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Needless to say my marriage did not survive the summer at college and the constant onslaught on Bobby's sexual powers. In mid August I admitted my affair to my husband and by fall I had moved to the city for a new job having completed my business degree. Naturally my family was not happy with me but I had made my choice and moved on.

Bobby and I continued to date and fuck but as time progressed I knew this couldn't go any further than it had. Reluctantly I quit seeing him and immersed myself in my work. One evening the phone rang and it was a guy I had met through Bobby. His name was Eric and I had always thought he was a hottie.

Eric said he had heard through the grapevine that Bobby and I were over and he asked to out for a drink. I thought why not" and accepted. He was also heavily into athletics as Bobby was and very fit and attractive. He was also white. We dated a few times before he got me into his bed but when he did I discovered that he was a sensational lover.

By now you must think I was an unrepentant slut, but honestly my first husband was the only man I had had sex with before I met Bobby that summer. Sure, I'd been felt up in the back seat of cars when I was in high school, but I had only ever let one guy put his hands on my breasts and no one had ever gotten near my pussy!

That had all changed now of course. Although I had never even imagined sex like I experienced with Bobby, I was really getting my groove on with Eric. Much to my delight he, too, had a nice big cock and he knew how to use it. Besides the sex, he and I had a lot more in common that I had with Bobby, and definitely with my ex. The friendship with Eric was so good and fucking was as well!