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Just something for the lighter side of things, hopefully we can have some good laughs..

The new Redneck Dad.
The Redneck went to the hospital as his wife was giving birth. Upon arriving, the nurse says, "Congratulations, your wife has had quints."

"Quints," the Redneck says with an inquisitive voice, "What the hell are Quints?"

The nurse responds, "Five babies, all boys."

The Redneck sticks out his chest and says, "I'm not suprised, I have a penis like a chimney ."

The nurse replies, "You might want to have it cleaned, all of the babies are black."
A black sailor enters a foreign port and immediately seeks out some women of the night.
A week or so later he finds that he has STD!
He's ashamed to go to the ships doctor so waits until they get to home port which takes several weeks.
Upon returning home he immediately goes to the first doctor he can get an appointment with.
He advises the doctor of his problem where upon the doctor tells him to strip.
The doctor takes one look and says, "My God, man! You should have had been in here weeks ago! This is real serious! It appears to me that you've let this matter go for so long that it's now a matter of life or death!"
The unnerved sailor asks, "Well doctor, what can you do?"
The doctor looked at the sailor and says, "Well the only hope you have is if we amputate that organ!"
The sailor took what was left of his penis in his hand, looked down at it and says: "Organ! If you is an organ! I recok'on you've done played your last tune!"