It's official...

Over the last few years, my wife and I have discussed her having sex with a black man.

A few weeks ago, she had her first encounter - albeit brief. They didn't have sex, but it was enough to pique her interest.

Since then, she has been talking to this guy from her office, and they made plans to get together during lunch..

My wife works from home part of the week, and invited him to come over today during the lunch hour.

While I was at work today, he showed up and fucked my wife in our bed... she has not given me all of the details other than he made her cum 5 times while fucking her for over an hour...

After getting home, I noticed there was still a HUGE wetspot on my side of the bed, and the room still reeked of sex...

We will see where it goes from here, but I am excited to hear what happened today....

More to come...


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Ahhh . . . good to hear you've crossed the finishing line of the race. More fun to follow soon! Keep us posted.

If you'd like for me to share your story as part of my 'Cuckold Confession/Desire' series in my blog, write to me whatever detail(s) you can about how everything began between your wife making up her mind, and to when it eventually happened. Or get in touch with me so I can put you through.

Follow the link below to see an example of such confession at my blog:
Here's what I've found out...

My wife told me that after he got to our house, they sat and talked for a bit before heading to the bedroom.

They were all over each other, and they both quickly removed all of their clothes.
(Need to add, that my wife had shaved her pussy bare for the first time in a long time and had gone out the day before to buy some new panties... These were the things that told me it was definitely going to happen)

There wasn't much foreplay, and he was inside of her pretty quickly. He fucked my wife in damn near every position - making her cum at least 5 times - one of which made her squirt all over the bed.

They both showered, and he left...

She told me that he was a good 8", but not very thick. She said that they fucked for about an hour before he came...

Since tuesday, my wife has been incredibly horney - even allowing me to be inside of her.

We usually don't have normal sex... Normally, I make her cum with my hands and various toys before she allows me to get off. Normally only using my hand.

We have discussed them getting back together - at first she said that she'd have to see what happens... Over the course of the last two nights I suspect she has or is making plans to see him again.

I am totally cool with them getting together again. It is nothing but pure sex, and I am enjoying the benefits of my wife being hornier than ever.

He has already accepted a transfer to another department out of state, and leaves at the end of June. I think he and my wife will probably get together a few more times before then, but I also think she will be looking for another guy... This time thicker.

I think this has all worked out because she has known him for a while, and they are comfortable and familiar with each other. I think that after he leaves she will be looking for a guy to take his place. I'm pretty sure I know the next guy she has in mind - he works with her as well, and always flirts with her. She just wants to make sure that anyone she chooses can be discrete, and that she's comfortable with them...