive."

"And?" Rebecca asked, still puzzled.

"Well...it's obvious, Bec, I don't really want to go out there on my own, do I?"

"Oh Susan...are you asking me to accompany you?"

Susan nodded, "Just straight out and back again...all in one day...we would show them where to go and leave them there...then head back home...please?"

Rebecca looked at her husband sitting in the front, his head nodding every now and then as Cranky muttered something to him she could not hear. What a predicament, what could she do? Leave her friend to head back out there on her own?
"Listen Susan, if I say 'yes', promise me you will not say a word to Cranky or anyone that I am going to go with you? I don't want Doug to find out before hand," Rebecca looked at her husband again briefly then back at her friend, "I'll tell him on the day...I know he'll probably be annoyed I think...but he'll understand," Rebecca stammered nervously, of course she had no intention of telling her husband.

"Oh, thanks Bec, 'course I won't say anything...thanks! Just a quick in and out, that's all," Susan smiled with obvious relief.

Eventually, they came to the end of the rough track and were back on the sealed-road. The four of them were quiet now; the girls almost asleep in the back; Doug staring out at the road ahead, deep in thought, as Cranky accelerated up through the gears.

Doug smiled to himself knowingly, he was thinking about his revenge, his well executed revenge on the men who had repeatedly defiled his beautiful wife over the last few days. Yes, in about a week they should be feeling it, he thought to himself.

While Doug had waited for Rebecca to return from up the lagoon earlier on, and armed with a little bucket of purification he had scooped out from the septic tank, he had climbed up the rickety old ladder next to the low tank-stand and deposited the contents into the drinking water!

Doug knew that the horrible mess, and the rotting cane-toad he had thoughtfully added, would quickly turn the fresh water into a miasma of bacteria. Harmful bacteria like 'giardia', a very painful stomach bug found in the tropics that usually rendered the victim totally helpless, often only to roll up ball of misery. Untreated, the chronic diarrhoea and vomiting could last for days! It was quite painful, yes, but not really life-threatening.

But the coup-de-grace!

What a stroke of luck, he had thought that morning, when walking up the banks of the lagoon to find help, after all he had very nearly trodden on the well-camouflaged reptile himself! A mature Death-Adder had lain partially hidden from view amongst some fallen leaves waiting to ambush an unsuspecting bird. And with the care of someone knowledgeable in the handling of dangerous snakes, Doug had captured the evil-looking predator, and placing it in a small bag, he had secreted it into his backpack.

Doug would love to see the panic in the young man's eyes when he went to bed that evening and hopefully rolled onto the normally inactive reptile hidden beneath the bed sheet. Although only around thirty centimetres long, the thick-bodied snake could strike with lightning speed and inflict a very serious bite from the fangs of its large triangular-head -- something that was life-threatening if one is not careful! And if the Adder bit the young bastard Johnny, on anything but a limb, it would be very hard to apply a pressure-bandage to prevent the lymph-system distributing the toxin through-out the body!

"Fuck you, Johnny," Doug thought to himself, as he blamed the horrible course of events mostly on the young man. After all, it was Johnny who first forced himself on Rebecca -- Doug hoped he suffered!

Doug smiled to himself again; yes, revenge would be sweet, and of course it would be unlikely anyone would think he was responsible.

Doug turned around and looked in the back-seat at his wife. She was sleeping. He almost felt tears well-up in his eyes with deep remorse; if only he had never taken her out there!

But of course, he had and the rest was now history, as they say. If only he had not discovered her with the three men the night before! No matter how hard he tried, Doug could not get the carnal images out of his head; his Rebecca, naked with them, not only allowing them all to fuck her, but even assisting them into filling all her holes!

Yes, Doug now knew his wife loved to be fucked by more than one man; she had certainly appeared to be more than willing in the end and had "gone off" while they had used every one of her holes, a sad truth he now wished he never knew!

He had their son to think about and of course all that they had worked for over the long years -- but Doug now knew he could no longer trust his beautiful wife, and it pained him more than words could describe.

And what made it worse was Rebecca had acted as if nothing odd had happened the night before -- she had certainly not told him anything, not yet anyway, and that in Doug's eyes made her guilty too!

What was he going to do with her now, he wondered solemnly, as they sped along the highway toward home?

What was he going to do, indeed!