Italian-English sexy lesson..;)

first of all, i'm an italian sissy and i love bbc ;P

I want better my english and with an hint of sexy fantasy i think is more fun...
I like know people (bbc better..yup!) to exchange fantasy, chat and speak to better language and to fun.

If you want learn italian i'm happy too..

Thanks to all!


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I'm a Sissy. I changed in the profile as man.
Thank you for your cooperation.

But i would want a new voice for us...( Sissy/ Crossdresser/Trav/etc..)
Cuckolded males who identify as sissy, cross-dresser, etc, are recognized and permitted to discuss their particular fetish as it applies within their cuckold relationship, but ONLY as it applies within that cuckold relationship.
Any such discussion must take place in the appropriate forum: and nowhere else on this site.

At least in the web i'l want be a female...;(
Unfortunately, at this particular slice of the Internet, you may not be a female, only a sissified cuckolded male or cuckold wannabe.

As a sissy you are also restricted from Posting or Private messaging to any of the men who identify as Studs, Stallions or Bulls seeking to meet or otherwise. Advertising for or discussion and/or depiction of gay sex not occurring within a cuckolding relationship is prohibited. Please review the Mission Statement: and the Forum Rules: before posting or messaging further.

Thank you for your cooperation.