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My wife Brooke and I sail pretty often in the Caribbean. I am a professional captain by trade, and I have a lot of time off. Usually a few weeks at a time and sometimes more, but we don't want to waste too much time getting there. Therefore, we usually charter a boat in the area we wish to sail.

We had been talking about chartering in Jamaica. No acceptable boats were available, so we intended to scrub the idea since we don't like hotels. Then my wife found some small beach bungalows for rent. They were secluded and private. No room service. Only a small open tiki type grill and a tiki bar.

It was a long ride down dirt roads by Jeep to access this place. There were about sixteen bungalows, but they were all in private settings apart from one another. Most of them were probably rented, but not many people were stirring around.

The place was owned by a relatively young couple named Bill and Gina. We got a short indoctrination at check in and felt like we had new friends. They explained that it is a forty minute ride to town and suggested that we visit before leaving. They explained that the only restaurant on the property was the open air Tiki Bar and Grill. They ensured us that they wanted us to enjoy our stay. We were already planning to return in a few months.

The only tip that we found surprising was about the beach. Gina, in and ordinary nonchalant manner had explained that this was all private property including the beach. Clothes were optional she said. I thought she meant clothes were optional on the beach until she continued. She said occasionally people are nude around their bungalow cottages, but usually only on the beach.

We figured, whatever. I wasn't particularly interested in going completely nude anywhere in public. I was afraid of laughs. Brooke is pretty modest in public, but she has gone topless on some of the beaches that we have sailed to. I always liked showing her off a little and have a great since of pride when men take notice of her gorgeous sexy little body. I wondered what her plans would be on this beach, but I didn't bring it up. Besides, We haven't seen hardly anyone up to this point. Not many people would see us anyway, so we could feel more comfortable than usual.

It was about four in the afternoon by now, and we were finished placing our luggage in our cottage. Our cottage was in a private woody area, but the windows provided no privacy what so ever. The windows were all large and had no curtains. This was nice actually, because we had such a beautiful natural garden like view.

"Let's go see the place," Brook said.

She wanted to change in to a swimsuit just in case we wanted to have an afternoon swim. Brooke has lots of swimsuits. She must love them. She is always buying a new one.

Brooke pulled out a small off white bikini with strings to tie the bottoms and the top. When she began to undress, I noticed that she seemed to pay no attention to the fact that anyone could see in if they were near. Although, They would have to see through the trees.

She dropped the sundress she was wearing and was left in only her bra, panties, and painted toes. Brooke has an adorably cute figure. She is almost 5' 4" with shoes on. She is thirty two, but many have commented that I have robbed the cradle. I apparently look my thirty four, but Brooke doesn't look a day past mid twenties. She has a very defined curve to her butt that has never gone unnoticed. Her breast are not large, but they are round and with great nipples that often present themselves through her tops. When she is cold or turned on, she can't hide those nipples.

Next she undid her bra and pulled down her small white panties. My wife has tan lines, although they are very small. This is a turn on to me. When I thought about the fact that anyone could see in, I surprisingly got a hard on. I wanted to take her real quick before we went out. She allowed a kiss and was becoming aroused.
Then she interrupted saying, "We will later. Let's go see this place before it gets too dark. We will never get out of here if we keep this up."

She was right. Brooke put her sundress back on over her swimsuit, and we headed out to explore. We went straight to the beach. We passed a couple on the way down the path, and saw one more couple on the beach. She was topless, and thankfully he had on shorts. I asked Brooke, "Why don't you go topless?"

"I just might here. Besides, I'm not sure anyone will see anyway. We can go nude if we want; remember?"

She is modest but not a prude. She also has a since of humor and sometimes has a lot of talk just for my benefit. We walked further down and the beach seemed secluded. Brooke removed her dress and walked in her bikini. She wanted to get in the water before the afternoon cooled down. It was still hot and I didn't expect it was going to get much cooler, so we pulled a towel from my back pack and placed it on the sand. I had no shorts that I wanted to get wet. No one was around, so thinking about what Gina had said I just got naked. I suggested that Brooke do the same.

"Okay," she said. "No one will see us; especially in the water.

We fooled around some in the water some. She took my finger as we kissed. She was so smooth. I could tell that she had just shaved. She usually shaves between her legs but leaves a small patch up top, but I noticed that she had now shaved it completely.

I had to have a taste. After a little finger my wife easily gives in to the rest of what I want. And after a good licking down there, she is basically submissive to anything I want. I stood her up and held her leg up so I could slip my tongue inside her. She pulled my hair as I licked her clit. Then, she pulled me up. She was ready for whatever. She guided me into her as I picked her up by her ass and she wrapped her legs around me. She wanted to kiss as I fucked her, but soon I needed to put her down. I turned her around. We were still in the water with her ass just above the small waves.

I knew she was in the mood, so I began to talk sexy to her telling her how sexy she was bent over. I went on to tell her how good it was and that she was beautiful. I let her know that I loved fucking her shaved pussy. Then for some reason, I brought up that if anyone was watching, they would soon be making love too. I asked if she secretly hoped that we would be see.

"Oh that would actually be really hot. Scary. But hot thinking about it." She replied. I think she hoped someone would see her, but she didn't want to notice them there.

I know this idea turned her on. She lifted her right leg as I held her waist. That is when she thought she heard voices. I heard them too, but I was going to ignore it. I was about to put my finger on her clit and make her come, when she pulled me out of her and got down beneath the water to hide her fresh fucked nudity. We didn't see anyone, so I wanted to continue. She wasn't yet sure.

I said, "Let them see if they want."

She wanted to go back to our cottage, and suggested that we could continue where we left off.

"Besides," she said, "they can see right in to the bed there too if they want. But, at least I am more comfortable with that."

The semi public sex had obviously been a turn on for her, but she knew that no one would likely be around to see in our bungalow.

As we came out of the water, she ran for her clothes. She skipped the swimsuit and pulled her sundress over her head. She remained naked underneath. We passed another couple as we walked back to the path. I know they could tell that my wife was naked under her dress. The fabric clung to her and her nipples were hard as usual. I think this whole experience was turning her on like I had never seen before.

At the entrance to the path was a shower which was enclosed by vertical louvers. You could see in if you looked at the right angle. Brooke noticed this, but she wanted to rinse her hair. She said she would not need a shower as soon as we walked in the bungalow if she could just rinse her hair real quick.

"Wait out here so no one comes in," she insisted.

"Okay, but I'm going to sit on the bench over there" I told her.

As I passed the louvers I looked back in. My wife was pulling the dress over her head. To me she looked just fucked. The tan lines made her shaved pussy extra visible. I didn't want her to see me staring, so I continued to the bench.

Just as I sat down with my back to the shower, I heard something. I turned around and saw a larger than average Jamaican man looking in on my wife through the louvers. Strangely enough I had a sharp feeling in my stomach and found that I was also hard as a rock. I didn't mind him seeing my wife so much as I was concerned about her knowing.

He saw me coming and motioned for me to come over to see. He apparently did not realize that this was my wife he was admiring.

"Look at this hot little snow flake," he whispered.
He continued, " She is a tasty little morsel isn't she. I would like to have some of that," He added with his strong accent.

I didn't know what to say. I looked in and my wife had her back to the shower. Her head was back with her eyes closed. I could see her clothes on a bench on the other side. I was thinking we could watch her get dressed in a few minutes, because her back would be toward us as she faced the bench. Mean time; she just stood there with her eyes closed enjoying the shower. My wife's small body was on full display. I was rock hard with pride. Then I noticed that his hard dick had also become obvious through his loose shorts. That was all he was wearing. He started talking kind of dirty about Brooke.
He said he wondered if she could take a good fucking. "I would like to make her belly swell," He continued.
Then he said, "I'm going in mon, to see what I can do."

"Wait!" I whispered louder.

"It's okay mon; I'm not going to ***** her," is all he said as he went around to the entrance.

That didn't help my concerns much. I wasn't sure what to do, so I just looked in to see what happened. I was mostly hoping she wasn't too mad at me and that he didn't scare her too much. Well, so much for not scaring her. She had turned around, so she didn't see him enter the shower. He placed his hand on her shoulder. She must have thought it was me at first.

"Hey!" she said.

Then she slowly she turned around. She just froze with fright when she saw that it wasn't me. He had that look in his eye with a smile.

"Please!" she begged as she tried to cover what she could. "Please don't make me scream."

"Please don't do that," he said.
"That would only cause my friends to come. I'm not going to hurt you. I just want to see your beautiful tasty body. Well, maybe I would like to touch you too, Snowflake. I promise not to hurt you. I won't make you do anything you don't want to do if you will just allow me to look."

She seemed to relax only at slight bit as his soft proposal.

"You already see me," she whined. "Please! Let me go!"

"I just need to feel your skin, my little snow flake."

"Can I get my clothes?" she asked.

"Not yet. I promised not to hurt you, and I will not. Just do not scream, because my friends will come. They will want do what they want with you. Now, just let me touch you."

Brooke began to shake a little. She whimpered and gave a light little cry as he softly turned her around. He pulled her close to his body. My wife was naked with her back pulled tight to a large dark man whom I have never seen. He cupped her breast and kissed her neck. I could see his dick trying to free itself. I was hoping he would let her go soon before she became too freaked out.

"My name is George," he said in her ear. "What is yours?"

"Brooke," she surprisingly said.

"Brooke, you sure are a sweet little snowflake. And tasty too I'm sure."

"Thank you, but PLEASE! I am married"

"I told you I won't make you do anything," he promised again

Then he reached down between her legs. As he rubbed her slit, she continued to beg but without much resistance. When he pushed his large finger in her, she cried again briefly.

"Does it hurt?" he asked.

"YES! A little!" she whimpered.

I know you have had dick bigger than my finger and liked it. Just relax," he said softly and slowly as he fingered her.

My wife kind of leaned back so he was supporting her. She had little gasps of breaths. I noticed she wasn't really crying, but she was still shaking a little. The water was still running. George took her hand and placed it in his shorts. First she tried to pull it back, but then she gave in and was holding his huge dick.

Do you want to see it?" He asked.

"Don't know," she answered.

"You do want to see it, don't you?

"Okay," she said hoarsely.

He lowered his shorts with his other hand, and a monster cock presented itself. I always thought they were fake when they were that big. She looked over her shoulder and quickly looked away. Her eyes were also huge.

Now he had her facing him so his dick was touching her bare skin around her tummy. He began to finger her again. Her eyes went back in her head as she stood on her tippy toes. She was breathing heavy. I guess he thought her breathing gave him more permission. He pulled his finger out of her and said, "Come here snowflake." He led her to the bench and sat her down. He got on his knees and spread her legs. She knew what was coming. He licked her pussy as he held her ass cheeks tight. It appeared that she was beginning to enjoy it. I know my wife. If fingering her doesn't get me what I want, a little pussy eating and she is ready for anything. When I want her to talk dirty, I eat her first. I wondered if she would be able to help herself by the look on her face. I planned to run in if it went too far.

Then he started talking to her. "This is good isn't it?"

She didn't answer.

"Baby, I'm going to fuck your sweet little pussy if you don't tell the truth"

"Yea! It feels good! There! You made me say it. I can't help it." She answered.

He pushed his finger back in her, so he could continue talking.

"How about this?" He asked again.

"You are going to make me come," she said with difficulty.

"I will need to come too."

That is when her eyes got big again.

"It's Okay," he said. "You can swallow if you don't want to get fucked."

He laid brought her to her knees and made her take his dick in her mouth. She actually took it, but she doesn't do this very much, so she wasn't doing a very good job. He fingered her a little more, but stopped. She was trying to cum and he wasn't ready for that yet. He pulled out of her mouth, and she knew what she was going to get.

"Please don't do it to me," she said. "I'm married. I will try to swallow. I promise."

"I'm going to have to fuck you."

"You don't mind, and you know it. You want it don't you?"

"I just can't. It will hurt."

He picked her up and stood her on her feet. She went back on her toes as he lifted her knee and placed it on the bench. He pushed his dick to my wife's soaking wet pussy. He had his hands around her waist and just pushed it in her.

She screamed, but he didn't pull out. He leaned forward, kissed her back and rubbed her pussy, as he began to fuck her slowly. Then it got faster and harder.

"It hurts!" she said but not too loudly.

"I'll be easier, but you do like this dick don't you?"

"I do," she said. "Can't help it. Oh YES! FUCK ME! PLEASE FUCK ME! I will swallow your cum when you are done. Just please let me cum.

I guess his friends really were listening and heard her little scream when he first ******** her. Four more men came in. My wife was getting fucked in all of her glory with four more men watching. Now, I could not go in.

Rodney started fucking her hard. She was like I had never seen her. He had her asking for it. He told her she was a sweet little slut wife, and she agreed.

"I'm going to cum inside you!"

"OH NO!" she cried. "I said I will swallow!"

He Grabbed her waist tight as he started filling her womb with his cum. When he pulled that big dick out of her, Her pussy was dripping. He said to his friends, "She wants to swallow boys. Now, Make her cum."

She started to try to get away, but they held her. They started fucking her from behind. They would make her suck while she was getting fucked. One tried to fuck her ass, but when she hollered, Rodney said, "NO Not there!"
One guy pulled out of her pussy and put it in her mouth just to cum. He made her swallow. One more guy made her swallow, but the other two came inside her as they fucked her. Rodney fucked her again and allowed her to cum before he emptied another load in her. They helped her up and gave her dress to her. They would not allow her to put her swimsuit on underneath. They each kissed her, and she really did not seem to mind. She kind of kissed them back.

"Go find your husband, and you better let him fuck you too.. We'll see you later Sweet little snow flake."

She grabbed her things and ran out the door barefooted. Brooke dropped her bikini bottoms on the floor in the haste. She didn't stop, and Rodney picked them up and brought them to his face. I ran back to the bench not knowing what to do or say.

"Sorry I was in there a little long," was all she said as she walked up with a fast pace.

I just said, "It's okay."

She offered no further explanation, and I still didn't know what to say. I was so horny I couldn't think. After a short walk up the path, I said, "Baby, you are so sexy; I have got to have you." She stopped and looked at me a little worried.

"Now?" she said.

"Right now!"

I dropped my back pack on the path. Like an ******, I grabbed her. I was a little rough, but she didn't complain. I took a hand full of hair and lifted her short dress. My dick easily slipped right in to her. I accidentally tore her dress when I tried to get to her titties. Brooke was making squeaking noises as I fucked her right there on the path.

I guess I was pouding so hard that she lost balance, and went down to her hands and knees. I didn't help her up. I got down and doggy fucked her. I could tell she wanted to cum.

Brooke knew she had been bad. I Knew that I was too, but I felt bossy. I started making her talk. I said, "You will be my little slut while we are here."

"OH YES! YES I WILL!" she said.

"And you will people will see you naked."

"I know they will," she said.

"Some will even see you getting fucked."

"Let them. I will let them," she said.

I thought about making her admit that she had liked the banging that she had received in the shower, but I wasn't sure she was ready for that. Her pussy was a loose, sloppy mess, but it was the best pussy I have ever had. When Brooke looked up and saw the couple standing down the path watching, her getting it, she let out an audible squeal and began to cum. She was still shaking when I shoot more cum in her.

I took her hand and held her close to me for a minute. She looked at me and said, "I'm yours. Anything you want....."

I interrupted her with a kiss. When we started walking, the couple continued toward us. Brooke's left dress strap was broke, so she had tucked both straps in to her dress. She was holding it to be sure it stayed up as we passed.

"Sorry," Brook said as we passed.

"That's okay," the husband said back.

"I'm really not," Brooke said softly as we took a few more steps.

I took her Straight to the Tiki Bar and Grill with her full of cum and naked under her sundress. She had a hard time keeping her titties in her dress the whole time we were there. I kept exposing them when we later danced.

She never said anything about what had happened in the shower, and I certainly didn't. Brooke was on fire the rest of the trip. I don't know how she could do it that much. We did it everywhere. She also wanted to go to the beach every day and shower on her way back.
These guys continued to try to take her several more times in different places during those two weeks. I'll tell you about the rest of the vacation in the next installment. She still hasn't brought up the banging. I will let her talk about it when she wants and her know that it is okay.