July 4th Camping Trip

So as y'all might remember my wife and I had a great honeymoon with her getting fucked by a couple black guys from the island Barbados. Well I chalked it up to a one time thing. But it wasn't. I say that's a good thing. Now by all means I am not a cuckold, and I love my wife, and we have a great sex life. And I am not some small dick husband either, I am packing a good 8 1/2 inches, but there is just something about your wife taking another mans big cock, be it white, black, or whatever.

So the next chapter in our sharing I guess you could call it that was July 4th weekend, just 4 months after our honeymoon. So being newlyweds we want to thru a July party, but ended up going camping with a group of friends. Which ranged from married couples, single girls and boys, to just boyfriends and girlfriends. But it was a no kid camping trip. Because in the past trips we have had it's been know to get pretty wild, nothing like orgies or even sex swapping, but there has been times our ladies have gotten drunk and gone topless on the boats, and wakeboard topless, and kissed each other. And there have been times you could hear another couple having sex in their tent.

So after we got to the camp site which over looks Lake Travis, we unloaded all the gear and let the woman setup camp, as us guys were going to go put the boats in the water and anchor them in the cover at the campsite. So by the time we got the boats back to the cove from the boat ramp, the girls were sitting in lawn chairs on the edge of the water waiting on us. So we all loaded in the boats and headed out on the lake to wakeboard and drink of course.

So anyways we get back to the campsite and we are all pretty buzzed, some drunker than others. So we have dinner and are all sitting around the campfire and talking, laughing and drinking more. Some people start turning in and going to sleep in their tents. Then is was just my wife and I… (Jenni and John) and another couple (Matt and Brittany) that we were pretty much best friends with. So we got on the subject of sex, so how that always comes when you drink alcohol. Jenni blurted out yea I love sex with John because he is huge….part of the reason I married him, but then said I have bigger and winked at me. Brittany said well he can't be as big as my Matt here…of course Jenni and I were like whatever don't turn this into a pissing contest. We just brushed it off and we all went to bed about 5 mins later. Once we got settled in, Jenni asked me do you think he is hung too. I said it's possible, any man could be.

So to get to the good part of the story as you guys are probably tired of reading….The next day a little after noon I told Matt that I need to take the boat to the marina and get some more gas. He said I'll ride along with y'all as it was Jenni and I going. So we got the gas and headed back, and I pulled that boat into a cove along the way that had cliffs and is a good swimming hole. And said lets take a swim and relax some. Jenni was like hunny I didn't wear my bath suit, I said who needs one and pulled my shorts off and jumped in. Jenni was like ok, and stripped and jumped in too, leaving Matt in the boat…I told Matt, what you to scared to swim with your friends dude. So he undressed and stood on the swim platform of the boat before jumping in, kinda like a slow pause to let us see that he was hung. When Jenni saw him, she burped out damn Matt Brittany wasn't lying. Now Matt was about the same length as me, maybe 9 inches compared to my 8 1/2 but he was thick, even soft. Now I am thick too, but he was like a wine bottle thick.

So we swam around awhile, climb up on the cliffs and jumped off. So we all got back in the boat, but no one really got dressed. Jenni laid on the back and sun dried herself while Matt and I sat in the seats and talked about I can't remember. I don't remember how it started to be honest, but the next thing I remember was Jenni was between my legs sucking my dick. I remember looking over and seeing Matt watching and getting hard, then to start slowly stroking his dick. About the same moment Jenni reached over and started to stroke is dick for him. Matt looked at me and I just smiled. I pushed Jenni towards Matt in a way of saying suck him now babe. Of course she went without hesitation. Now she couldn't even get his dick in her mouth, she just licked it up and down and stroked it. I slide behind her and started to fuck her doggie style. I wasn't fucking her for more than five minutes when she stood up and grab Matt and lead him to the back of the boat to the sun deck and laid down and spread her legs and said I want you to fuck me with that cock you have. Matt looked at me again, and I said I guess you better….and with that, he stepped up to her and pushed his incredible thick cock into her pussy, and she let out a Oh my. It didn't take long for Matt to start fucking her like she wanted to be fucked. I just sat in the driver seat and watched as they went at it, thinking man I love my wife. Matt then turned her over and had her on all floors and he started to fuck her from behind. I got up and went to the back of the boat and stood in front of her and she sucked me why getting fucked by Matt. We both fucked her for about thirty minutes and then Matt came inside her, and then I fucked her and came inside her afterwards. We all got back in the water cleaned off and got dressed and went back to camp.

Brittany asked what took so long and we just sighed and said the marina. Matt fucked her 3 more times that trip. And Matt and another guy who was there alone…had a threesome with her one night in the tent. The other guys wasn't hung, but he walked by that night, and just came in the tent when Matt was fucking her and was like what's going on in here. Yes he was drunk. So I watched them tag team her, and after they left, I gave her my good fucking.

The only other thing that has happen was at her friends job when she went to pick her up from work….but I will write that one later.