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Would you swallow cum, get a cum facial boobs and body or get filled with cum in your pussy?

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Ladies, Do you love swallowing CUM? Do you enjoy getting a CUM facial? Or you would rather have CUM allover your boobs and body? or just maybe surpass all this and allow your BBC bull to fill your white pussy with his hot thick CUM?
IF yes to all the above lets discuss the possibilities, what you love about cum and attach your pics of your cum filled self!



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My wife didn't like swallowing cum when I met her. So, you can imagine she never made me cum through a blowjob.
Despite it, she had swallowed sperm twice before me. Once was with her mestizo boyfriend called Dennis and the other time was with her black boyfriend Axel.
With Axel it was during a holidays. They were traveling by car. He was so excited and they were far from their hotel. So she sucked his dick while he continued driving, until he cummed.
She told me these experiences when we were just friends.
During 2012 when Susie and me decided to get a trio with her ex boyfriend Axel, I asked her to suck his dick.
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Love taking cum on my face tits and ass. It's actually the only way I engaged with BBC. I don't touch in any way just take a small group and let them cum on me. I find black men's cum is thicker and there is more of it. I like shooters not guys who drop out. No drinking thoughif it goes in my mouth so be it I'll gargle and spit on my tits.