Jean Takes a BC


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Several years ago, Jean and I had the house all to ourselves one weekend. Our three younger kids were visiting their grandparents and our oldest was at a mini-football camp preparing for life as a freshman in college. We didn't have any plans, not even any honey-do's, when the phone rang. I answered it, not recognizing the number on the caller ID.

A voice on the other end said, "Miguel, it's your Uncle BC. I'm passing through and want to stop by and see you."

To say I was surprised at hearing BC's voice would be an understatement. I hadn't heard from him in years. I looked to jean and she looked at me. I mouthed to her it was BC and he wants to see us.

She grabbed the phone out of my hand and began speaking, "BC, of course we want to see you. I insist you stay with us, no, don't get a hotel, we have plenty of room."

After a couple of minutes of talking I gave up trying to follow the conversation and went back into the living room to finish watching TV. Jean and BC continued their conversation for over an hour.

Jean finished her conversation and joined me in the living room. She said it was good to hear from him and his family is doing well. She updated me on his wife and kid's activities (all married and starting families of their own). I agreed it would be nice to see him.

Jean asked me to open a bottle of wine and pour us a couple of glasses, She snuggled up to me on the couch and cooed, "We have the house to ourselves. Want to get naked? I feel like doing 69 and getting a little stick time."

I didn't need a second invitation and together we downed a bottle of wine, threw a blanket down on the living room carpet, and went at each other like dogs in heat. As I lay there basking in a post orgasmic glow, I thought it sure was nice to have the house to ourselves. After letting loose a torrent of pussy juice when she orgasmed each time, the first compliments of my mouth and the second from her hand as we fucked, Jean was exhausted. She told me to lay down and we spooned, my back pressed against those 40D's, her bush scrunched against my buttocks, her arm draped over me teasing my chest hair. I was telling her how much I enjoyed our lovemaking when I heard her softly snoring.. I lay there for a few minutes before getting up and went and cleaned the kitchen. I then rousted Jean and she went upstairs to bed while I put the sex soaked blanket into the washing machine, started it and then followed her upstairs to bed. We both slept sound, but I being a early riser got up, made coffee and read the newspaper.

When I heard jean moving around upstairs I started breakfast. After we ate, I cleaned up the kitchen, put last night's laundry in the dryer and made our bed. While I did that jean drank the Tea I made for her and read the newspaper, but reminded me to change the sheets where BC would sleep, and make sure his bathroom and the guest bathroom downstairs were clean. I got to work and soon had the house ready for our guest. When the kids aren't around I do housework wearing only a skimpy pair of running shorts. I made sure jean's cup of tea was refilled and she would pinch my butt or goose me while I made her a fresh mug of hot tea.

She said, "You're so good to me. I am the luckiest woman around."

I smiled back grinning from ear to ear soaking up her praise. She looked at me tenderly before giving my ass a final squeeze and told me to get busy BC would be here in a couple of hours. Jean finished the newspaper and went upstairs and showered. She dressed and came downstairs. She was wearing light blue shorts outfit with matching shirt. She had a nice tan which the blue really accented. I went up stairs and showered, dressed and brought the towels down for one last load of laundry. When BC arrived.

Jean beat me to the door and greeted BC with a warm embrace. He hugged her back and gave her a not to short kiss on the lips. Our foyer and adjoining hallway are wide and they walked arm in arm into the living room. I got up and greeted BC shaking hands and wincing as he squeezed just a little to hard.

He said, "you haven't changed a bit, just lost a little more hair and thicker glasses but at least you stayed skinny."

I complimented him on his appearance; he was close to 60 but looked 10 to 15 years younger and has been diligent about keeping in shape. I on the other hand, looked my age.

Jean said, " Don't just stand there honey. Bring BC's things in and get him a drink"

I brought his suit cases in and made some more tea. I joined them in the living room where they were sitting on the couch so I took the recliner. BC had his arm casually draped around jean as the three of us talked. When there was a a pause in the conversation he would look at her and tell us how good it was to see us again. She would look into his eyes and smile.

BC told us of his latest business ventures, he was doing well on his way to making his second million as his automobile dealership had taken off. The reason for his stopping by was he was on his way to look at another property in the next state where he was going to o0pen another dealership.

BC was completely bald, but he spent a lot of time outdoors and his skin had a healthy glow. He was well over 6 feet tall and powerfully built. His clothes custom tailored. He had been a linebacker in college before his short term in the pro's. He had been a Green Beret in the Army and even won a boxing title in the Army. In his 30's, he had taken up power lifting and still occasionally lifted competitively. He was huge all over thick arms powerful chest thick legs and almost no waist. He was back then and even today remains an impressive specimen, a real man's man (like something from a Hemmingway's novel).

He was the opposite of my dad, who inherited and passed along the same genes I possessed. BC was a natural born leader, charismatic and motivating. He did not know the meaning of the word can't and it was why he had succeeded in all of his life. He could tell joke after joke and had jean and i laughing until our stomachs' hurt. He was a lot of fun to be around.

As we talked I reminisced about the last time I had seen BC. Jean and I had been dating and he dropped in unannounced at my parents house. Jean happened to be over and we spent the night listening to BC's stories. He was very attentive to jean that night without being boorish. I thought he was just a great uncle who was trying to make my girlfriend feel welcome and a part of the family. Jean even squired him around town the next day showing him all the sites. My mom doesn't like BC because he is everything her husband isn't. When BC and another uncle come to town I remember her commenting how she saw them cruising around looking for chicks. I was shocked at her comment because it sounded so bitter. Her comments just raised BC status in my eyes. A middle aged man still scoring with college age girls is a hero not a zero.

After we had listened to BC, Jean patted his knee and said she wanted to show him the rest of the house. Our house a full basement, which we have converted into an exercise room on one side and a lounge on the other. The lounge portion has a huge sofa with a pull out bed. The exercising room is something we're particularly proud of. Realizing he had enormous potential I encouraged our oldest to lift weights. He and i would lift together, but it wasn't long before he was out lifting me. By the time he finished high school, he was benching 400 pounds, not just once but several times. He looked like jean's older brother in the face, he had enough strength and bulk making me think thank god he didn't inherit my genes. Our exercise room had everything a serious weight lifter needed. The ceiling was high enough to jump rope and there was still enough room for anyone wanting to do floor exercises like step aerobics.
Jean and BC were down in the basement for quite sometime. They came into the kitchen where I was making us all a light lunch, BC grinning from ear to ear. He exclaimed, "what a gym you got there, let's work out this afternoon."

I said, "that would be great." And off they went to see the upstairs. They came back a few minutes later and we all sat down for some lunch. BC at the head of the table, Jean to his left and me to his right. After lunch the two of them took a short afternoon nap. BC on the couch and jean on the recliner.

BC woke up first and reminded me of our workout session. I went to change into some workout gear, knowing my role would be to change weights and spot him. The weights he threw around were so much more than I was even capable of lifting. BC knew I was the victim of poor genes and insisted I go first. He was patient with me letting me take my time getting in my three sets of each exercise before starting his own routine. He would spot me, telling me to push harder and when I was exhausted on the bench he reracked using one hand. Jean came downstairs in her workout gear and watched me do the last of my routine. She went into a corner and did her own dumbell routine. She took a bench and did one arm rows followed by flies. I looked over at her and noticed she did look pretty sexy in her workout bra, thong and shorts that are so popular. I noticed BC also giving her the once over.

It was now BC's turn to lift and we loaded up the bar He warmed up with 225 knocking out a quick 15 reps ( which mine is 2-3 ) if i have a good day. As he rested between sets I would add another 90 lbs.. He laid down and would knock out another ten. It went like that the entire workout. Jean just stared at him as he pressed 400 lbs. The man was 60 and strong as an ox. I glanced over at Jean and she had a glassy look in her eyes and was breathing heavy. I also noticed her nipples looked hard as they were visible through her sports bra.

Whenever he began a set Jean would stop and watch him. After about 2 hours he was finished and thanked me for spotting him. Jean had stayed there the whole time watching his performance. All 3 of us were drenched from our workouts. Just changing BC's weights had me sweating. Jean walked the treadmill pumping weights, stretching and doing floor exercises. She was impressed with BC's workout.

BC went upstairs to shower and change while I put the weights away. Jean stayed there and I commented, "Impressive huh?"
She said she had never seen someone so strong, she could not believe how good of shape he was in.. I told her maybe I should start exercising again and get back in shape.

She looked me up and down and said, "You look fine, maybe just a little toning."

Her look however told me i could work out every day and never come close to approaching what BC had just done.
I finished putting the weights away and jean went upstairs to shower. I wasn't jealous of BC but i sure wouldn't have minded walking a mile or so in his shoes. BC and jean were downstairs, freshly showered by the time I got things put away in the exercise room. I was pooped and needed a shower of my own when on my way upstairs Jean said, "Be a dear and get us some glasses of ice water."
I brought them some water when Jean asked if I was going to BBQ tonight. "You know the steaks and potatoes take a little longer. Why don't you get that started before you go take a shower."

I soaked in the shower thinking about how sore I would be tomorrow and reminded myself to take a couple of pills before I went to bed. I changed clothes and came downstairs and Jean reminded me to throw the workout clothes in the washer and not to forget BC's clothes. "He doesn't want to travel with dirty clothes in his luggage."

I gathered up everything and threw them in the washer before heading into the kitchen to season the steaks, and prepare the salad. I was on my way out to start the steaks when BC came out to talk. We live on the edge of a subdivision and our house backs into a wooded area giving us lots of privacy. BC told me how lucky I was to have such a lovely wife and family. He said he was particularly proud of the oldest, a ball player. He went on and relayed how I kept a nice house and from the smell of those steaks, you know your way around the kitchen.

I thanked him. BC finished his beer and told me "nature call, you don't mind if I fertilize a tree do you?"

I was a little shocked at his request as the bathroom was not that far away, but I said, "Sure knock yourself out."

He walked over to the nearest tree and I thought he would turn his back to me and urinate, but he didn't. He didn't seemed bothered by this and even carried on a conversation while doing so. After he finished BC went inside and I finished cooking the steaks. I brought them in and got the salad and potatoes put on the table. BC insisted i sit at the head of the table since I was the host. He took a chair to my immediate left and told Jean to sit beside him. Dinner was nice and Jean told me to open a bottle of Rose (doesn't really go with red meat but she likes it).

Before we started drinking BC said he wanted to make a toast. We raised our glasses as he said, "To my nephew and his wife, what gracious host they are taking care of my every need." We clinked glasses and took a sip.

After dinner jean and BC retired to the living room while I tended the BBQ and cleaned up some. Jean said she was going to get ready for bed and put some pajamas on. BC said he didn't have any pajamas, but wouldn't mind getting more comfortable. Jean told him he would be fine in boxers as we are all family. She thought i had a bathrobe he could wear but was sure it wouldn't fit him.

I finished up in the kitchen and on the patio, threw some dishes into the dishwasher and headed upstairs to change myself. I came back down with my bathrobe on and joined Jean and BC who were watching TV.BC was in his briefs, with no shirt on, again stretched out the length of the couch and Jean was in the recliner. Jean had on a sexy short bathrobe I had bought for her at Victoria's Secret. It was purple and came with a matching nighty. I bought it because it was sexy, not for lounging around in. It also looked like she had brushed her hair and put makeup on. I sat down in the only chair left which was a wooden rocker.

The three of us didn't say much and I chalked it up to having a full day. I for one was tired and the wine was really relaxing me as was the opportunity to sit and do nothing. Close to 10 I decided to call it a night. I didn't expect jean to follow as she tends to be a night owl anyway. BC said he was tired and going to call it a night after the evening news. I said my goodnights and got into bed. Within minutes I was asleep.

As tired as I was I don't know why I woke up. I was thirsty, probably from the steaks which I ate a good portion and was well seasoned. I looked at the clock and it was a little after midnight. Jean's side of the bed was still empty, so I thought she was still watching TV or had fallen asleep downstairs. I went into the bathroom to get a drink of water but we were out of paper cups. I padded downstairs, not wanting to wake BC as his bedroom door was closed and went into the kitchen. I poured myself a glass of water, drank it and poured another one. I thought about going into the living room and rousting Jean and getting her to go upstairs to bed, but then thought why not just let her sleep where she is.

I drank some more of the water and decided to take the rest back upstairs with me. I was headed up stairs when I heard a noise coming from the basement. I have known for quite some time I was a cuckold and have resigned myself to my destiny. I know Jean has lovers and I know I also get very aroused by her infidelities. I like knowing, but not knowing. I know that each time she has a lover and I eat her out afterwards she is reminding me I am not man enough. As for why that arouses me I am not sure, I don't have an answer, but it does. But as far as I know she has never done anything in our home, at least while family was there. That night, however was too much. We had company. It reminded me I needed to stay within my perimeters of what I could handle emotionally tonight.

I tiptoed downstairs towards the source of the noise. What I heard that night both aroused me and emotionally devastated me. They must have waited quite a while ensuring I was asleep before starting because I heard jean say, "My god I had forgotten just how big you are."

I heard BC say, "You handled it before and that was before you had kids."

Jean chuckled. Then I heard a moan and BC comment, "I can't believe how tight you are, especially after having four kids. Squeeze your cunt muscles around my finger." Then he commented how wet she was.

"I have been thinking about this moment since last night, I am glad Miguel was home to give me some relief before you arrived."
BC laughed and I could hear them kissing and her commenting on his tittie sucking and asking him to bite them as she liked rough breast play. He must have done as she asked because she said she was getting hot. He told her they were just warming up.

"Oh god, go slow you're big."

He commented again about how tight she was and soon all I heard was moaning, followed by guttural talk. Imploring him to fuck her and yes, yes, yes. I was sick to my stomach and hard as a rock.

BC was breathing hard and he would tell her she was a real cock hound as their bellies slapped together. I could hear the squish sound as he went in and out of her vagina. He demanded she tell him she wanted his cock.

She moaned, Yes, your cock is so good. It's been so long. Fuck me hard."

I couldn't see it but I imagined her legs wrapped around him as his cock drove into her like a pile driver. And then I heard them peak. What she uttered as she orgasmed were the grunts and groans of a woman who has completely lost all self control. BC wasn't much better. The two of them groaning in unison. I heard all I could handle when jean moaned, "I can feel your seed, you must have cum a bucketful.

BC laughed and said, It's amazing what one can do when inspired."

I went upstairs and got into bed. I didn't care if Jean fucked other men, I know she does. I just didn't like knowing about it. It made me feel inadequate. I was thankful I hadn't seen them, hearing was bad enough. I started sobbing into my pillow.

I couldn't make myself go to sleep. I was exhausted. And that is how jean found me. I don't know what time she came to bed, but I was still awake. She locked the bedroom door before coming to bed. She got into bed and asked me if I was awake.

I whispered yes.

She touched my face and asked, "what's wrong?'

I told her I had heard her and BC. She didn't deny nor confirm it, she just lightly kissed my face. "let me kiss you and make it all better. I'm sorry. You know how much I love you. And look where I chose to sleep tonight, with you."

Her words were calming and reassuring. She hugged me tight asking if I was feeling better.
I whispered yes.

We lay like that, me feeling her comforting hugs and every now and then a kiss to my forehead. We were on our sides facing each other, my head pressed to her breast. Her nightie was low cut and she lifted one of her breasts out and put it to my mouth and told me to suck it as it would make me feel better. I took the hard nipple into my mouth and gently sucked on it. She let me suck on her breast for several minutes, all the while reassuring me she would never hurt me. Sensing I had calmed down she pulled her breast from my mouth and rolled me onto my back. She said she always thought about me and wanted to show me. She got up and pulled off her nightie and straddeled my belly. She put my hands to her breasts and told me to feel them, they were mine to play with anytime I wanted. She told me to lay there as she had something she knew I enjoyed, wanted and would make me feel better.

I knew what was coming and started getting hard. She lifted herself up and moved higher to straddle my face. I scooted halfway down the bed to make it easier for her.

"You know you want this, it will make you feel so good."

Her cum ladden pussy descended right on my face. I inhaled deep and started to lick her. As I tongue fucked her and drank their juices I came! After she came and satisfied I had licked all her juices and BC's sperm from her, she laid down beside me and asked me to go inside her. She reached down to grab my bottoms and felt my soaked bottoms. "See you enjoyed that didn't you?"
I said yes.

We wrapped our arms around each other and I was in a deep sleep in a matter of minutes.

The next morning jean let me sleep late, I woke to an empty bed. I took a shower to wash the dried juices off my face, neck, chest and belly. Got dressed and went down stairs. Jean looked freshly showered and had a light pink short and shirt set on. BC was dressed and his suit case by the door.

Jean had cooked breakfast and even made a pot of coffee. She was very cheery and said, "Good morning sunshine."

BC also greeted me warmly. I sat down by BC as Jean prepared me a breakfast plate and brought me a cup of coffee. We ate and talked about how good the visit was. We all talked and promised to keep in touch and see each other more often. BC commented he wouldn't let another long lapse happen again. And he commented what a good hostess jean had been when he came through last time.

I looked at my plate as Jean said , "That was a lot of fun."

I said, "Jean I don't remember seeing BC the last time."

Jean said, "You were on a business trip, I remember telling you. It was just before I got pregnant."

I didn't say another word as the realization hit me. Jean was sitting between BC and I and I felt her hand sneak up my leg and give my throbbing erection a squeeze. I moaned, clutched the table and soon came in my pants.

BC asked me, Are you alright?"

Jean answered for me, "he just got a little excited."

BC said he had to go and got up and reached across the table to shake my hand, and thanked me for being such a good host and for having such a lovely wife.

Jean told me she would walk him out and asked if I would mind cleaning the kitchen.

I watched them walk out holding hands, and by the time she came back I had cleaned the kitchen and made the bed and threw his bedding in the washer. Jean came back in looking rather disheveled looking, her shirt half unbuttoned, and strode into the bathroom which i was about to clean.

She said saying goodbye took longer than she expected but we did have the rest of the day with the house to ourselves. "I could clean later! Right now I feel like sitting on your face! Are you in the mood?"

I peeled off the rubber gloves and followed her into the living room. I laid down, not bothering to take off my clothes as I knew i would cum shortly after she sat on my face. She left her top on, her bush looked matted and there was juice already dripping down her thighs. As she descended on my upturned face, she said, "Don't for get to change the sheets on the sleeper sofa in the basement."

Immediately after BC left jean rode my face hard. At one point she reversed the way she was sitting and turned facing my toes. She started to pull my shorts down but saw it was already too late as I had already shot my load yet again, soaking my pants.
As I ate her, she commented on how hot I was making her and asked me to tell her how good she tasted. I mumbled she tasted wonderful and she said, "Good, clean me out. You really like this don't you."

I mumbled a, "yes, I love it."

Jean took her time dragging out her orgasm. Several times she was close and lift herself just enough to break contact with my mouth. To no avail, I would raise my head trying to get her. She would tease me about wanting it and get me to beg for it. Finally when she could stand it no longer she ground herself against my face and orgasmed.

Jean rubbed her cunt against the length of my face as she got off of me and we both lay there breathing hard. Her face down face down pressed against the floor and me flat on my back, her bush pressing on the top of my head. She asked me to get her a towel, and I got up and got one for each of us, one to wipe my face and clean the cum from my shorts and the other for her to clean between her legs.
We lay back down and hugged. As we hugged she said I worried her last night and asked if I was better today. I told her I was fine, as I did so she freed her breasts again and I started sucking on one nipple. She made a comment about both needing equal attention but both were a little sore. She did all the talking as I lay there sucking and playing with her tits.

She began by asking, " if she had ever withheld her body from me?"

I said, "no."

She said, "Her whole body was mine to do as I pleased and what she does, she does for me. She asked if it turned me on?"

I had to agree it did. She said everything she did was for my excitement. As proof she offered that most times i came from eating her out. She said it turned her on knowing I was turned on. Her words had a reassuring effect on me. She reached down and grabbed my now hardening cock.

"See," she said, "this is proof you enjoy our relationship the way it is."

She pulled me on top of her and told me to fuck her. I easily entered her and she told me not to do anything but fuck her. As I went in and out of her I thought of how BC's cock had been in her just that morning. He must have fucked her in the back seat of his Cadillac in broad daylight, and she let him. Her cunt felt so loose around my cock. I lasted quite a while as this was my 3rd orgasm of the day. Jean even commented on my stamina and offered words of encouragement, telling me how good it felt.

When I cum my eyes begin to close and this was no exception and jean knew I was nearing orgasm. She egged me on by gyrating her hips. I came hard, but shot little as my sperm factory couldn't keep up with demand. I felt my cock shrink and I rolled off Jean. I laid there resting and after a few minutes I felt jean get up and go upstairs leaving her clothes there. I picked up her panties and noticed how soaked they were. I then gathered the clothes and put them on the washing machine.

I started thinking of the sounds I heard the previous night and the revealing conversations from last night and this morning at breakfast. I now knew Jean and BC had fucked years ago. Instantly images of my sweet Jean showing BC around town when we were dating turned to images of BC plowing my sweetheart in his hotel room. I started the laundry. It was Sunday and Jean came downstairs dressed for church. She told me she was going to mass, then do a little shopping and swing back by to take me to dinner.

I went to the basement and into our lounge. I looked at the bed where last night's activities took place. The sheets were stained with a wet spot of almost gigantic proportions. I stared down at it and in spite of myself felt myself starting to get an erection as the sounds of last night's activities started playing in my head. So this is where BC took my Jean I thought. I peeled them off and opted to let the mattress dry before putting fresh sheets back on.

As I took them to the washer I thought about this morning's conversation and how I never knew of BC's visit. I walked over to the wall and looked at the picture of our oldest decked out in his football uniform, dwarfing many of the rest in the photo.

I remember when we had conceived him. Jean had told me she wanted to start a family and the next time she was fertile she wanted to try. Some months prior she had taken herself off the pill, but had asked me to use condoms as she had read somewhere it takes several months for the possible damaging effects of the pill to leave one's system. Being a nurse and ever fearful of birth defects she wanted to take no chances. It was immediately after my trip that she told me she was fertile and I could resume riding her bareback. She had lit a few candles and we made love really slow. I had gone down on her and her juices were thicker and more plentiful, she was ovulating!
I got between her legs and she guided me in and said, "We are going to make a baby."

I smiled and said, "Yes, but it could take several tries and maybe months."

She said, "she was confident that tonight would be the night."

I moved in and out slowly and petted her. We came together, me merely grunting as she moaned and cooed, "I can feel you shooting into me Come on keep cumming."

Home pregnancy tests were already on the market back then. Several days later she came out of the bathroom, all excited, pregnancy stick in hand and told me I was going to be a daddy.

It is now hitting me that BC had her the day before and maybe even the day of, I returned from my business trip. I was having trouble digesting all this information. I completely dismissed the obvious possibility that BC may have impregnated Jean and I was just a day late and a dollar short. Besides my son and I had a close relationship and even if BC was the sperm donor, I had been his father for 19 years.

The memories of jean and BC faded over the weeks, but they provided us both ample stimuli we incorporated into our lovemaking. The mental images of Jean being fucked will always put some wood into my cock and make me thirst to be between her legs.