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Its So True

I have to admit that black men got us white boys beat. I admire how the brothers can make women cum easily and know how to fuck them like us white boys can’t. I have to admire and respect that. It is great to see white babes choose hung black men over small dick white boys. Nothing is sexier! Women deserve real men and black men are that.“ Thank god for black guys and there abilty to satisfy a white ladys need like no one else can . all white women these days love blackmen and I do my part to convince my wife that once you go black you will never go back



Gold Member
yes. and what makes it so hot is that so many cute little innocent whitegirls that us whiteboys thought they need us to make all important decissions for them but they're brave and adventureous to let a big strong african bull fuck their brains out and take his huge load of potent black seed in her fertile pussy
its not always true Im black from ganah I live in uk and Im only 4 inches and black :( I never made any girl cum I even got 1 girl laughing at my size and told all her friends about me calling me black pen being too small ..not all black are big Im 1 small as u can all see in the pic and 4 inches when its hard :oops: and that made me to be bi and suck other guys off like white and lattinos :wub: