Janice's Second Interracial Encounter

My ex-wife Janice and I were already involved in the lifestyle for about five years when I stumbled across splasheridnu's profile while trolling the web for new playmates. He was 'reported' to be black with an incredibly huge cock. Logging into a popular instant messaging account with our couples profile, I contacted him and started a conversation. Within a few minutes, he had turned his webcam on and was stroking a gorgeous cock that came all the way up to the bottom of his chest! Having already shared Janice with a black guy, I knew that she would definitely want to have him, so I called her into the room. She couldn't believe what she was seeing, and the lust was plainly evident in her eyes. Janice looked at me with the largest smile I had ever seen on her face and asked, "Do you think it’s real?" Then she took over the computer and sent her mobile number to him. Mark called a moment later, still stroking his cock while he spoke with my slutty hotwife. We didn't have a webcam on our end, so Janice sent over bunch of pictures as their conversation continued. It was obvious that he like her pictures as his chest swelled and contracted with his now labored breathing. The conversation now turned to setting up a meeting for the coming weekend as he continued the assault on his massive looking cock. We set the meeting for a midway point for that coming Friday night. As she was about to hang up Janice told Mark she wanted to see him cum before they ended their online session, and Mark rewarded her with an on-screen eruption that was really quite impressive.

Once the session was over Janice turned to me, obviously quite aroused. She had a talent for using our sex to get what she wanted, and she made it plain for anyone with two eyes to see that she wanted Mark. She unzipped my fly, pulled out my six inch cock and started to stroke it while looking at me with puppy dog eyes. "Where did you find him?” she asked. As I proceeded to tell her that I had been trolling, she licked the underside of my cock repeatedly, making it twitch each time she did so. "How big do you think his cock is?” she queried. I replied as best I could, her talented tongue had me short of breath. "Must be way over a foot.” I stammered back. "I don't want you contacting him before we meet.” she said, "I don't want you to fuck this up, OK?". Well you don't need to be a rocket scientist to know that any guy having his cock expertly serviced will agree to just about anything, and I am no different. "I understand.” I groaned. With that, Janice quickly stripped out of her clothes and said, "Come fuck me." Within 30 seconds I was unable to hold back any longer and filled her with my load of hot cum.

For the rest of the week Janice manipulated me through my cock, sucking and fucking her way to Friday night's rendezvous, ensuring I would live up to my end of the bargain, and not fuck things up. The sex was intense for both of us, filled with nasty chatter about Mark's big black cock, and how lucky I was going to be, watching and photo’ing their lovemaking session. At that time I had no idea what a cuckold was, but a cuckold is what my wife had made me.

Friday night came and my cock was virtually predrained due to Janice preparing me to be a good cuck husband. We arrived at the restaurant / bar on time, and as we were walking in observed a handsome young black man driving past us in the parking lot. Mark's face had been off camera when he put on his show for us, so when I said to Janice, "There he is!” she nervously replied, "Are you sure?". Of course I had no idea for certain, but as we continued to walk inside I meekly answered, "I think so.” Sure enough, moments after we found a place at the bar, the man approached us and said to my wife, “Hi, are you Janice?” I was a little disappointed as I had expectations of a guy my height (6’-0”) or taller. Mark was 5’-6” at best, early 20’s, and despite my obvious disappointment, very confident. Janice didn’t share my sentiment and was immediately taken by his good looks and the fact that he was bald. Mark sat down so that Janice was between the two of us, and she shifted in her seat towards him with her back to me. So, I sat, sipping my beer, left out of their conversation and now feeling very self-conscious. Here we were in a crowded bar, not too far from our hometown and my wife is clearly flirting with another man as I patiently waited in horror that someone we know would see us. Suddenly Janice broke me out of my self-pitying stupor with an, “Oh My God, come here!” I stood up, carrying my beer and stood behind their barstools as instructed. Mark was looking at me with a big grin on his face and Janice exclaimed, “Look at his fucking cock!” She had her hand in his lap, cradling a behemoth cock that was clearly outlined through his trousers. It was running down his pant leg, stopping a little beyond the midway point to his knee. “He’s fucking rock hard.” Janice said. I gawked uncontrollably, my wife was in public, massaging a black man’s monster cock through his pants, and clearly didn’t care who saw her. Then, she dismissed me by telling me to go order us all another beer. While I sulked over my new brew, she carried on with him while drinking hers down quickly. It seemed like an hour, but in reality was probably only a few minutes when Janice turned to me and said, “Pay the tab, we’re leaving.” I inquired, “Why, what’s up?” and she replied, “We’re taking him home.” As I waited for the bartender to bring me the check, Mark and Janice walked outside without me. The girl tending bar gave me a knowing look, and I was quite embarrassed. To my relief it didn’t appear that anyone else had really noticed. When I got outside, I found Janice and Mark making out just outside the door. It was a bitter cold Mid-March evening and their passion was made obvious by the steam rising from their jackets. Janice finally broke away from him long enough to say, “Follow us home.”
The ride back was fun, my wife was very excited, she kept saying things like, “God, he is so fucking hot.” and “His cock is as thick as my wrist.” as she alternately stroked and sucked my cock. In retrospect I think that she was quite calculating, she tortuously slobbered all over my cock until I exploded in her mouth, just short of reaching home. Then she unceremoniously put it back in my pants. Once that happened, with the excitement gone, I panicked and said, “I’m not sure we should do this.” She snapped and said, “Fuck you, yes we are.” as we pulled into our driveway.
Marked pulled up behind us, got out, smiled and said, “Did you have a fun ride home?” Without reservation Janice barked out, “My husband already came.” If anyone was awake in the neighborhood, they surely heard her. Once inside, Janice led him upstairs to our bedroom sat Mark on our loveseat, and climbed up on his lap. They made out, and ground on one another while I was given no choice but to sit nearby and watch. After a few minutes of this Mark flipped Janice over and stood up in front of her. He stripped down revealing his mammoth black cock. He was uncut, and the large pink head peeked out like a giant strawberry dipped in chocolate at my eager wife. My initial disappointment with his stature was immediately replaced with admiration and arousal knowing that he was about to turn my wife into his slut. Despite having already cum I was able to manage semi-hard erection, the sight of them had me playing with it in short order. He was pleased to hear Janice gasp in surprise, as it was not only beyond her expectation, but larger than either of us had ever seen. He ordered her to strip down too, and she quickly complied. Then he said to her, “Open your mouth.” She did as she was told, but Mark said, “No, wider.” Janice stretched her mouth open as far as she could, and forced his meat into her small mouth. “Relax” he said, “you can take it.” As he forced more of it into her mouth with each stroke, she began choking. He showed her no mercy, as he continued fucking her throat and her face flushed as she struggled to get air and not vomit. Past experience told me that the more she choked the wetter her shaved cunt got. So, when Mark decided to switch places and sit on the couch while she kneeled in front of him, Janice turned to me and said, “Fuck me” I didn’t need to be asked twice. I took my place behind her and entered her soaking wet pussy. Sadly, I only lasted for about a minute before my pathetic cock couldn’t hold back any longer. With me now finished for the night, Janice instructed me to man the camera as she and Mark began their show. Janice stayed in the doggie position at the edge of the couch, and Mark took my place behind her. He positioned the head of his cock inside her pussy lips and asked, “Are you ready?” Janice replied quietly, and I couldn’t really hear what she said. Judging from him thrusting his hips forward slightly I could only assume she said yes. What she screamed next was clearly audible, “Fuck! Go easy.” Within moments, the white froth or her arousal appeared on Mark’s black cock and he said, “You like that don’t you?” Janice nodded her affirmation and drew long deep breaths as he began fuck her quickly with only half of his massive tool. “Your husband’s cock doesn’t make you feel like this, does it?” he demanded. “No, but I love my husband and you’re just a fuck.” she exclaimed. And that was the point of no return: His cock was now well lubed with her juices, and he buried the rest of it into the depths of her womb with one stroke. Janice cried out in pain, but as he repeated each stroke she began to moan, “Ohhh, Ohhh, Ohhh!” followed by, “Fuck! I’m cumming” Mark didn’t slow down and brought her to multiple orgasms for the next 20 minutes.
He then had her lay face up on the floor, then positioned himself above her waiting mouth. He used her mouth for what seemed like an eternity before pulling out of her mouth and kneeling between her legs. Janice was now smitten with his cock and raised her hips to accommodate him again. As he stroked in and out of her pussy, he said in a commanding voice, “Are you my fucking slut now?” to which Janice replied, “Yes, anytime you want me you can have me.” I was in shock as my wishes weren’t a part of their conversation, nor would they be welcome. His cock shone almost majestically with their wetness and he continued making her less mine and more his own with each stroke of it. By now a couple of hours had gone by since we had gotten home.
Despite his prowess Mark was weary of fucking her on the floor, so he got off the floor and told Janice to move to our marital bed. His domination of her was now complete and after he had fully embedded his bare cock into her things changed. As he slowly ground his cock in her, they began making love, they kissed and whispered to each other. I watched like a fool as they bonded with their sexuality. She massaged his body and head as he built up to his long awaited orgasm. His body started to tremble as he released his seed into her waiting womb. She gleefully exclaimed “I can feel your cum filling me.” They lay together, him still inside of her for some time. They kissed and continued to whisper while I sat quietly watching on the couch. When they were done, they both got dressed, walked outside together and talked about subjects unknown. When Janice came back in, she told me they were just saying good night.
However, this was not to be their last encounter, only their last one with me there. It was an incredible night, and one I don’t not regret due to its eroticism. I was outmatched in every way, so it marked the beginning of the end for Janice and I, and the end of the beginning for Mark and Janice.
All of this story is true, and based on my memory of what transpired. The four pictures shared here of my ex-wife and Mark are from this night.
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Sounds like you were being a good cuck husband and had a great show but lost out in the end, not to worry though there are lost of Hot women that need a good cuck..