It's a mad mad mad mad mad world these days..

So um...

This may or may not be a true story LOL

Ive been using tinder for sex... um heaps of girls do who cares about that, but when you have a certain... fetish? i dunno whoen you like black guys there isn't all that many of them on my side of town!

months ago i started seing a guy named jim. he's african, from senegal, nice cock, mid 30's nthing serious. raised here, a good fuck. a really good fuck. we became good friends, but nothig serious. he'd call me up (and still does lol) and ask if i wanted to come to his flat for a movie and some dinner. not once have i watched a movie (but he has cooked for me!)

so the first time we met (nd had sex) i was a bit nervous... i always am around new people... i totally forgot about asking him to use a condom and he didn't put one on so natually he blew his load in me. lol. thank god for the pill. anyway ever since then we both thought it was kind of funny so he ncknamed me "twinkie" bcause well... twinkies are full of cream, lol.

i loved our little rrangement. he'd call, ask me if im feeling a bit empty, i'd go to his flat (only 5 minutes walk!) and we'd have sex... but of course i was still on tinder and i met another guy.

so this guy... i can't think of a fake name uh... barry? lol was also from senegal. he was different though. as soon as i was in his flat, he was sitting there with no pants on and his cock hard as a rock. i was like hmmm ok... no thanks but he looked idssapointed... kind of like.. .something was up...

i told him that no, you kdont just assume sex with someone and he says the magic words... "but with jim you're gagging to get filled up like a twinkie... what's different here?" omg i had no idea... that jim was talking about me... or that barry knew jim or anything... it was surreal.... 3 seconds later i'm stark naked, his hands on my hips and he's shoving his cock into me. i had no idea what jim would think as its obvious barry would tell him but... i'm single so he'd be OK with it surely...

anyway he was fine and he was the one who suggestd barry go on tinder and look for me! just me!

jim still calls me from time to time but he also has other girls on the run. he told me look yes he is having sex with other women... so he let barry have me. jim still calls me, when he is stressed he likes to empty his balls into a girl (his words lol) and im only a 5 minute walk away so im him first choice usually.

so its 7am almost here LOL and im typing this out after a long session... so this story was months ago... ive been having fun with other black guys... ill get a text from a random number and it seems im known in the senegalian community! many of them nt have good english so... they dont have good flirting skills. im liked becuse im easy to have sex with LOL

i havent had a bad experience yet! im also not the only girl on their radar of course, i've seen a few of the other girls on the "phone" but its funny because they all know me as twinkie. lol