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    We have been asked if Jill likes having sex with other women and the answer is that this is not something she does, but there have been three occasions when she has. This is a little adventure we had about three years ago while on vacation, where almost all our adventures occur.

    We were in the Bahamas and we met a nice black couple who worked at our hotel. Over the course of a few days we got to know them a little. One day they had a day off and asked us if we wanted to have them drive us around a little and show us a few places. We gladly accepted and spent a great day with them. That evening we had dinner with them and they invited us back to their place which was a rather humble but nice enough place. While the ladies were preparing some drinks and food, I began talking to Daniel about life on the island. He soon told me that many white couples or single women came there to have sex with black men. It was common and a common way for young men to make money. He told me that he had done that before he was married and that his wife knew. I asked him if he still did it. He laughed and asked if I was just wondering or if we were interested in sex. This surprised me a little as I realized we were being set up and not the other way around. I said that we would be interested but what about Cheri, his wife. Daniel said she would be also interested in some fun. I asked him if Cheri knew what he was planning and he said yes. That left only Jill, although I'm sure it had crossed her mind except for the fact that Daniel's wife was present.

    Long story short I told Jill what Daniel and I had been talking about and asked her if she was into it. She said it sounded like they were interested in money, although nothing had been said about that. We decided to see where things would go. I told Daniel we were interested in some fun with them and he just smiled and said "good." He was very matter-of-fact about the whole thing. He said he would like to fuck Jill and that I could fuck Cheri if I wanted or that he and Cheri would have a threesome with Jill if I wanted to watch. I decided on the latter as I wasn't sure if I could fuck another women in front of Jill and her husband, although I had no trouble watching my own wife do it. I'm weird that way.

    Jill was a little nervous when she realized Cheri was going to participate but I assure her if was fine with me and that she should just enjoy herself. I knew I was going to. Soon the three of them were kissing. Daniel and Cheri had very dark skin and it looked great as they both kissed and touched Jill's white, though tanned body. Soon Cheri was giving Jill some very hot oral attention and Jill was loving it. Daniel stood and removed his white pants and there was no disappointment as his semi-erect cock hung well down toward his knees. He moved near Jill's head and she took his dick in her mouth and began sucking him. I was in heaven watching all this and my own cock was rock-hard. I began to rethink my position on fucking Cheri.

    Jill came two or three times as Cheri ate her pussy and then it was time for Daniel to give her his huge black manhood. He and Cheri switched places and as Cheri continued kissing Jill and sucking her erect nipples, Daniel slid his cock into her wet slit which was already slick from Cheri.
    He fucked Jill with long deep thrusts and I could tell Jill was loving the deep dicking she was receiving made even more pleasurable by Cheri's kisses. Finally Daniel placed Jill on all fours and began fucking her from behind, his cock going even further into her steamy cunt. Cheri got up and walked over to me and said I was a poor boy just watching. By now I didn't care and I pulled by shorts down. Cheri took my hard cock in her mouth and began sucking it. She was and incredible love maker and I needed more. Since Jill was engaged in a rather fierce session with Daniel, I decided I had to fuck Cheri and had her lean forward placing her hands against the end of the bed I moved in from behind and started fucking her hard. It was an amazing experience to be fucking a beautiful black women and not three feet away to be watching your wife get banged hard by a black stud.

    I was trying not to cum before Daniel was done but I couldn't help myself and pulled out just in time to spray Cheri's ass with a big hot load. Seconds later Daniel did the same, but his big cock reached past Jill's ass and his load shot up her back and even into her hair. What a sight!

    After a while we all regained our composure and finally had those drinks the girls had made when we first got there. We made some small talk and then walked back to our hotel which was fairly close by.

    "So, you got a little black pussy," Jill said in a half teasing voice. I wasn't sure how she was taking it.

    "Yeah, I did. I couldn't help myself."

    She laughed and said I better still be able to perform when we got back to the room because she wasn't done yet.

    Oh, and did we pay Daniel and Cheri for our "island adventure"? What do you think?
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    I hope so
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    if true great love it, if not great imagination
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    either way, was a horny read
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    I wish that would happen with my wife.