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Italian Affair

In spite of a lack of experience Tomaso went over to her, bent his knees and began to work his lips all over her bare breasts. Marian started to groan and at the same time began to undo his belt. When his pants dropped to the ground she fell to her knees pulled down his boxers and took the whole of his big cock into her mouth.

Tomaso's eyes nearly popped out of his head. She worked it with her mouth and fingers until he thought it was going to spurt at any moment but just as he was beginning to take deep breaths she stood up and dropped her skirt and pants. Marian then spread her legs apart and looked at him as if to say, “Your move.”. Tomaso dropped to the floor and quickly moved forward to position himself under her waiting pussy.

He pulled her pink petals apart and gently put his tongue into her exquisite flower. It tasted so good!

Tomaso moved his hands to grab her bum and pull her closer as he stuck his tongue into her wet groove and began to lick it from side to side. Marian loved it. She held onto his hair and leaned her head back with a big smile on her face.

It wasn’t long before she started to tremble and hold tighter and tighter onto his hair. She did her best to muffle her cries when she came but never the less she was quite vocal. Her young lover seemed to like this.

After she’d cum she seemed very anxious to get his beautiful cock inside of her. She moved over to the wall leaned back and Tomaso slipped his arms around her before bending his knees and shoving his dick into her heaving body.

Marian took a deep breath as he penetrated her and stretched out her arms to hold on to the shelving either side of her. She then thrust out her pelvis and Tomaso began to ram it in and out as she called for him to go faster and faster. It wasn’t the easiest position to fuck her in but he kept the pace going until he could feel his cum traveling through his veins like hot lava and jettisoning deep into her hot and steamy love channel.

They just clung onto each other for a few moments as both of them were a bit shaky in the legs, then Marian kissed him and started to caress his spent manhood. Barely twenty years old, Tomaso didn't have the experience and technique Marian had experienced in Paris with her black lover Jean, however he was so young and virile she had wanted him badly. He had not disappointed and Marian coaxed him to the bed where she began sucking his cock. He quickly responded to her continued attention and was soon hard again. She straddled his hips and lowered herself onto his throbbing cock. Tuscany was all she had dreamed it would be.