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Well we're back from our trip to Vegas and L.A. and Jill is basking in the glow of a couple of very hot BBC experiences. Our first night in Vegas was wild. We met up with Marcus, a stud we knew from before and whom Jill has the serious hots for. He came to our room at the Flamingo and within seconds he and Jill were kissing passionately and the clothes were coming off while I watched. Down to his briefs and displaying an incredible bulge, Jill laughed and said, "well someone is sure ready." And ready he was. He pulled his briefs off and his rock hard cock sprung out straining upward like a chunk of black iron.

He and Jill got on the bed and both seemed frantic to start fucking. Without any further foreplay, Marcus buried that huge black dick deep inside my wife and gave her the fucking of her life. It was an incredible sight and her moans drove me over the edge as I jacked off.

They fucked twice more that night and again the next night before we left for L.A. but we already have plans to go back in September so my beautiful wife can ride that big black cock again.

Whee, too hot!