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My wife Nancy went back to college at the tender age of forty eight. She had taken several art courses, one of them was a drama - photography course. She decided to recreate one of those jungle, white explorer in peril type pictures, but what would come of it was totally unexpected.

We had a friend of ours who let us use their tropical garden with its palms and dense brush.

I took some photos as my wife (dressed in her jungle explorer outfit including pithe helmet) went through the jungle with a machete in hand. Then a photo of the natives stalking her. Both natives were played by two guys in her art class with a good sense of humor.

The next shot had her being "captured" by them. They bound her hands behind her back around a palm plant. I did a few more shots of them dancing around but then we were sort of stuck. What to do next? Then I had an idea.

"Why don't we take the step they never did in those old movies?" she asked me what that was. I told her "Why don't you let them cop a feel and squeeze your tits. Come on guys why don't we try it? Honey its just a feel. It won't kill you. Now look scared." One of the guys worked up his nerve and grabbed her tit and gave it a squeeze. Then the other, with both of them feeling her breasts I snapped the photo.

"Okay squeeze them a little more." My wife protested a bit but let them do it. "Now open her blouse a bit. Come on it will look good." Getting into it some more the guys opened her blouse.

"Just one more now take off her bra." my wife screeched out my name telling me this had gone far enough but one of the guys took action he took out the knife he had on his belt and cut the front of her lacy bra letting her big floppy tits bounce out. I used the zoom as they squeezed her tits, their black hands squeezing her soft white tits.

"White explorer has big tits want to suck." said one of them lifting them up to his face he started to suck on it, the other man followed suit.

"Oh Shit! Come on! This has gone on far enough! Untie me!" she whined as they suckled at her breasts. She shuddered. "Come on you guys are sucking too hard.

"Maybe white girl wants us to suck something else." the native said as he reached for the zipper of her cargo shorts. He undid the snap after the zipper and they dropped down her large hips to the ground. Her panties followed. They raised her feet and took them off.

The man got on his knees and started to lick my wife's hair red bush. "Oh fuck! What are you guys going to make me do next?" What the did was make her orgasm several times quivering.

The men helped her down to her knees, her arms still behind her back, her panties were cut in at the seam at the crotch and the was used to make an impromptu blindfold.

They pulled out their cocks and as I watched they rubbed them against her cheeks. Then one of the men pressed his cock against her mouth and told her to suck it or she would be sacrificed to their volcano good.

"Oh dear! Then I guess I must." I then watched a display of cock sucking that was so exciting, passionate and aggressive that I almost forgot to change the film in the camera. Spit ran down her face as these men jammed their huge dicks down my wife's throat with no mercy whatsoever. They squeezed her tits hard pulling them up by the nipples . I wanted to come towards her to help one point as she gagged but decided not to. I would have never thought she would get into it so much.

One of the guys popped his load down her throat while the second one jerked off on her face. "Oh please! What are you going to do to me next?" They spouted some babble getting into their roles. They untied her hands from around the back of the tree then retied them behind her back.

They guided her up on to a picnic bench and for the next half hour they teased her pussy until she nearly cried from frustration. They rubbed their cocks up and down her pussy lips, or pushed them against her cunt but not quite in.

"Please! If you are going to do it do it! Don't tease me any more!" They laughed then one of them pushed his cock into my wife. She gasped as the large shaft stretched her pussy larger than it had ever been in her life. Her fat ass shook and rippled with each thrust of his cock.

The other man yelled something and slapped her tits and face with his cock. Then he started to jam it down her throat. The first man blew his load in her pussy and I got a photo of his cum dripping out of her onto the ground.

The other man then entered her and fucked her slowly for ten long minutes of erotic agony then he took out his cock and blew it all over her tits. They stood her up and raised each breast to her mouth and she licked the cum off of them.

Her ropes were cut and after a drink she looked me straight in the eye and asked me if I enjoyed it, I told her I did. She got down on her knees and as the guys left she sucked my cock until I came. On the way home she told me how much it excited her to be dominated and used by the two "natives".

Great story. My small white weinie was getting excited along the way. Keep em coming and maybe I'll write one myself. With so many fantasies going thru my head, it should be easy.