Jamaican Vacation...... (true story)


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Jamaican Vacation

My wife and I had dabbled in some swinging and it just didn’t work out so she more or less became a “hotwife” with my blessing. And we both came to enjoy that lifestyle. Every year we would spend a summer vacation with the family going some place the family liked and just doing family things. But once a year about spring time we would schedule a vacation with just the two of us where we could let loose and have some fun.

This particular year we had given to us basically a free trip to Jamaica. We were both very excited about this, the chance to get away and to some place that had all kinds of possibilities. As far as I knew my wife had never been with a black man and was hoping the situation might present itself. She wasn’t saying much about it one way or the other but she was in a very good mood about this trip. She practically went out and bought a whole new wardrobe for it.

I didn’t get to see much of what she bought she pretty much had it cleaned and packed before I saw anything. Her being so secretive about it just got my dick hard.

We went to the airport I noticed she had on kind of a sundress thing that showed some skin and buttoned up all the way in front.She had all the buttons buttoned. It still was short enough to show some leg and some cleavage. She also had on some panty hose and some kind of slipper shoe. All the way over not much was said about anything. Except we did talk about the hotel and the kids and the baby sitter and just normal husband and wife talk. I tried a couple of times to steer the conversation towards what might be some fun over therebut she just smiled and played it very cool. Not giving anything away one way or the other.

We got there and in Jamaica you can’t leave the airport until you sign where you are staying, so I took some time to get that done.She was off and found a taxi to help with our luggage. She pretty much had it set up and they were grabbing the bags when I walked over.

She said she needed a minute and would meet me at the taxi.I assumed it was a women thing and had to go to the restroom. Which she might have. But when I saw her come out to the taxi she had undone a few buttons and the panty hose were gone.

She saw me notice and told me it was hot here. Sounded good, I didn’t think anything of it. But when she went around to the drivers side to get in back with me I noticed she stretched her legs pretty good to get in.He had to have got some kind of beaver shot. I didn’t know if she had panties on or not but I know the driver looked until she swung in and then looked over at me and smile. He saw something.

Well that could have all been accident so I let it slide. She acted like there was nothing that happened.

On the drive to the hotel is when I really picked up on the fact there was definitely going to be some fun this week.

We were both in the back not saying to much, just looking at the scenery as we rode to the hotel. Both of us pointing out this or that. But then her side turned into ocean and she slide over by me to see the sights on my side as she did her legs were spread pretty good.I noticed the driver looking in the rear view mirror a lot. I looked down at her legs and she still hadn’t closed them. When she saw me look she just leaned over and seemed to spread them a little more and gave me a quick peck on the cheek and told me to look at that, as she pointed to something.

That seemed to me to be pretty obvious. I smiled looked at what she was pointing at and turned back to her. She was looking in the rear view mirror. She must have noticed me looking and turned and smile again. This time I leaned over and kissed her. This was going to be a great trip!

It wasn’t much longer and we arrived at our hotel. When we got there the driver jumped out and came around and opened my door first and then the trunk. Then he went back around and opened her door. I saw her spread to get out. She intentionally gave him a good show I know that. They both probably thought I never saw it. But what really made it a good show was she was pretty out already, had one leg on the ground and leaned over back into the cab to grab her purse.

Shit this was practically putting it in his face. I saw him look from over the trunk. He glanced at me at went right back to looking at her and even gave her his hand to help her out.

She got out acting like there was nothing at all that happened. Just came around by me as I was getting out the luggage. About this time a man came out from the hotel to take the bags and help us inside. She told me to go ahead and she would ask the driver where the most interesting places were to go and what to see.

I went inside and got us a room. I wanted one ocean side if possible. It cost more. About that time she came in and put her hand through my arm and asked if we were ready.

The room was great. We were on a second floor; we had a small balcony to our selves and we could see a little patio below and off to the left was the entrance to the hotel. Directly in front of us was the street and right across the street was the ocean.

I noticed that the street seemed to be lined with taxi drivers. Even the driver that had brought us pulled his cab in line with some of the others.

We went back into the room. I grabbed my wife in my arms and asked about what was going on, on the trip to the hotel.She just smiled and told me that she thought I liked it when she had fun. Well she had fun!

I asked her why this driver.And she told me that she had went down the line of taxis, fending off their comments and requests until she found the best looking driver there.That’s who she picked. If she got the chance and they met again she was going to jump his bones!

I told her I didn’t know what all she said to him and what all she asked but he was still outside.

She went and looked and even waved. But said we were going to check out the hotel and the sights right after we cleaned up and changed. Part of cleaning up was jumping on the bed and me going down on her. She was as wet as if she had already had sex! And after I ate her it didn’t take me but a minute to cum, once I entered her. She didn’t complain or say anything about how quick I came but she knows when I watch her do things I get to excited. And cum very quick.

We took showers and relaxed for a while. I noticed she didn’t get dressed just stayed naked, which didn’t bother me at all! She also stepped out to the balcony door and looked out. She didn’t step out onto the balcony, but if you were looking up at our room I am sure you might have seen something.

Very “outgoing” not like her behavior at all.But I liked it. We took a little nap and then got dressed and headed out. I noticed she just put on a very short pair of white shorts and a tank top with no bra or panties. I smiled and watched her dress. She just looked at me and smiled and said she didn’t even pack any!.

I stared at her a minute. “Why you little slut, You had plans all along and yet played so coy with me when I would joke or say something about it.”

She just smiled back and gave her best Jamaican talk. “Well this is Jamaica mon!”

The she asked me if I had brought condoms. Damn I had forgot. It was always my job to see to it we had them. She wasn’t going to go into the drug store and buy them. When she did something with “friends” I always got creampies. Something we both have come to really enjoy. But with unknown types it is always with condoms!

This was not good and I wasn’t sure what would happen now.When I told her I had forgot.

She just gave me a funny look and shrugged and walked to the door. I wasn’t sure what the shrug meant. Was she not going to do anything until I found some or what. But she didn’t wait for me to ask.

We went down to the lobby and out back there was a nice pool and a hot tub and there was a volley ball game going on in the pool. There was also a little bar and a grille there where some cooked burgers. With the hotel there you had to wear an arm band and everything was free. But the arm band also put you visible to the locals as staying in one of the better hotels. We looked around and found out that surf boards and rafts and all kinds of things were available to the guests but you had to sign up a day ahead of time.

We walked back through the hotel towards the beach and went out and sat by the ocean. There were a lot of locals walking around and a lot of people in the ocean. About that time a policeman came by.

“ What a hunk. And a man in uniform. Put him on my list to jump will you” She laughed. But I noticed she never took her eyes off him. Who was this girl I was with?

“Am I supposed to be keeping a list for you?”

“No I will figure it out when the time comes I guess.”

About that time he was about in front of us. He was kind of staring at my wife and she wasn’t bothering to look away. Needless to say he stopped and we talked for quite a while.

Found out he doesn’t really have any prescribed hours, just has a certain section of beach he is responsible for. And we were in it. My wife was all full of compliments and if he couldn’t see she was available he was blind. But he kept glancing at me, so I am sure he was just a little confused.

After a while he moved on and we sat a while longer. Several times locals came by and would slow down in front of us and smile. It took me a few times but after a while I started laughing I figured out they were “trolling” for women. My wife just looked at me just must have already knew.

We went inside and cleaned up and went down to dinner. After we sat at the bar for a while and then went up to our room. I must have went down on her for over and hour before we had sex. After this time it was dark, but our room light was on. She did go out on the balcony stark naked! I never saw the driver from the day before but there were a lot of taxi’s just lined up on the road and several drivers standing around talking. We went to bed shortly after that.

The next morning we got up and decided to do some shopping. She put on a very tight pair of shorts. Tight through the crotch and waist but baggy at the legs openings. Unusual pair of shorts. It showed some “camel toe” and a nice ass, which she does have. She had on a tube top this time and it matched the shorts.

We took off for the market. And I must say the market was very strange. A square block building. But inside had rows and rows of little cages made of chicken wire with more t-shirts and swim suits than you can count. Each room about 15 foot square and there must have been 50 of these rooms all owned by different people.

When we went inside they started looking at us and talking loud in Jamaican or something. I assume letting the others know we were there. Although there were others inside already we weren’t the only tourists. But some guy guided my wife by the arm to his shop first promising the best deal.

I wasn’t really paying that much attention to her as I was looking at all the shirts and what was written on them. For whatever reason I turned to see if she had found somethingand I noticed another 2 guys standing behind her kind of close.She smile and winked. This told me something was going on.

I didn’t want to look to obvious because what ever was going on apparently she wasn’t complaining. But I wanted to see.I couldn’t except that these two were standing very close behind her, so I had to assume they were playing with her ass.

She finally stepped forward and asked to see a couple of t-shirts.And her two friends offered to help the guy who had the booth. I am guessing they were all friends or relatives or something. They all stayed pretty close to her showing her this and that.But she didn’t buy anything. We started to walk out and one of them leaned very close and said something to her and also loud enough for me to hear that he had lots of things and would give her “best” deal.

We followed him into his “booth”. It all pretty much looked the same.He still had his arm around her shoulder as he led her around. I don’t know how I had missed it before, but her tube top was practically pushed up around her neck. The bottom of her tits were out and it was just barely missing the nipples showing. She doesn’t have huge tits, they are nice for her size. And this top did kind of make them look bigger. But someone had pushed it up. I needed to keep a closer eye on things. Also I was doing my best right now to hide a hard-on.

He had a little counter in his booth and he took her behind itso she could get up close and see all the things on display.One of the others followed and I am sure it was to block my view, while another stood by me to talk and I am sure to distract me.

I couldn’t see below her chest, but he still had his arm around her and they were whispering and laughing. When he turned to look for me his hand did slide up under and squeeze her tit.She never moved or said a word.

It’s like they took turns feeling her up and propositioning her. When he saw me see him squeeze her tit he came around to talk to me, but the other one stepped in. It looked like he was doing the same. I could tell by her stance that she had spread her legs for this guy. He was behind her with his arms around her and nodding at T-Shirts.

I don’t know how but she did pick out a couple of t-shirts and even looked at a swimsuit. He was really pushing her to buy the swim suit but she didn’t. She handed me the purchases to pay for while her and the other two went into the next booth. The guy seemed to take a long time getting my change for me and I wondered if he was stalling. I wanted to get next door so I didn’t miss anything.

Finally we went next door, one of them was sitting on a crate and she was sitting on his lap! He had his arm around her waist and she was drinking a coke. One of them must have saw my look and steered me over to the corner and offered me a coke. Joked about shopping being hot work.

I tried to just casually look at his merchandise and look around without making it obvious. I looked out of the corner of my eye.My wife was still on his lap, he hand a hand up on her thigh, about to reach the goal it looked like and there was another standing in front of her holding up a very sexy swimsuit. It was white with Budweiser on it and looked pretty shear!

I finally heard part of the conversation. It was hers if she would put it on here and now.I knew she wouldn’t do that. Changing here means getting naked here. There are three black guys here and people all over, tourists and locals. Even though we were in this little room the walls were all just nothing but t-shirts.

But then even though I had been married to her over 10 years now this whole trip was not the little wife I knew. Even in the bars having fun and looking to meet. She didn’t do stuff like this.


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I couldn’t help myself I had to turn and look. Sure as shit he had his hand between her legs and under the leg of her shorts.

“Honey. Watch the door a minute I am going to get a free swimsuit.”

SHIT. I didn’t want to watch the door I wanted to watch her along with the others. But after a dirty look and went and stood in front of the door kind of blocking it and watched to see if anyone was going to walk into this one. Not only was it hard to do that not knowing what to do if someone did steer towards this booth. But also to stand there with a hard-on with people milling around!

I heard laughter, giggles and MOANS. Damn I wanted to look. I did. She was naked surrounded by three blacks. Now they were pretty insistent about her coming up stairs. But she was pretty insistent that it wasn’t going to happen. And it didn’t. She came out in the swimsuit and damn! You could pretty much make out her tits, you could definitely pretty much see her nipples behind what looked like a veil. And her pussy lips were definitely on display!

She asked me if I was ready to go.

I looked at her and asked her if she was going to change back.

She asked if I was crazy. She wasn’t going to get naked again.

I told her she would get some looks on the way back to the hotel.

ME being a T&A man have noticed some pretty skimpy clothes on some nice bodies, but they weren’t my wife.

She looked down at herself and told me to get a taxi. Which we did.

I couldn’t wait to get back to the room, we had to talk!

When we got back I asked her after all she had already done why she hadn’t gone upstairs when they offered.

She asked if I was nuts. The cleanest spot in the whole building was on that guys lap. She could just imagine what upstairs was like.And then I asked what had come over her. Not that I wanted any of this to stop, but this was so unlike the gal I have known for years.

She said she knew about the black cock thing and had intended from the start to have some fun and experience it.And back home once in a while you may meet a man and you can see in his eyes he wants to bang you. You are probably busy doing something, may think about it a minute but you move on. Here we aren’t doing anything we are on vacation and just about every guy I look at has lust and that I want to screw you look. It just does something to you and it makes you feel like you are hot, no matter what the rest of the world may see you as. All of these guys it seems wants to bed me. And I feel like a kid in a candy store trying to decide.

She was so sincere and all about it I didn’t know what to say. Besides I was as turned on as she was.

It was early afternoon and we decided to go back out to the beach. She did change clothes though. She put on a nice bikini and slipped some kind of oversized T-shirt on over the bikini. We headed out and who do we meet? None other than our first taxi driver. He had beaten the crowd on their way over to us. It seems every time someone steps out of the hotel the drivers all rush over and want to take you somewhere. Well anyway my wife and I stopped and talked to him, well she did really I kind of just stood there like a dummy.

She asked him where the hotspots were and all the “night” places to go.They talked for a while and then made arrangements for him to meet us after dinner and he would take us to a good spot. She asked what we needed to wear and he told her what she had on was fine, this is Jamaica mon!

We walked around on the beach for a while and I could see her look at the face of every local that passed us. Only now I knew what was going on in her head, so it was kind of fun.

We went back to the hotel about dinner time and went up and showered and naturally I went down on her again. Neither of us could get enough of that here lately it seemed. After she put on another bikini and we went down for dinner.

During dinner we were both kind of nervous and didn’t talk to much. I think we both knew what was probably going to happen tonight and both of us were kind of thinking about it. For me dinner seemed to take forever. I just had no appetite. I noticed she didn’t eat a lot either. Finally we got up and she took my hand and squeezed it and we walked out through the lobby to the street.

As we approached the line of taxis he came running up to us to prevent the others from getting to us.As we got to his car she told me to sit up front for now.I gave her a funny look, because he has some foreign job with bucket seats and a standard floor shift.

She smiled and said we could all make it up front.

When we got to his car he was delighted to see her get in up front and she even slid over towards the middle and hooked one leg around the floor shift. Don’t think he was real happy to see me slide in up front also. He got in and once he shut the door it was very dark in the car. But even in the dark I saw her put her hand on his leg and tell him to take us someplace fun. I could make out that he looked over towards me. But as dark as it was in the car neither of us could really see that much. But we were packed in pretty close and I could make out that she hadn’t moved her hand off his leg yet. I couldn’t tell if she was doing anything but the hand was still there.

He started the car and once he did the dash lights provided just enough light in the car that I thought I would be able to see some “games”.

I noticed while he just kind of drove around the town pointing out different things, his hand never left the gearshift.Right between her legs and very close to her pussy. He was trying to look at her I think to gauge her reaction or something and every now and then would lean forward to see if I was watching. I tried to keep looking forward and yet watch out of the corner of my eye.

It was silly him driving around showing us these different sights. It was dark out and you couldn’t see anything. I did feel her shift and was leaning over towards him now. And she asked if there was a good Reggae club that he likes to go to that maybe we could all go to. I could see he kind of looked at her a minute and smiled. I missed it. His hand was on her thigh! Her hand was close enough to his crotch that I am sure she felt what he had.

He said there was a place he liked to go to but it was just out of the city limits right on the ocean. It would take a little while to get there.

She told him we had a week!

Again I couldn’t help myself, I glanced down. With her in just a bikini and a t-shirt, she was pretty open and his hand was working the side of her bikini bottom over. Her hand was in his crotch. They were both playing with each other. And my dick was hard as a rock.

Both of them had their hands moving in each others lap. She had scooted forward a little to open herself more for him and was leaning on him. They were both whispering back and forth with each other. I didn’t seem to matter to either right now.

We eventually pulled up outside a club. You could hear the music before we ever saw the club. It was surrounded by trees and a long drive and then it just appeared right there on the beach.

There were not a lot of cars there, and most of the cars there were taxis. Like a dummy I just thought it was some kind of bar where all the drivers met when they were off duty. But that was not the case at all.

As we got out of the car this time my wife slid out his door. They just kind of stood there looking at each other a minute and then she leaned up and kissed him. When she did it seemed to open the door. He returned the kiss and it was one of those ready for sex kisses. They just kind of glued them selves to each other. His hands were every where. He had pulled up the bottom of her t-shirt and was pushing down her bikini bottoms. He pushed them down far enough that they slide to the ground. He whispered something in her ear and she just stepped out of them. He then took her hand and led her into the club.

I followed being kind of just “there”. By now I think they had both forgot I was even there, the way they acted anyway. I wished my shirt had been a little longer to hide my hard-on.

We got inside and I could see maybe 10 or 15 local black men. I only saw 2 black women and they were both waitresses. As we stepped further inside I saw that there was a dance floor and there were a few people dancing. I noticed that all of the women on the dance floor were white! All of the men were black. I was kind of staring and looking around. I saw one other white man sitting by himself at a table in the corner. I assume he was there just like me. I looked at my side and saw a pretty good looking middle aged women sitting at the table with two black men. I must have stared.

She had on what looked like a knit t-shirt and the knit was very large and open. You could see everything she had on underneath. Which was nothing! Even her nipples were poking through the holes. Something got my attention and I pulled my eyes up from her “dress” and she was giving me a dirty look. So I quickly looked for my wife.

They were already seated at a table by the dance floor. I rushed over to join them. I am sure they never missed me.As he was leaning over her and still had his hand between her legs. I got there about the same time as the waitress and sat down. He ordered drinks for all of us, and I suddenly realized I was pretty thirsty. I was in voyeur over load. Trying to watch him and my wife and staring at the dance floor and the way some of the women were dressed and what was going on there and I discovered there was even more action going on at a couple of tables.

It wasn’t hard to figure out that this place was for the local men and the white women tourists. And they were all there for sex. I was so distracted I hadn’t been paying attention to my wife. She was leaning over towards him and they were kissing he had his hand up under her t-shirt and was squeezing her tits. For me this was mind blowing but after seeing what all was going on around us it was pretty tame. By now it was pretty open that he could do whatever and I didn’t matter. Because to them I was practically invisible.

The way he had her shirt up playing with her tits she had to have been naked and open from the tits down. I saw a few other people glance our way. But really never gave us a second look. It all must have been pretty normal. The waitress came with our drinks and never even approached him or gave him a glance other than to set their drinks in front of them and approach me for the money. I paid, and grabbed my drink. I was very dry about now. It tasted like pure rum with a little fruit flavor. Damn it was strong!

They got up and headed for the dance floor. Actually it was kind of funny. Her top was still up quite a bit and her bare ass was visible. I am sure from the front her pussy was just as exposed. But she acted like it was normal and just followed him out. It wasn’t so much a dance as it was a public grope to music. I could feel the wet spot on the front of my pants getting larger and wetter.

This was all so unlike my wife it was hard to believe. She is always the very reserved girl next door type. Not really showing that much even when we go out to a bar looking for fun. And to act like all this was nothing and just go with the flow. Was really kind of weird. But she was wrapped up in it all the same as me I suppose. I kind of think she was high on “lust” because she was very willing for whatever he wanted to do and she never once hesitated or even made an attempt to say anything to him. But then again looking around you could tell she was far from the only one there with the same intent.

As much as I was enjoying watching my wife and her escapades, it was even hotter at some of the tables around me. I did look over at the corner to the other white guy there and he was just basically looking at the table and drinking his drink. He looked like someone drowning his sorrows and was to embarrassed to look around. I wondered which one his wife was. She had to be there somewhere this wasn’t the type of place a white guy would come by himself to meet anyone.

They must have only danced a couple of dances and came back to the table. He had his arm around her like they were a couple. And I suppose with all the groping they did on the dance floor, they were. They sat down and she kind of turned towards him. He put his hand right back between her legs and she spread for him. They gave each other another little kiss.

About that time two other locals came over to our table and said something to him. He never made any attempt to take his hand from between my wife’s legs and she made no attempt to stop him or cover what was going on. They both watched what he was doing and smiled and spoke to her and him. They invited us, well really them to some party at some ones house. He looked at her to see what she would say and she smiled and told him it sounded like fun. So away we went.

This time my wife told me to go ahead and sit in the back now that the ice was broken. I would guess the ice was broken. Shit they had done everything but had sex by now.

As we went out to the car I noticed her bikini bottoms still laying on the ground there by the car. I looked down and was going to bend over and pick them up when I just happen to glance at my wife as she was getting in the car and her top was also gone. I could make out her nipples through the t-shirt. I must not have been paying enough attention to her or something because I missed when that happened. Well with out the top what good are the bottoms so I just went ahead and got in the back.

She still kind of sat on the hump in between the two seats and now I was kind of disappointed. I couldn’t see much. I could make out his hand as it went back between her legs. And after a while she scooted down in the seat and I heard her moan. I knew she was either very hot or maybe she had cum. A few seconds later I saw her lean over and I heard the sound of a zipper. She didn’t lean over enough to suck him but after she apparently got his cock out I saw her look suddenly up at him and smile. So I would guess she liked what she found.

We are now in some kind of housing area weaving in and out of some very narrow streets and some very run down houses. We pulled up in front of one. I looked in the front yard and there were people all over, very loud music and I could see in the front window that the house looked full of people. My wife and her friend just sat there a few minutes still kissing and groping each other.

About that time 2 guys came out from the yard to the car. I recognized one of them as being from the club. He opened the passenger door in front and slide in next to my wife. He spoke to the driver a minute. They must talk French or something there. I thought they all spoke English. But whatever he said I couldn’t understand any of it. He turned to me and asked if I liked to smoke.

I told him I hadn’t in a long time but had when I was younger. He turned to the other guy that was still outside the car. and told him to get some smoke and drink. The guy came back with the biggest joint I had ever seen and some beer. He lit it and took a puff and handed it to me along with the beer. Our driver and my wife were still kind of snuggled up together and whispering. After I took what was offered he turned to my wife and friend and said something. Then he leaned in and kissed my wife. I don’t think she was expecting it at first, but then went with it. He just plainly reached down and pulled her t-shirt up and over her head and threw it in the back. Now she was sitting there naked in the front seat with both of them. The driver kind of reached around her and squeezed and groped her tits and the other went right between her legs with his hands. I saw her just close her eyes and lean back against the driver. I wanted to scoot forward and get a better view between the seats but about that time the third guy kept insisting I take more hits on the joint. I got the impression he or they were trying to get me toasted.

I don’t know why they were so interested in getting me out of it. Hell she wanted what ever and I wanted to see it. That should have been obvious so what was the problem. I could hear my wife moan and she was doing all she could to spread her legs wider. The driver was mauling her tits and this new guy was working her pussy over pretty good. I could see her face and she was so high on lust I don’t think she knew what was going on.

I don’t know why but for some reason I started looking around while they were all playing and whispering up front. I looked in the front yard. A few guys all standing around talking and drinking. I didn’t see any women. I looked through the big picture window in the front of the house I could see a lot of people and a few women and it looked like dancing going on. Then it hit me. Very few women and we were the only white people there. I saw a lot of people and I kind of got the feeling if we went inside this could be more than either of us could handle.

I turned my attention back to the front and the new guy was asking my wife if she wanted to go in and party. By the look on her face she was about ready to cum again. The driver said something about a bed. She said yes.

By now I am sobered up and thinking this is not good. I reached through the seats and grabbed her leg. At first she didn’t look or say anything. I had to give a hard squeeze. She finally opened her eyes and looked back at me. I gave her a very stern look and shook my head no.

She seemed very surprised and sat up in her seat more to look at me. Then I made it a very clear NO.


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She knew something was wrong or I didn’t want this or something because she sat up and turned front in the seat. She told the driver that maybe we could just go back to the hotel. They both spent a few minutes trying to talk her out of it. I guess we are lucky they just didn’t force the issue. But reluctantly the other guy got out and the driver started the car.

The ride back to the hotel was very quiet. She moved over to her seat and just stared straight ahead. The driver kept glancing over at her, and finally he tried talking to her and asking what was wrong. For a while she didn’t say anything. But after a minute or two she started looking around for her t-shirt. She was still naked. She didn’t look at me or him. I am sure there were a lot of things going through her mind. Like what the fuck was wrong with me! I have never said no nor stopped her in anyway from anything she wanted to do. This was a first. So I am sure knew I must have had a pretty good reason. But she wouldn’t look at me. I don’t know if she was pissed at it all finally hit her and maybe she was a little embarrassed.

When we got to the hotel she was dressed, if you can call it that. And got out of the car and walked around the front. I got out and for the first time she looked at me. I tried to smile to say things were fine. Now she seemed confused.

The driver got out and did his best to try and talk her into still having some fun. But by now her mood was definitely gone. She told him it would still probably happen, just not now. He wanted to know why. But she just walked up to me and we went into the hotel.

When we got to our room she then got that pissed look and wanted to know what the hell the problem was. I was willing to let her do whatever in the market, but put a stop to this why?

I explained to her that as far as I could see we were the only whites there and I also didn’t see that many women there period. It could have been a very long night for her and she could have got a lot more than she could handle and I was pretty sure there would have been very little I could do about it.

She understood then and smiled and said I had better be willing to go down on her for quite a while as she was sure I could never satisfy the itch she has had all night.

Well I did go down on her and she was so wet, you would think she had already screwed several guys. I ate her until my tongue was sore and told her so. Then we had sex. But again I was so hard I came in nothing flat. We got up and took a shower after. And she came out of the bathroom still nude. She walked out on the balcony still nude and looked around. She must have seen he was still there. She waved, grabbed her t-shirt again and said she was at least going to meet him and get part of the nights fun anyway. I didn’t say anything nor did I stop her. I wanted to watch but kind of knew that was going to be impossible now, unless she brought him back up here.

I turned off all the lights and made my way to the patio to look outside. I was surprised that it was as late as it was and there were still several Taxis out there on the road. I saw my wife come out of the lobby. He got out of his car and started towards her. She kind of ran then. Her tits flopping and her bare ass flashing in the street lights. I’m sure the rest of the drivers got a good show.

She ran up to him and they both kind of put their hands on each others waist and talked a minute. Then he took her hand and led her off towards the beach.

Well so much for her coming back up here. I went to the bed and laid down. I knew that in a while I was probably going to get seconds and a creampie. My dick started getting hard again.

I must have dozed off because the next thing I knew there was a knock at the door. I woke up enough to know she was returning and that she never took a key. I opened the door and was shocked at what I saw. There was the cop we had met the other day and he was helping my wife in. I thought there was trouble. Then I looked at my wife. She had cum in her hair, on her face and running down both legs. Her knees and elbows were bright red and looked like they had sand ground into them.

The cop didn’t say much, he just helped her over to the bed. She was really wore out. She looked beat. Not that she had been hit or anything just dead tired. I didn’t notice the cop leave as I went to my wife and asked what happened.

She told me that they had went to the beach, she took off her top and laid on it and they started making love. At some point he rolled her over and put her on her hands and knees, she does like doggy style. But while he was doing her from behind all of a sudden a cock appeared at her mouth. She was worked up so she opened and took it. She said she felt her friend cum. But after he came another cock just shoved it’s way in. And it went on this way until her elbows just refused to hold her up anymore. She doesn’t even remember the cop coming around or when he did. But she recalls him helping her up and back to the hotel. No one said anything about a cop escorting a naked woman through the lobby. And she could barely walk.

So much for my seconds and good time. I went in and drew her a bath and helped her in the tub. It was the first time I had ever given her a bath, or any woman for that matter. I tried to wash the cum off her face and body and then slipped my hand down to her pussy. I slid a finger inside. She told me to be careful as she was sore. I can imagine. I couldn’t believe what had happened to her once tight pussy. It was huge. I think my finger went in without touching the sides. I tried to work it around and get the cum out and make sure there was no sand in there. It was so slick and the cum started coming out. There was a lot of it! I got her cleaned as best I could and then concentrated on her knees and elbows carefully getting all the sand off. And then filled a cup with warm water and washed her hair. After I put her to bed. She went right to sleep.

I went over to the balcony and looked out. There was still about 5 or 6 taxis there. I would have to assume all of them had a turn at my wife. For some reason I wasn’t horny now at all. I wasn’t mad, just unsure of what to think. She wasn’t mad or crying or anything when she came in, just tired.

I let her sleep the next morning and went down to breakfast. I ate and grabbed a couple of sweet rolls and took back up to the room. She was still asleep. So I went back down and just kind of lounged around the pool. Watching all the flirting going on and people just having a good time. I wondered how many others there had done what my wife had done and maybe more.

It was almost time for lunch when I went back up to the room. I went in and she was awake and just lying on the bed. She smiled when I came in. I asked her how she felt and she said fine except for a little soreness. It might be a couple of days before she was ready to use that thing again. I asked her what possessed her to do something like that. She said she didn’t plan it. It just kind of started and she enjoyed it and had no intention of stopping it. She was into it, just that somehow it just didn’t seem to stop and she couldn’t stop it if she wanted to. I asked where the cop came from and she said she didn’t remember him coming or when he did until her knees hurt so bad she was trying to roll over and get on her back and instead he helped her up.

She got out of bed, slowly and got dressed and we went down and ate lunch. After we went out by the pool. They also had a hot tub there and she got in. She sat there for over and hour. After a while we went back upstairs and she took another nap, while I laid there and watched some tv. She woke an hour or so later and got dressed and we decided to do some more shopping. I was pretty sure it wouldn’t be like the first one. When we walked out through the lobby towards the street a bunch of drivers all ran over offering to take us someplace or sell us some weed. I noticed that they were all offering or talking to my wife this time, none even looked my direction. I am assuming that they all either knew about her or maybe even had her the night before. Again I could see that she was enjoying the attention but she told them all no. We did go shopping and just kind of stayed with the rest of the tourists and did just shop.

We went back to the hotel and had supper, went back to our room and showered. I wasn’t sure what the plans were for the night so I turned on the tv. But she said we needed to at least go down to the bar and have a drink and enjoy some of the evening. So we did, but we made an early night of it. And for the first night since we had got there, no sex! She laid down and went right to sleep.

The next morning she woke up pretty early, even before me. I woke up with a hard-on and her hand wrapped around it. Nice! I rolled over and looked at her and smiled no words were spoken I just got and got down between her legs and started licking, My favorite spot. She was still a little loose but nothing like before. It was kind of like she had just come home from having sex, but she wasn’t wet like she would be if she just came home. I made her cum and then climbed on. This time I wasn’t as horny and it was good for both of us.

We showered and she said we needed to go for a swim in the ocean as we had not done that since we had been there. So we went out and had some fun playing in the ocean. After a while we got up and sat on the beach just relaxing and enjoying the sun.

After a while our policeman friend came by. She got up to greet and say something to him. They talked for a few minutes. And I didn’t pay any attention just kind of looked around. They must have talked for ten minutes or so and then she came over and got on her knees in front of me and took my hands in hers. She looked me in the eye and said she was going up to the room for a while and foe me to stay here for at least an hour. I smiled and agreed I knew what was going to happen.

She got up and walked to the hotel. He stood there for a minute or two and neither of us knew what to say. So he watched her for a minute and then he took off in that direction. I sat there for what seemed forever trying to hide my hard cock as I knew what was going on. I was sure it had been over an hour so I got up and headed for the hotel. When I got to the room he was lying on the bed naked. And damn he was hung! He didn’t bother to get up or move, I could hear water running in the bathroom and then my wife came out. She was naked also, she just walked by me gave me a kiss on the cheek and got on the bed and gave him a kiss also. Except his was on the mouth and with a lot more passion. After their kiss ended she started kissing her way down his chest and to his cock. I watched her give him one heck of a blow job. But he stopped her before he came and she climbed up on top of him.

I have watched her have sex a few times before, but this was a first seeing her with a black man. My cock was dripping like a leaky faucet. I don’t know how long they went at it, but it was awhile and I am sure it was not the first go round so that would explain the length of the time. When he did cum she ground herself down on him harder as she came also. And then she just leaned forward and they kissed some more.

She finally rolled off and onto her side next to him. He gave her a kiss and said he had to go. He dressed and left. She laid there and looked at me with a smile on her face and said “Well”.

That’s all I needed I was naked and between her legs in a flash!

It was my first real creampie since we had got there and the watching had me so hot I couldn’t work my tongue fast enough. I know she enjoyed it as much as I the way she was pulling my hair and head. After I had licked to at least a couple of orgasms I am sure I got up and even though I was as hard as a rock and dripping I could barely feel the sides of her pussy, but I came in less than a minute anyway. I think she was a little disappointed in that and pushed me back down to lick her again, so I had to bring her off that way.

We went down to supper and this time just came back and watched tv for a while and fell asleep.

The next morning we decided on more of the ocean. This time she wanted to take some towels down so she could lay out and get a tan. We called room service and asked for some. They sent some up. I answered the door and there was a fairly young man all muscles in black pants and starched white jacket handing us some towels. I glanced at my wife and I knew the look.

I have over the years figured out the two kinds of men she likes. Clean cut, muscled in a uniform, or rough unkempt hair, street thug types. One or the other nothing in between. This one fit the clean cut uniform type. She called him into the room and started chatting with him. I knew she wanted in his pants and wondered when and how long. But he was kind of young so I thought maybe she wouldn’t. But I was wrong. She asked about seeing the falls and how far away they were. And all kinds of questions about it.

It was one of the places we wanted to see. And we were down to only a couple of days left. But I thought today she wanted to lay out and get a tan. But maybe he changed her mind.

He said his uncle had a taxi business and could fix her up with him to take us. She wanted to know if he could go along and kind of act as a guide. He told her he could tomorrow but had to work all day today. She smiled squeezed his hand and told him that would be fine we could all go tomorrow.

We spent most of the day on the beach and later moved back to the other side of the hotel to the pool area. We just ate hamburgers there and even played some volley ball. Later we went back to the room cleaned up and went down to the bar, had a few drinks and did a little dancing before heading back up to the room. We went to bed and neither offered or tried to have sex. She went right to sleep. I laid there for a while wondering about the hotel kid and tomorrow. This kid wasn’t the aggressive type as most of the men we had met, although his eyes were constantly all over her body while they talked.

The next morning when I woke up she was just coming out of the shower and drying her hair. She told me we had better hurry and get down to breakfast and eat before they got here. I got up and dressed and we headed down for breakfast. We had just finished eating and was heading back to the room when we ran into the kid from the hotel. I call him a kid because he just seemed young, but I would guess he was probably 18. I don’t know for sure. But anyway he saw us and asked if we still wanted to go. My wife said yes, we had just went to eat. He seemed relieved and said his uncle was outside in the car waiting.

We went outside to the waiting car. His uncle seemed to be a nice guy, about 40 or so and very friendly. My wife told me to go ahead and sit up front. She would sit in the back with her new friend. I wondered how this was going to work with the uncle right up front driving it wouldn’t be like the driver from before. I saw her uncle give me a little look and just got in the car. I think he was kind of wondering or at least thought it strange. But never said anything.

He told me it was about a 2 hour drive and he would only charge us 40.00 as we were friends with his nephew. He said that there were a few souvenir stops on the way we could stop if we wanted or just go on. I told him we could just play it by ear as we went along.

It was big car for a change, an older chevy impala. But it didn’t have any air-conditioning. I didn’t pay much attention to what was going on in the back seat as I was sure she wouldn’t with the situation the way it was. And also hell they had just met. I could hear the talking and joking around some, but I just kind of sat there and stared out the windshield. Something back there must have got both of our attention. I didn’t want to look back but I did glance over at the driver, he was spending some time looking in the rearview mirror. When he saw me looking he just kind of stared at me for a minute and went back to driving. I am sure he was wondering what the hell was going on. Here was a married white wife sitting in the back seat in a skimpy swim suit joking with his nephew while the husband sat up front like nothing was wrong.

After a while we saw a stand up ahead with drinks and souvenirs he asked if we wanted to stop. I said I could use a drink. So he pulled in. He and I got out. He seemed to know the people. I am sure he makes this trip quite frequently and knows all the stops and the people. I stretched my legs and looked at my wife. She was sitting pretty close to her friend and had her hand on his leg. Again! She asked me to bring them a couple of cokes. They never got out of the car. I stood and drank mine while her uncle talked with the people for a few minutes. And then we were on the road again.

We had been driving for a little while when I noticed the uncle look in the rear view mirror and then looked hard at it and turned around. I wanted to look but didn’t want to be obvious or ruin anything. I glanced out of the corner of my eye. I could hear some kissing sounds. I saw my wife’s feet at the edge of the door. I was pretty sure she was sucking him.

Again my dick got rock hard and I am trying to shift in my seat without it being obvious. Her uncle kept looking in the back and then glancing me. I was kind of worried he was going to go off the road as these roads were very narrow. After he did go off onto the shoulder he paid more attention to the road. I glanced out of the corner of my eye towards the back seat and saw her top on the seat but she was sitting up. The rest of the trip was al moans. Whispers and giggles. His poor uncle must have a sore neck and eyeballs by now with all the rubber necking and glancing here and there and driving.

Just before we got there he told us that we would have to go through a gate and pay there and he would drive around to the top and meet us there. I knew that was supposed to be some warning for my wife and saw her hand reach out and grab her top and put it on.

They dropped us off and drove some place. The nephew stayed with his uncle in the car. I am sure that was one hell of a conversation. I grabbed my wife’s hand and we looked at the falls for a minute or two and then made the long climb up.


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I had to ask. What the hell made her do that there and then and what all did she do. She said at first they just talked and at some point in time he leaned over her to point out something to see and put his hand on her leg. She said while he was leaned over her like that she didn’t look at the sight instead looked at his face. It ended up in a kiss, one thing lead to another and she noticed the uncle watching and it seemed to just get her wetter knowing he was watching all this. Now she was excited and so was her friend. He by now had his hands all over her. When he took her top off and started in on her tits. She said she stared the uncle in the eye as he watched. She felt like she could cum right there just like that! She said the look of lust in the uncles eye and the way the nephew was devouring her she just had to do something. So she leaned over and gave him a blow job. When she sat up she couldn’t resist using her finger to wipe the rest of his cum and put it in her mouth as the uncle watched. She told me on the way back she is going to spend the time fucking his brains out!

It was enjoyable seeing the sights of the falls, but it was a step climb and we were both getting kind of tired. Plus I don’t really think either of us had our minds on sight seeing. I know where my mind was. Who knows what she was thinking. She was such a different person on this trip. I wasn’t sure I knew her at all. I liked it, but all of this was so out of the ordinary for her.

I was a little tired and my legs were a little sore when we reached the top. And I am sure hers couldn’t have been any better. But when we saw the taxi she seemed to get a spring in her step! They were both standing by the car talking to several other drivers. I wondered what the conversation was about because all eyes were on my wife. But there was other people around us and they were getting in their taxis also. She walked up to both of them and smiled. She put her hand on the uncles arm and told him thanks for bring us. It was one of the nicer parts of our week here. He just stared at her for a minute and I am sure “your welcome” was nowhere near his mind.

She grabbed the nephews hand and they got into the back seat. Her uncle looked at me for a minute and then just got in the car. I don’t think we had been on the road more than 15 minutes when I felt something hit the back of the seat. I didn’t think about anything because it was kind of a hard hit and I certainly didn’t expect to see what I did. She was naked and laying down in the seat with her head by the door, her one knee was by the back of my seat. The nephew was guiding a pretty good sized cock into her. I didn’t hesitate to look this time. She just looked at me and smiled and then closed her eyes as he finished getting into her. I looked to her uncle. He looked like he was going to come apart. He didn’t know weather to watch them, drive, pull over or look at me. He looked at me for a minute. I just smiled and shrugged my shoulders and then he just about turned completely in his seat. Until he went off the shoulder again.

Finally he kind of had no choice but to drive. We both just kind of sat and listened to the moans and groans from the back seat for a while. I did notice he was trying to adjust his cock also. I’m sure his was just as hard as mine. When her friend did cum they were both very vocal. But they didn’t move from position, they just stayed with him on top of her and kissed for a while. And then the pleasures of youth, he started fucking her again!

We didn’t stop at the first refreshment stand like I would guess most people did. Of course there were a couple of other taxis there, and there was still some activity going on in the back seat. But some time down the road they had finished their second bout of sex and were sitting up talking, when we came upon another refreshment place. I wanted something to drink by now. I was dying of thirst. The uncle kept glancing in the mirror. And then he smiled for whatever reason. I assume my wife must have done something. I did see her reach for her swimsuit and put it back on. He pulled over here. But instead of stopping right out front like everyone else did and we did before he pulled around back. He told me to go ahead and he would wait. My wife told me to get her one also.

I got out and walked around the front and got 2 cokes. I kind of looked at some of the other things they were selling and must have spent a few minutes there anyway. Then I figured I had better get her this coke before it got to warm. When I got back around to the car I saw the uncle kneeling on the ground by the back door of the car. My wife was on her back, with her legs over his shoulders. This time I made no bones about it I walked up and watched. He to had a pretty big cock slicing in and out of my wife. Damn did all of these people have a bigger cock than me? I had heard the myth and took it as bull shit, same as my wife. But it did appear that I was kind of small compared to everything she had during this little vacation. Suddenly he grabbed her thighs and pulled her close and drove in as deep as he could and was twisting it around inside. I knew he was cuming the crazy part was it must have felt pretty good because she really started moaning and even got kind of vocal. I was afraid some one would come around and see what was going on. And someone did. But the uncle spoke to him as he pulled his pants up. And then walked around and got into the car.

We pulled out and headed again for the hotel. I looked back and my wife never bothered to get dressed. Just sat there and relaxed and talked to the nephew. He gave her a handkerchief to wipe up some of the cum with. Which she did. I swear though it wasn’t ten minutes down the road and the nephew was back on top of her and fucking away. This time the uncle looked at me and smiled and talked about how nice it was to be that young. And commented on how he wishes he could have had someone like my wife when he was able to do all that. It felt kind of strange to sit there and listen to some stranger tell you about what a good fuck your wife is and how he wished he had time for a blow job before we got there. And then he asked how much longer we were staying. I didn’t have to think to much to know why he was asking.

I told him tomorrow was our last day and we would be leaving first thing the next morning. He smiled and said who knows.

We got back to the hotel and my wife wanted me to take off my shirt so she could wrap it around her waist and cover up the mess. I gave it to her and we made our way to the room. I didn’t notice it before and I wonder if anyone did as we walked in but there was a huge wet spot on the front of my shorts. When we got to the room and got inside. My wife stopped and kissed me. She asked if I wanted her to take a shower first or if I minded doing some heavy kissing right now. I was horny! And I have had lots of creampies before mine and others and we both enjoy that part of it. I’m not sure which of us enjoys it more. But this would be a first for it to be this messy. I wasn’t sure I really wanted this, but she kind of pulled towards the bed. But it didn’t look like she was going to take no for an answer.

I must have had two mouth full of pure cum before I ever got to her pussy. I didn’t really mind it, because when she gets so worked up it just kind of adds to the excitement for me. She had a hold of the back of my head and was grinding her pussy on my face and it felt like she was trying to pull me in. And as big as the hole was I wasn’t to sure it couldn’t happen! When she did cum I really felt like she was shooting into my mouth there was so much coming out. And again she was so loose I could barely feel the sides but I still came rather quickly.

We laid there for quite a while before we got up to shower. Now we had to kind of rush to get down to supper before they finished serving. After dinner that night we again went back to the room and just watched tv.

The next morning we got up, it was going to be our last day and I had no idea what lay in store for us today, with this new woman I was with. So I asked her if she had something on the schedule for today.

She smiled and said she had all the fun she could handle for a while and today it was just the two of us and sun and surf. That afternoon we did see the cop friend again and I wondered. I think he was wanting but she made it pretty clear it was our last day and she wanted to relax with me. So he left.

The next morning we packed and got a cab ride to the airport, there was no flashing or anything, just my normal quiet shy wife again.