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It happened and it was brilliant

Took her to a hotel room last night and got her fucked, the guy was huge she was uncomfortable at the start but a keeped on telling her she was sexy then he made his move and I did not need to say anything anymore!

She was makein noises I have niver heard in 4 years the guy was a beast, she finished him off with a blowjob she swallowed the lot, he left then I kisses her and fucked her agen only I could tell she couldn't feel me she was sooo lose and so wet, she said she was tender but I know she just dose not like my cock, so I asked her if she could kiss me while I masterbated!

She was calling me a dirty bastard and did I like it that a big man sorted her out! Was the best experience of my life, we lay all night cuddling and being more closer! So glad it has worked for us and worked so well! I reassureed her that it was fine and woman have needs!

She has been very moody as of late I suspected that was because she has not have a vaginal orgasim in a long time, after the bull was finished I could tell that stress was released! She was sniffing his cock and asking me do I like her being a whore, I so bad wanted to be a sissy and help her out! But I have not told her that fantasy yet I am sure she will be fine with it! We are already looking at new hotels and she has been texting her bull non stop she won't even let me see the texts or tell me what they are talking about! It is so exciting.

Best fantasy in the world even better when it happens! Anyone interested in this, don't think just do it make sure you explain to your girlfriend or wife, that all you want to do is satisfie there needs and be open with each other!

Anyway that is my story so glad I did it and now the shackles are off with us both, I feel more confident loved and content that this woman understand my needs as well!

Thanks sean