It's a kink but normality just isn't working

I'm a mid-40s white male who is well-educated, intelligent and feels passionate about the world in which we all live but I have a kink that is deeply related to interracial sex, namely, I just love white women who like black men! I don't feel the need to watch my partner have sex with black men, nor lick her pussy after black sex but I do know just being there and supporting her in fulfilling her interracial desires is something that goes deep.
It's not a question of feeling inferior but, rather, just maximising what pleasures nature has to offer, and the beauty of black on white sex is something to be explored and enjoyed to its full potential. Sex is only one aspect of a relationship and I believe should not be the pivotal reason why a couple commit long-term to each other, so I'm on this website looking for a white female who wants a loving fulfilling long-term relationship but who also wants to explore the world of interracial sex.
We are told what is the ideal relationship but most marriages end in divorce, disappointment, wasted time and anger! Yet still most people try it again and again! Why not go for something different - an interracial cuckold relationship?